How much a YouTuber makes?

In this world, there are many people who do not believe that you can easily make money on the internet. There are hundreds of stories that tell us to earn money via using the internet. Uploading videos on YouTube is one of the best ways to become a millionaire.

Here in this post, we are discussing how people make money on YouTube. First of all, you should make your personal channel on it and uploading some quality videos on your channel. To get more subscribers you need to market your channel on blog, social media and many other platforms through this you get more crowd on your channel. If you get more views on your YouTube videos definitely you earn more. 

A few months ago, I realized the true potential of YouTube when I saw my friend that he earns some money from YouTube. He also tells me that many other YouTubers earn millions of dollars from this.  After a quick google search, I found some names of top YouTubers. These are their names:- 

  • Ryan’s World -$22 million
  • Jake Paul -$21.5 million
  • Dude Perfect -$20 million
  • Daniel Middleton -$18.5 million
  • Jeffree Star -$18 million
  • Mark Fischbach -$17.5 million
  • Evan Fong -$17 million
  • Sean McLoughlin -$16 million 
  • Felix Kjellberg (pew die pie) -$15.5 million
  • Logan Paul -$14.5 million

When I searched then found these top ten YouTubers who earn this shocking amount by uploading videos on YouTube. For your knowledge, I tell you more than 500 hours of video uploading in a minute on it. That’s why competition is very tight.

But I am not discouraged you. You Tuber starts from the bottom and rising as a star. So if you want to become a YouTuber and earn money then you need to work on your videos before uploading on YouTube.

Millions of people spend billions of hours a day watching YouTube videos. Nowadays it is the second-largest search engine in the world and third most visiting site. Most of the big brands use this platform to advertise their products. Most of the YouTuber make money from ads to create brand merchandise.

Here is how you can earn Youtube Subscribers?

How to earn money on YouTube 

In this modern era, YouTube is a money-making platform for many people.  There are numerous easy niches on YouTube which are easy to increase your subscribers and make money. If you create your channel on a topic and it is most liked by people then your subscriber automatically increases. The most successful niche is gaming. Gaming is a very popular industry and many gamers earn a good amount. These are some successful niches.

  • Gaming
  • Lifehacks
  • Celebrity gossip
  • News
  • Top(X) list
  • Compilation of fails ( think: Jackass)
  • Food reviews and kitchen hacks
  • Product unwrapping and opening
  • How to demonstrations 
  • Animal activities 
  • Spoofs

you can choose any of the niches given above according to your interest and upload your videos on the channel.

There are some different ways to make money on YouTube you can take any of them.

YouTube Partner Program 

By this step, you can monetize your video by joining the YouTube partner program. In this program, You 

Tubers get paid by view an advertisement on their page.

If you want to apply for this program and get approval then you complete these requirements. Your channel must have 1000 subscribers and 4000 valid public watch hours over in the last 12 months.

When your channel approved for this program, you can start making money. You can make money through advertisements by two types: CPM  ( cost per thousand views) and CPC ( cost per click).

Google pays 68% of its AdSense revenue. In every $100 an advertiser pays, Google pays out $68 to the publisher. The advertised paying rate is varied between $0.10 to $0.30 per view but the average pay is $0.18. When your channel receives 1000 views it’s the cost is $18. For this Google charge, $27 from the advertiser in which it pays $18 to you means 68% and google will keep 32% means $9 themselves. 

If you want to increase your income then obviously you should upload one or two videos per week.

Affiliate marketing on YouTube 

YouTube affiliate marketing is a process where the affiliate link is placed in the video’s description to increase traffic on sites. Through this arrangement, online retailers pay commission to YouTubers.

If you are a serious YouTube creator then affiliate marketing is a very good and easy way for you to make a good profit.  You can include links with your videos of different products, that link will track a purchase. These description links directly lead to product sales.

There are some basic criteria for paying you.

Advertisers will pay YouTubers on the basics of CTR (click-through rate) and conversation rate it means that how many people buy the product through your link. The commission on a product itself.

YouTube sponsorship for creators 

Sponsorship is given by brands to YouTubers. when your channel is successful and meaningful proven then brands give you sponsorship. Because without proven your channel brands don’t take a risk investing in a YouTuber. 

When you get any sponsorship, then brands pay to YouTubers to create videos on their product, company events, etc. Sometimes brand-sponsored to the entire channel then YouTuber recommended the products in every video.

YouTubers charge $10 to $50 from brands on 1000 views. This sponsorship leads to a great amount of money. That’s why every YouTuber hopes for sponsorship. Only successful and most popular YouTubers can lead these.

But you have no worries about it, if your channel is not so popular then small brands also give sponsorship to you.

The crux of the content is that if you are a YouTuber and don’t know how you make money through your YouTube Channel. On the above, we discussed some popular niches on which you can make your channel. YouTube offers you to earn money through the YouTube partner program, Affiliate marketing, and sponsorship. These ways are discussed above in detail where you read and apply in your YouTube channel to make money.

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