How Many Products Should I Start With Dropshipping?


Dropshipping is an excellent revenue model if you’re looking to start an eCommerce business or want to increase your profits by selling products at wholesale rates. However, you may wonder how many products drop shipping can work with. In this article, I’ll show you how many dropshipping products you should start with.

There is no universal rule to follow. It will largely depend on the type of product you are selling, your niche, and the demand in your niche. You can start a small online business with MyDepot, an eCommerce platform with just a few products in the Home and Furniture niche and build up over time, or you can go all out right away and get into a whole lot more.

When starting, many people find it confusing to decide how many products to sell through dropship suppliers. After all, there are so many factors to consider when deciding which products to start selling online, and some pick a specific niche, while others opt for a more general approach. There is nothing wrong with either of these methods, but it’s time-consuming and difficult to stick with.

personally recommend starting with two products. You can get a good idea of what works and what doesn’t, which will help you determine whether or not your store is profitable after only a few months.

The general rule of thumb is that you should start with a handful of products, enough to cover at least 10% of your sales. This will give you enough room to grow and test out different strategies.

To be honest, the number of products you will start with depends on your budget, your products and the amount of time you have available to work.

Once you have decided on which items to sell through the Ecommerce platforms, the next step is selecting which particular supplier(s) will be most suitable for your needs. Don’t go into this process blindly; research each company before making a decision. Ask around among your friends and family members who have used that Ecommerce integration supplier or are currently using them; this kind of information is invaluable when making decisions like these!

What Type of Store Should You Start?

You have a lot of options when it comes to dropshipping. There are different ways you can use drop shipping like MyDepot, Shopify drop shippingAmazon drop shipping, and Wayfair drop shipping; each is good and bad in its own way. Decide on a niche that excites you or that you believe will be profitable. As MyDepot has the best Ecommerce supplier who works in the specific niche of home and furniture. You should start your journey of Dropshipping business on

The decision of how many products to start with is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a drop shipper. Having the right balance between product quality, customer experience, and inventory management is essential for long-term success. You can choose between General and Niche-Specific Stores for Ecommerce Businesses.

General Store

A general store will typically have many products in its inventory, making it easy for customers to find something they want and order.

  • The problem with this type of store is that it’s hard to distinguish yourself from other stores by offering unique products because there are so many available on Amazon.
  • It’s also hard to build a loyal customer base because there are so many options.

Niche-Specific Store

A niche-specific store like MyDepot will often focus on a single category or specific niche of products and add more when necessary. This store is great at helping you stand out from competitors with similar offerings, but it’s also harder than a general store because you’re only selling one type of product.

Here are some advantages of niche-specific stores:

Niche-specific store owners know the ins and outs of their target market better than general store owners because they’ve been in those niches for years. They have an advantage over general stores because they know how customers respond to their products or services before they even get them into their hands.

Niche-specific stores also have more tools available than general stores when it comes to marketing their products. So if you’re looking for ways to make more money and increase your brand awareness, niche-specific stores may be your best bet.

Niche-specific stores also have more tools available than general stores when it comes to marketing their products. For example, niche-specific stores will usually have a greater selection of colours and styles for each product line and will often provide more support for marketing strategies.

Why You Should Focus on MyDepot: Niche-Specific Products 

You should focus on niche-specific products. By doing so, you will be able to build a strong customer base for your dropshipping store. You can create a drop shipping store at MyDepot that sells all types of goods in a specific niche (Home and Furniture). Niche-specific products are best for increasing profits.

  • The most important thing about selling niche-specific products is that you will have more control over the quality of the product you sell in the marketplace.
  • If you focus on selling a variety of products, then it becomes difficult to ensure that every product you sell is good enough for customers.
  • In addition, if all your products are generic and not very popular, then there is no way for the customer to find out about them online and make an informed decision about whether or not he wants to purchase them from your website.

Final Words

Ultimately, it comes down to what you’re comfortable with and the kind of business you want to run. Determining how many products, to begin with, is always a big concern for any new seller. This is especially true when you’re doing multi-channel marketing and dropshipping.

My strategy is putting yourself in the right position begins with setting realistic goals. You can add on more products as you go along, but you want to keep your overhead low to start so that you do not put yourself in a situation where you are overly worried about sunk costs.


Can you dropship multiple products?

Yes, but it can be difficult. First, it’s important to keep track of each product so that you know who buys it and when they buy it. The importance of this will be especially evident when you wish to grow your dropshipping business rapidly.

How Many Products Should I Start With Dropshipping?

Just one product is all you need to get started. However, the more products you sell, the better your profit margin. Adding a few more items to your store may be a good idea, but it will be niche specific like MyDepot.