How Music Can Improve Your Productivity


Music is something that you can enjoy anywhere, anytime, with anybody. It is a way to express yourself and spark creativity within you and others. Whether it be just simply listening to music, creating music, or downloading a talent app to book gigs and share your music with others, music is everywhere. However, there are more uses for music than just enjoyment purposes that you may not have known about. Today, I will tell you about the many ways music can improve your productivity.

Image Credit:  Pexels

Makes simple tasks more enjoyable

When doing tasks that are repetitive or simple, it is shown that listening to music while completing the task can be extremely helpful. Music really makes a simple or even somewhat boring task that much more enjoyable. Now, it is possible that this has more to do with your favorite bands or songs boosting your mood, thus making you more productive and not that the actual act of having the music playing in the background is making you work harder.  Either way you spin it, music still helps when it comes to working on repetitive tasks. The music of your choice can significantly improve your productivity, so throw on some tunes and go clean your house!

Can help with focus

Now this can go either way depending on the task at hand, the music you choose, and the environment you are in. In a noisy, hectic work environment, music can provide you with an escape and help you to really focus in on the task at hand. However, your music choice here is essential depending on the task that you are working on. If you are writing or crunching numbers, it is more beneficial to listen to something like classical music to drown out the background noise. If you choose something more upbeat with a lot of lyrics or beats, it can have an adverse effect and distract you making you less productive, so just be careful.

Associating music with work

If you listen to a specific artist or genre every time you clean or write, you will begin to associate that music with the work. Once you form a connection between the two, it will become your cue to transition into work mode, which will in turn spark productivity. Creating a strong association between work and music will come rather easily, all you need to do is start listening while you work.

Reduces stress and anxiety

Day to day tasks and responsibilities can become very stressful and daunting very easily. Not only will music boost your mood, but it is also proven to slow your breathing, relax your muscles, and reduce your stress levels. That being said, it is shown that when we have high stress and anxiety levels we are less productive.  So, if listening to music can provide you with all of these great benefits, not only is it great for your health and well-being but also for your productivity levels!

Image Credits: music from file404/Shutterstock