How Many Hours Should Your AC Run Daily


In the hot summer months, air conditioning is a lifesaver. However, the cost of operating an air conditioner is higher than that of other commonly used household appliances. If you’re trying to cut costs without sacrificing comfort this summer, you may be wondering how often you should turn on the air conditioner.

To cool a room to the proper temperature, an air conditioner typically runs for 10-20 minutes before turning off and cycling continuously throughout the day and night. Your home’s insulation, the local climate, and the brand and model of air conditioner all have a role in how quickly the thermostat is brought up to the appropriate temperature.

Depending on the sort of air conditioner you have, you will need to calculate how long it will take the system to cool the room down to the target temperature before you can establish how many hours a day the system should run. You can do this by consulting the AC’s user manual or getting in touch with professionals from airconservicing.

How Long Should Air Conditioning Be On Each Day?

The average number of hours your air conditioner should operate daily is: In the range of 12-16 hours during the summer. The exact figure, however, is reliant on a number of things, some of which are listed below:

  • The outside temperature
  • The indoor temperature you’re aiming for
  • How big your AC unit is
  • What kind of device you have
  • The overall energy efficiency of your home

Advice on Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

If you treat your air conditioner with the respect due any other expensive item, it will serve you well for years to come.

You can avoid excessive electricity bills and rapid AC system degeneration by giving attention to the issues and consulting a professional from marvellous.sg when necessary. But if you follow these easy steps, you can extend the life of your air conditioner.

  • Use your air conditioner sparingly and only when absolutely necessary.
  • Just because the AC is on does not guarantee that the compressor is operating. When you feel and hear cool air being pumped into your space, you know that your air conditioner is on.
  • When the inside temperature rises above your comfort level, only then should you turn on the air conditioner. It will last longer and perform better if you do this, and you’ll save money on power in the process. Depending on your routines—for example, if you tend to be out of the house during certain hours of the day—you may be able to program your air conditioner to operate at a different temperature during certain hours.

A broken air conditioner should not be ignored. If you need assistance maintaining your air conditioner, call on the experts. Since most AC compressors are located outdoors, they are more susceptible to the damaging effects of dirt and dust than those of an indoor device.

This also increases the frequency with which they need cleaning and maintenance. Unnoticed problems, such as a blocked filter or filthy coils, can lead to expensive damage over time, but experts can address them.

Can I Leave The Air Conditioner On All The Time?

It is safe to leave your air conditioner on all the time. If you leave the air conditioning on all day, it won’t become hot enough to break down. It will function normally even if you neglect to turn it off.

This, however, is highly conditional on the weather, as there may be occasions when it is unnecessary to let it run for an extended period. This is also related to how efficient the air conditioner is. It would be inefficient to keep running if the necessary temperature could be reached in less time.

Keep in mind that even if you leave your air conditioner on all day, it won’t keep working. On a humid day, for instance, the air conditioner may run for up to twenty minutes as it works to achieve a comfortable indoor temperature. Then, as is typical for conventional air conditioners, it turns off.

Keep in mind that the cooling process only takes place when the compressor is running. So, there are intervals when this is not the case when it keeps turning on and off. In addition, the compressor uses roughly 90% of the energy needed to run the entire air conditioning system.

If your room is the correct size for the air conditioner you have, it will operate between 70 and 80 percent of the time. This means that on typical hot days, the compressor will run for at least 16 hours straight. On the other hand, it will function at a daily average of 90%-100% during the hottest of days.