How Often Do Garage Doors Need to Be Replaced?

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How Often Do Garage Doors Need to Be Replaced? Do garage doors last a long time? With proper maintenance, garage doors can last about 30 years. A windstorm may have flung debris at your door and damaged some panels, or your teenage driver may have accidentally backed into it.

How often do garage doors need to be replaced? There are a few factors that may affect the answer.

1. There may be minor cosmetic damage to your garage door, or you may have a garage door that is badly damaged in terms of functionality:

?     Minor: A garage door may be damaged visually, although it won’t affect its stability or functionality. A large crack or chipped paint could be present on your door, or the paint may have faded or chipped. In most cases, repairing your garage door is more cost-effective than replacing it if the damage is purely cosmetic.

?     Moderate: Garage doors can suffer damage that extends beyond cosmetics — they can also suffer structural damage. It’s not as effective as it once was if your door’s warped or rusted. Additionally, it will not provide the same level of protection against the elements or from intruders while in your garage. It is likely that you will need to replace your garage door if it has structural damage.

?     Serious: Your garage door may need to be replaced if it cannot open and closes properly due to major damage. The door may need to be replaced if your doors are stuck, making a loud squeaking noise while they are operating, opening or closing only occasionally, or not sliding smoothly at all. The problem might be as simple as a new battery or springs, so it’s always a good idea to see whether it’s a simple fix.

2. Damage Intensity

The best way to address a door that has minor problems, such as faded paint, is to hire an experienced professional to do a repair job. You may want to consider upgrading your door if it has cracks, makes squeaking noises, and moves jerkily. Getting a sturdy new replacement door is the best way to ensure your home and family are protected if your door is compromised enough to pose a significant security risk.

3. Price

Cost may also play a role in deciding whether to repair or replace a garage door. Whenever your old garage door is the subject of an accident that results in a cost that exceeds the cost of replacing it, as is the case with a totalled car, it is definitely advisable to get a new garage door if you can afford it. Many economic alternatives to upscale styles are available if you’re on a budget.

4. A Door’s Age

A replacement may be necessary if your garage door is 10 to 20 years old and has only minor damage. The sooner the door is replaced, the better. A door that isn’t likely to last much longer may not be worth repairing. Whether you decide to replace your old garage door due to damage or simply want to improve its appearance, there are a number of reasons to consider replacing it, even if the extent of the damage isn’t necessarily severe enough to warrant replacing it altogether.

5. Security of Storage

Upgraded garage doors also improve the security of everything inside your garage, so you’ll be able to store more valuable items inside there. Modern metal insulated garage doors prevent criminals from either simply breaking through or drilling through old wood or metal garage doors without insulation.

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