How Tech Companies Benefit from Shared Office Spaces

shared office perks

Are you an entrepreneur with a burgeoning tech company? Are you a freelancer working on a big project? Do you have an incredible app idea but need space to brainstorm and work? Shared office space can provide essential benefits without breaking the bank. Coworking in a shared office space is a flexible, inspiring, cost-saving, idea-building venture that can immediately benefit your tech company. Letís find out why shared office space is the perfect move for you.

The Cost Savings are Incredible

If you have a small business or are freelancing, start-up costs can be huge. Buying furniture, equipment, and hiring employees can really tie up your funds.

A shared office space in London for example, is so much cheaper than renting and furnishing your own space.

With a shared office, a diverse selection of furnished office space is available to you. You wonít need to worry about buying desks, chairs, printers, fax machines, telephones, or other costly items that can sink your start-up funds in a hurry. Shared office space even includes secure, high-speed internet solutions to keep you online at no extra cost. Add in kitchen and lounge areas, and youíll have everything you need to take care of business.

Employee costs are always skyrocketing, and it can be difficult and time-consuming to hire the right person for the job. A shared office space will have an onsite management team that provides administrative support for your company. The on-site IT staff can take care of technical issues while you perfect your app or brainstorm your next product. Even though youíre tech-savvy, you want to spend your time creating, not troubleshooting computer or equipment problems.


Being shackled into a building lease can be nerve-racking and detrimental to your bottom line, and hefty deposits can quickly erase profits. Shared office spaces provide your tech company with various options that are convenient and affordable. Instead of being stuck in a lease, you can work day-to-day or month-to-month. This is perfect if you need extra space to finish a project or you want to expand your business into a new area or field but arenít ready to commit.


If youíre generally a stay-at-home freelancer or you run a small business from your home, it can be difficult to host clients, and sometimes Skype just doesnít cut it. A shared office space allows you to host a client in a private office or even set up a meeting in a private conference room. These tools help you portray the level of professionalism and expertise that your tech company prides itself on.


Collaboration is the kick-starter of ideas. When you work in a shared space, you are surrounded by other business-savvy, driven individuals like yourself. You can learn new skills, build valuable relationships, discover new resources, and become inspired to look at your own ideas in a different light.