How to Anonymously Write a Perfect Story?

Write your story written on typewriter

Every writer dreams of writing a perfect story that doesnít have any flaws. It is because of the innate desire for perfection in human nature. A writer wants his reader to fall in love with his words. It is the reason that most writers donít get satisfied with their work because they think there is still some room for improvement. 

If you write anonymous fiction stories, then you may not have to think a lot about the variable that makes your story sound legit because itís fiction anyway. However, if you are to write a story based on true events anonymously, then you have to make sure that your story makes perfect sense.

Choosing anonymity to write a story is a wise decision, but you have to come up with an anonymous name as well, like John Doe.

Here are some of the tips that will help you to write a perfect anonymous story. Check them out and make your every story perfect.

Keep it As Real as Possible

If you are writing a story to reveal something about someone, then it has to be as real as possible. Choose your words very wisely. If there is a slight hint of your story being a mere vindictive act, then your credibility will be challenged, and your anonymity will make it sound even more suspicious. Therefore, you should keep the story as real as possible.

Provide Enough Evidence

If you are a victim and want to expose your abuser, then you may think that you have to provide all the evidence to prove your claim right. However, It is not always necessary. You are already going through a lot, and asking for proof of the abuse is simply insensitive. However, you should be able to give just the right amount of evidence so that the world knows that you are not doing it simply to defame the abuser. Sometimes, all you have to do is connect the dots for the readers as evidence, and more often than not, it works just fine.

Donít Sound Desperate

One of the mistakes that the writers make is that they try too hard to make people believe what they are saying. Understandably, you want people to believe you when you know you are speaking the truth, but it can backfire. So, make sure that you choose a moderate and compelling tone of writing when you are writing a story that is expository in nature.