How Technology Has Changed the Scene of Education


There were those days when teachers would stand on podiums and lecture students sitting in a hall. Some were bored while others were distracted. A few more would sleep through the class unaware of what is being taught. Technology has changed all this.

Not only has technology made it easier for teachers to teach, it has also made learning very interesting and enjoyable. It’s not just books that students refer to today; they have a variety of resources such as videos, audios, and images. Almost every student that you see today has a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop that aids him/her in learning.

Here are a few ways in which technology has transformed the scene of education:

It has expanded the access to education

Gone are those days when students had to travel to centers of learning to obtain education. Today all that a student needs is a device that helps him connect to the internet. There are many traditional online degree programs available across the world. Any student can complete any course of his or her choice right from the comfort of one’s home. Technology has made available massive amounts of information at one’s fingertips. It has eliminated all boundaries of education, making it accessible to almost everyone from every part of the world.

It has improved communication and collaboration

There were those days when classrooms were relatively isolated and the only collaboration that happened was with the students in those classrooms. By introducing different forms of communication and collaboration, technology has made it possible for students from any remote part of the world; interact with experts from any part of the world, within a few seconds. Not only can they read their blogs and view their pictures, they can also email them their questions and even talk to them live through videoconference. Technology has made it possible for students to collaborate on group projects without having to leave the comfort of their homes. They are no longer bound by the walls of their classrooms.

It has digitized education

Gone are those days when students had to carry heavy backpacks filled with books to their schools. With the advancements of tablet computers and e-readers, textbooks have given way to EBooks. Students don’t have to worry about passing notes any more. They can visit web-based sites to gather information and complete their assignments. In fact today’s classrooms hardly use those messy chalk boards.

It has changed the roles of teachers and learners

In the traditional classrooms, teachers were the primary source of information. The learners had to passively receive the information that was passed on to them through their teachers. However, technology has made teaching and learning very interactive in today’s world. The teacher’s role today is that of a guide on the side, with students taking the responsibility for their own learning. In fact many universities and educational institutions have started redesigning their learning spaces to adopt to this new model of education. Technology is being used everywhere to foster interaction and enable students to work in small groups.

Technology has indeed changed the scene of education, making it more interesting, interactive, and innovative. The rise of many online tutorial sites has enabled students to understand difficult concepts in a simpler way and achieve better grades. While it has expanded the careers of tutors, technology has also played its role in maximizing the potential of the students.

Image: Technology in Education from Yuganov Konstantin/Shutterstock