How People Are Using Tech To Make Money In Lockdown

Make Money In Lockdown

COVID-19 has brought the world to a literal standstill and there are a lot of people that are finding out new ways to make money without stepping out of their houses. More people are getting laid off as businesses shut down than almost any other time in history.

Technology has brought people together since its existence and this is the time people are going completely online for all their needs. Online casino India is one of the most popular Google searches in recent times showing how people are finding ways to continue playing their favorite casino games even when they are stuck indoors.

Here are some things that people are doing to earn money from home

Zoom Classes

Zoom is the one company that has benefitted the most from the COVID-19 pandemic. Its ease of use has led to a skyrocketing in popularity as people found it intuitive to use. There are a lot of people that are taking advantage of this boom and offering zoom classes for cooking, dancing, fitness workouts, teaching, and more.

Find out your niche or skill and then use the zoom platform to reach people with ease.

Keep in mind that zoom is not the most secure platform in terms of privacy and does not have an integrated payment option.

Freelance work

There are a number of platforms like Upwork, fiver, and iwriter that allow people with different skills to get jobs from around the world and get paid. All of these sites offer some sort of payment protection, ways to upskill yourself but take a hefty cut of the payment.

If you have skills like web development, social media marketing, or journalism then you can easily find a job. Even if you donít have too many skills donít be disheartened. You can start with simple writing jobs and work your way up.

Online betting

There are a number of sports that people follow closely like golf, football, UFC, and others which are back in action. People who have the skills can place bets and win some fast money. This method is fraught with danger, though, as gambling should only be done for recreation. Trying to win money by betting online is a dangerous road to go down.

Medical Transcription

This is a method that requires some amount of training and may not be applicable to everyone. For those people that are trained in medical transcription, the current surge in medical cases and hospital work around the world has led to an increase in medical transcription work.