How should you use Social Media Marketing for your Business?

There’s no question that social media has taken the world by storm. Very few people can claim that they don’t have at least one account on a platform such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Since its birth, social media content has entertained, enlightened, and empowered its users. Originally purposed for personal use, the social media sphere has been shared with business owners and larger collectives for the sake of promotion. And really, what better way to promote products and services than to put them where everyone will see them?

Marketing is all about communicating your message to the audience. In the case of a business, you are trying to sell your product and it is important that you have a good name for your business. For example, if you want to promote your boutique business, you will need a good boutique name; something that is easy to remember and is meaningful. Its important that when people see your advertisement, they can easily remember what your business is about. That is why a good name extremely important for your business.

It’s important to note that social media, while incredibly easy to use, is not exclusively a positive boost for a business. If used incorrectly, it can do more harm than good. It is wise to take into account a few rules-of-thumb before diving in.


  • Use it to make an announcement. Social media content is delivered instantly, and the message is clear due to generally short post lengths. If you’re hosting an event, a social media post is a great way to send consolidated, simple information so followers can add it to their calendars without wading through the fluff.
  • Keep it simple. Social media should be the gateway to your full content, not the full content itself. Keep potential customers curious and use language and images that make them want to discover how your business can help them. Clearly include links to your full content to facilitate this discovery.
  • Get visual. People love images, videos, and graphics. Visual content brings your business to life. Anything that can’t get consumed in a few seconds is likely to be scrolled past, so take advantage of the short attention economy.
  • Write colloquially. There is a time and a place to appeal to someone’s higher intellect, but social media is by nature much more personal. Don’t completely sacrifice professionalism, but focus on writing to an audience in a way you’d write to a friend.


  • Create too many accounts across different platforms too quickly when you’re just starting out. They can become difficult to manage, especially if you don’t use automation software. Time spent trying to align all platforms is time that could have been allotted to developing your business itself. And if posting falls behind, so will your following. Start with one or two accounts that you can reliably update with quality content.
  • Be exclusively a sales account. Social media is already overrun by ads and promotional content, so if your posts look similar, they will be skipped.
  • Forget that you’re being watched. Anything you post can be saved or screenshotted and passed to hordes of people. What you type can quickly change the image of your brand, so think twice when you’re writing a reply to that nasty comment on Twitter. Every post, comment, and interaction can and will shape your brand’s image.

Social media marketing is a powerful business tool. As with all things, there is guidance for best practice. Above all, remember how you’d like to be treated as a consumer in the real world – this will help you tackle your social media presence in a way that drives your business forward.

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