How To Add Bots To Discord?

add bots to discord

Discord is certainly one of the easiest places to get in touch with individuals who have the same gaming tastes and passions. Discord has risen as one of the most popular options for players, but also for those who just want to meet like-minded people, based on servers that are conveniently set up and a comprehensive direct messaging feature. To know how to add bots to discord? Scroll now!

Discord provides a lot for those looking to set up a small server for a friend group or even start a wide network for their company or social media activity. Server bots, which carry loads of utility to a community, are one of the key features. Here’s a tutorial on how to connect a bot to any server operating Discord.

The free chat service for gamers, Discord, is very popular and is used by thousands of gamers around the world. The software is super easy to use, and it’s still pretty quick to handle servers on Discord. Although the software itself is very good at what it does, there is still a possibility to incorporate additional functionality. Not all, after all, uses Discord in the same manner. Discord requires users to connect bots to their servers in order to configure the Discord site to their taste and to add functions. So, here to connect bots to a Discord server.

What are bots?

Many that are relatively new to Discord may not be familiar with bots and how they work exactly. Since bots are incredibly popular, though, odds are that most Discord users would have come across them at some stage when being a member of a well-established or especially big Discord server, since most will require bots to run with such a massive number of members.

Bots are essentially fake users who respond to commands on the server they’re on. They’re add-on programming bits that introduce the server with new functionality and can be controlled with different commands.

Why use bots?

The big question for server owners could be whether their Discord server wants to have bots or not. Although it’s obviously not an obligation, it will surely make the management aspect of things ten times smoother to have a few main bots on a server. Many tasks on the server can be automated by Bots, such as greeting messages to new users and assigning new positions to them.

There are lots of entertainment bots, like Groovy, even for smaller servers, which can contribute to the overall experience. Some bots, such as Pokcord, encourage members of the server to capture Pokmon while talking on the server, but when it comes to adding bots to discord, only the sky’s the limit.

Where to find bots?

Bots can be obtained in two forms that are feasible. Many who are familiar with coding will make their own custom Discord bots that suit their specifications better. Alternatively, there are lots of websites that list in the Discord community some of the most popular and highly rated bots. Top.GG, which helps individuals to browse for unique services, is the most popular source.

While looking for bots to connect to a brand new or long-standing server, Bots On Discord and Discord Bots are both two very nice places. When choosing a bot, it is often wise to carefully review the functionality and any extra information about setting up the bot.

Log in to discord

The first move is to make sure that the consumer signs in to Discord. This involves not only signing into the normally used online version of Discord, but also going to the Discord Mobile Interface and checking that the account is also correctly logged into the browser.

On top of logging into Discord, to avoid leaking login information to third parties, it is often better to ensure that the link is private and that two-factor authentication is active. Discord also requires users to use a QR code to log in, which has to be scanned using the Discord smartphone version.

Give it is the access for adding bots to discord

You’ll need to be an administrator on that server to connect bots to the Discord Server. If you don’t own the server, consulting with the owner before uploading something to it is probably a smart idea.

  • Pick the server you would like to connect the bot to from your Discord home page (on the left-hand side of the Discord Website)
  • Choose the drop-down menu when selected; (The server name in the top left-hand of the screen with a small down arrow next to it)
  • “Tap “Server Setup
  • Tap on ‘Roles’
  • Scroll down to the configuration for General Permissions and pick “Administrator”
  • Click “Changes to save”

Invite to connect bot to discord

It’s time to select a bot to connect to the server after signing into the web or smartphone versions of the software, as well as the web edition of Discord. Click View on a bot, which will then highlight the bot’s general information tab. Making sure the Bot is still live, which means that it can potentially be attached to a server and welcomed to it.

Then, depending on which place is being used to download the bot, press Invite or Connect. This opens up a new page with a big blue button that says “Add to Discord.” To check the range of the bot, press the blue button.

Locating the bot you want to add to your server is the first step. I will use the MEE6 bot for this case, as it is a very widely used bot and can be used for multiple purposes. The bot you want to add relies completely on the functionality you’re looking for, so make sure you can do what you expect it to do with the bot you’re using. There should be a choice for displaying a full summary of its features on the bot’s info card. To get a feel for what your bot would be able to do, I’d suggest clicking that and going over the list.

Select the server to add bots to discord

The next window displays all the servers on which the bot can be added. This depends on how much the customer has discretionary authority over each of their servers. Bear in mind that the Discord bot will not be welcomed into a server without managerial powers. Server owners would be able to invite bots automatically.

Choose the server to which the bot should be invited after verifying the requisite managerial powers and that the admin is aware of what is being applied to the server.

Authorize the bot

Discord will show all the powers the bot will have if added to a new server after selecting the server. Make sure that the right server is always picked from the drop-down menu and to completely understand what it has access to, look at all the bot’s abilities.

Trying to tick off all of the powers the bots would have is not suggested because this would obstruct the functionality inside a system. It’s best to stand down at this point for those who choose not to encourage a bot to have such powers or connections to certain items. If you don’t, press the Approve button on the lower right.

Give the bot a role 

The bot should be on the server it was invited to at this point. Among other members, it should appear on the right sidebar, with a tiny tag next to its name suggesting it’s a bot. For server organization purposes, in the Server Settings menu, it is recommended that you create a brand new function for the bot.

Make sure that when deciding the role’s powers, the bot already has access to all things required for it to operate properly. To keep the server clean and more orderly, several bots can be grouped into this category after a separate bot function has been established.

Create a bot command channel

Creating a whole new text channel on the server is another basic quality of life functionality. Something like bot-command or bot-spam may be called. This way, in the general chat field, users won’t be spamming orders but will be sent to a particular server to communicate with bots.

If the bot is strictly for admin use, only those functions, such as managers and moderators, can also render the channel available in order to keep the server even safer from congestion and spam. It is certainly not important, but for large servers, it makes a massive difference.

Set up a bot

Not all bots are the same, so on their download page, it’s incredibly necessary to read the details on each bot. Further details can be found on special servers that were created by the bots’ creators. Joining such help servers is usually a smart thing whether there are any questions that need to be addressed or issues.

Bots can also get upgraded with new functionality over time, so it’s great for all news and changes to be part of a support server. However, in general, bots may have multiple types of commands that need to be used to trigger them. Almost every bot will have some kind of “!help” command that will display all the commands available and what they are doing to get you started.

Now to dig into connecting these bots to your server, finally. This method is very easy, but when you’re trying to set up the bot, the tricky part comes. In the future, we’ll cover that. Here, I just want to make sure you know how to get the bot into your server so that you can get familiar with it and start using it. To get a feel for how bots work, it is a smart idea to create a test server. You should also look at the bot’s command list to make sure the text channels are functioning with these orders.

How to set up your server?

It’s not terribly difficult to set up a Discord server and it’s online. On Windows, Mac, Apple, iOS, and Linux, Discord is open. I’ll be setting up a server on a Windows desktop in this case.

Run DiscordSetup once you’ve downloaded the setup file of your choosing. A dozen or so updates can be downloaded by the configuration software and then the opening screen opens. You just need to register one if you don’t already have a Discord account; it’s fast and painless. 

After you’ve signed in, press Build a Domain, enter a name for your server, and pick an area. Your option of a region should be in the world’s own geographic area. If you like, you can add your own custom 128 x 128 icon. In the screenshot below, you can see our extremely imaginative version of this.

Understanding the concept of discord bots in detail

To execute such tasks automatically, bots are essentially computer programs that communicate with human beings (and often with other bots). A website that has a friendly chat window pops up automatically promising to talk about its product or service with you; that’s a bot.

Bots, based on their purpose, their nature, and how they are implemented, can be helpful or infuriating. On Discord, bots provide the group on the server where they “live” with a number of useful and not-so-productive functions.

For example, there are bots that play songs, bots that give fun memes on request, bots that get your game stats for you, and bots that play a loud air horn noise on the wheel channel.

How to find good bots?

The world of Discord is full of bots; there are thousands of bots out there that are publicly available. If you like, there’s a list of some dumb and semi-useful bots here, but on the Carbonitex website, which is considered one of the best sources of Discord bots around, more serious bots can be found. Another reputable repository is named, rather clearly enough, for Discord bots. A GitHub quest for Discord bots will find just about everything in the public eye for the genuinely hardcore.

Some most popular discord bots

What are some of the bots you can add, now that you know how to add bots? Ok, you just know what kind of atmosphere your server needs you to have. Here is a list of some of the Discord bots that are more common and why you would want to include them.

  • Dank Member shows memes and has a number of other features associated with the meme.
  • With moderation functionality and music streaming, Pancake is a simple multi-featured bot.
  • Nadeko plays games that provide gambling and have tools for administration.
  • MedalBot lets film clips for your customers.
  • More than 4500 custom soundboards are offered by RickBot.
  • Groovy is a music bot that supports Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube.
  • Rhythm is a fully-functional, very stable music bot.

You want to bring more flavor to the community now that you have a server set up. The question is, how are you going to do this? For text and speech networks, you can only do so many. But what other alternatives are available? Ok, let me welcome you to the marvelous world of Bots of Discord. There is an extremely wide number of bots on your server that you can quickly introduce.

From handling the platforms to adding enjoyable games your server members can enjoy, they can do something. Bots that add points or money structures are also available. The choices are limitless.

How to make a discord bot in python?

Discord is rising in prevalence. As such, for a group to flourish and evolve, automated processes, such as blocking abusive users and responding to user requests, are crucial.

Bot users are named automated systems that look and behave like users and respond automatically to events and commands on Discord. Bot consumers with Discord (or simply bots) have virtually limitless apps.

Let’s imagine, for starters, you’re overseeing a new Discord guild and for the very first time, a user joins. Excited, you should reach out to the user directly and invite them to your network. Also, you might tell them about your networks or invite them to present themselves.

Your group becomes so large over time that it is no longer possible to reach out to each new member directly, but you also want to give them anything to remember them as a new guild member.

With a bot, it’s possible to respond to the new member joining your guild automatically. Depending on context, you can also customize its actions and monitor how it communicates with each new person.

This is amazing, but it’s just one little example of how useful a bot can be. Once you know how to create them, there are so many chances for you to be innovative with bots.

Responding to events

You’ve always heard that an incident is on ready(). In fact, you may have seen the client event decorator defines it as such in the code.

What is a case, though?

An incident is something that happens on Discord that you can use in your code to cause a response. Your code will listen to events and then respond to them. The on-ready() event handler manages the event that the client has made a connection to Discord and has prepared its response data using the example you have already used.

So, discord.py can route the event data to the appropriate event controller on your linked client when Discord fires an event. Here, just as before, with your Discord token, you have created a client variable called .run(). The real customer, however, is different. The client is an instance of CustomClient, which has an overridden on ready() feature, instead of using the usual base class.

There is no distinction between the two types of event execution, but this guide will only use the version of the decorator because it looks close to how you execute Bot commands, which is a subject that you will discuss in a bit.

Best discords available in the market

A critical tool for any Discord server is successful Discord bots. To the site, they add thousands of new features-mod functions, songs, sports, polling, rewards, and more! With so many distinct Discord service bots, though, it can be hard to determine one to connect to your server. We also assembled a list of the 10 best Discord bots that anybody should use, with this in mind.

These successful bots may be found on an online Discord bot list such as the top gg, or go to their website directly. Then, by welcoming them to your computer, you can instal Discord bots from the bot list or website. All Discord bots are free to use, but some have upgradeable software that is paid for. Let’s go into each of the fun features of the


MEE6 is the perfect Discord Moderation Bot. This bot can be used to search the server for rule breaches automatically, such as bad language, spam, spoilers, and external connections. MEE6 bot commands can be programmed to either silence, knock, or permanently block a user after performing a certain amount of violations for a given period of time.

MEE6 can be used to play music on the servers and ‘level up’ users in addition to moderation. Unlock access to unique server positions with the premium MEE6 bot for users with a higher “level” of server involvement. The premium bot also features a leveled-up consumer ad-free leaderboard banner, a music quiz plugin, audio capture.

Dank memer to Add Bots To Discord

Dank Memer is the strongest meme bot for Discord. It offers a set of bot commands that allow you in any conversation to pull up the correct meme. For starters, if you need an owl meme, just enter “pls hootyboi” and an owl meme will appear. Your own memes can also be made. Finally, Dank Memer provides a currency system that helps you to earn coins on the server by cheating, gambling, and more from other users. You will then “buy” exclusive items from the meme store with these coins that you can use to play more games or show off to other people.


Discord’s ticketing system is provided by Helper.gg. For organisations and customer support departments who use Discord to schedule projects or assist consumers, this is fine. For Discord, these tickets are tailored. Developers may choose to tag certain channels or server positions to carry the problem to the correct team. Tickets will then be coordinated by team members, replied to, and closed.

Many of the above options come for free, but it is possible to buy a $3.50/month subscription package to access additional ticket customization and localization features. For teams using Discord to reach out to consumers, Helper.gg is the ultimate bot.


For Discord, Octave is one of the most common music bots, and with good reason. The Octave bot lets you play any song on your voice channel that is available on YouTube or Soundcloud. You can also create playlists and add or repeat tracks, pause, and queue songs to them. You may also ask Octave to show a song with the lyrics.

You can access longer queues and track lengths, unlimited personalised playlists, and speed, bass boost, and filter functions with a premium account. You can unlock the Octave premium by pledging either $5 or $10 a month to your patron.

IdleRPG To Add Bots To Discord

One of the coolest Discord Bots around is IdleRPG. It adds to your server the excitement of a text-based roleplay game. You can build a character of your own, go on missions, buy and sell items, combat, enter guilds, connect with gods, and marry other players. Create your own storey tale with hundreds of different bot commands and communicate with the wider world of the RPG.

Although you can unlock in-game rewards by donating to the bot’s patron, all IdleRPG commands are free to use until you connect the bot to your server.


Arcane is a bot for leveling and moderation that facilitates greater server involvement. To assess XP and rewards, you will customize the leveling framework. Voice levelling is also included in the Arcane bot, so participants can level up when in voice chat as well. Auto-moderation will record new users and leave them, stop spamming and cursing, and alert, silence, knock, or ban criminals.

For influencers, Arcane is extremely helpful. It will send YouTube updates to Discord to let your fans know when you’ve uploaded a new update. For more XP setup, infinite positions, longer message logging, and YouTube alerts for up to 10 platforms, you can buy Arcane Cloud Premium for $5/month for 2 servers.

Medalbot To Add Bots To Discord

MedalBot, Medal’s Discord bot, lets you create and view video game clips from Medal from inside Discord. You can still upload it straight to Medal, tv when you upload a new clip to Discord. Inside Discord, MedalBot also helps you to display some medal recordings. Based on a game or another theme, you can check for clips or look at the most-watched clips to date. Finally, you can upvote Medal clips from inside your Discord list, along with other members of your server.

For moderation, server upkeep, and audio, you can also use MedalBot. Spam and silence, kick, or ban criminals can be identified by MedalBot. It can also blacklist those words, delegate tasks automatically, and uninstall tweets.