How many followers you need on TikTok to make money

TikTok making money

How many followers do you need to make money on tiktok?. Well the quickest answer would be 10,000 followers.

But you know it takes more than just 10,000 followers and a whole lot more than just the followers to make money on tiktok.

Making money on tiktok and in its simplest sense is  harder than other platforms like YouTube or Instagram, while it may be a little harder it does present more opportunities and a different appeal and  approach for those willing to dig into a different demographic of the population.

At the same time although it’s a little harder it is easier to make content on tiktok that makes it eventually easier compared to YouTube.

In this article you’re going to be discussing all the aspects of making money on tiktok and how many followers do you need to actually start making money on this very platform.

Let’s get started

How to get the followers 

Obviously to make money you need followers, but how to even get the followers on tiktok? 

There are a number of ways to get followers on tiktok, in fact there are more ways to get followers on tiktok than there are to make money on tiktok.

If you’re going to be discussing some of the easiest and the most trusted ways to get followers on tiktok: things like following and following, buying followers, working on your content, buying shoutouts, sponsorships and so on.

Of course the very topic of getting followers on tiktok is huge and could be written with an article of its own.

However it will be quickly going over some of the days you just mentioned for they seem to be the most convenient and the most guaranteed ways to get followers on tiktok.

Buy tiktok followers

The easiest way of course is buying tiktok followers. In fact if you are the type of person who doesn’t like the idea of buying, you might think that this is not the best practice to get tiktok followers. 

Well there might be some truth to your sentence. But this is actually the easiest and the fastest way to get followers on tiktok. 

All you need is a trusted and legit platform that provides you with real followers and that’s it. And finding that very platform is not hard. 

All you have to do to find that is do another Google search and sift through the websites you come across, perhaps their reviews visit their site, talk to them and perhaps write an email or two and that’s it. 

So if you compare the hustle of a couple of hours to the hassle of a couple of months of the research. It becomes obvious  buying tiktok  followers is far easier and faster to increase your tiktok followers.  

How to vet social media platforms?

Of course you have to be careful of those platforms that try to scam you or sell you bad quality followers and they are not few in numbers that’s why I always make sure to read the reviews on platforms like trustpilot try to check out the platform if they have a chat talk to the people if they are real people behind the platform or not


Since we understand that you’re going to be busy creating content perhaps working on yourself and reaching out to other creators and things like that we decided perhaps we do the research for you and give you a platform that’s legit and trustable and provides if it will take the followers. 

Feedpixel is one of those platforms in this industry that sells tiktok followers and more, the platform has been active in this industry for quite some time and garnered quite the number of positive reviews on that very platform they mentioned trust pilot. 

They also have positive testimonials on their website in a chat support that helps you convince you that this is a legit platform. So you could definitely consider buying tiktok followers from them or if you don’t mind doing your own research you can definitely do that as well now let’s get back to our topic.

Collaborate with others

Collaborating with others is one of the most effective ways to get more followers on tiktok. In fact this works so well that you could literally get thousands of followers within a matter of weeks if not days. 

This technique is something that works not just on tiktok but on social media in general. Because the idea of collaboration is simple you let other people be exposed to your audience in return they let you be exposed to their audience which is a win-win situation. It doesn’t always have to happen both ways.

You can actually show up in front of the audience of other people while not letting them show up in front of yours or vice versa but the idea is that you actually get an opportunity to show up in front of an entirely different group of people that could potentially be interested in your content.

Let’s assume you already have the required number of followers to start making money on tiktok, even then you should always be collaborating with others to get even more followers. So that you could make even more money. 

There are other sorts of collaboration where you could actually pay others, so that you could show up in front of their audience. You could pay them to link to you. You could sponsor them to make a video about you, and all types of various  things like that. 

Find the one that works best for you, if you want to start making money on tiktok. To increase your followers the fastest possible way you should try all those methods and even ones we haven’t even mentioned.

because at the end of the day it depends on how creative you are and how you’re able to solve problems if you’re able to do that better than some other people will take advantage of that fact.

Hashtags, SEO

Hashtags are one of the most popular used terms and methods to get followers on any social media platform, and tiktok is no exception. 

Although in recent years there have been quite a number of debates on how useful the hashtags were, whether they were even useful at all. 

Yet nobody has stopped using them. Which means if they weren’t really useful those advocates who argued that they aren’t useful would have stopped using them earlier. 

Not just that, but also the fact that people are used to searching for things with a hashtag, and it has become a behavior for the younger generation. Which means even if they weren’t useful, people would still be using those hashtags just because this is something that’s been closely knitted together since the inception of social media. 

The same way SEO works. It’s something that people have been doing for a long time and are going to be doing for the rest of the time. And you should definitely get on board and optimize every single one of your posts according to the SEO rules. 

Well we won’t be able to talk about all the rules and ways and methods you can grow your tiktok channel and get more followers through hashtags and SEO. We can simply say pay attention to your titles, description, and thumbnails and try to use hashtags that are relevant and brought ones and always use keywords.

Video Quality

Obviously this one is no secret but for some reasons many people seem to ignore this very aspect of growing your channel on tiktok.

We don’t just mean the resolution of the video or how many transitions or animations you have in your video.

Video quality also means that the clip should be packaged with value and information that’s useful to the people that’s watching it.

Well this may seem really hard to accomplish, it’s really simple you just have to know who you’re talking to and what they’re interested in.

To know what they’re interested in and what type of audience you potentially be talking to you should do the research before you even create your channel.

Then again we won’t be talking about the ways to select the niche or ways to make people interested in it cuz this whole article is about how many followers do you need to make money on tiktok.

But obviously to make money on tiktok you need those followers so since you need those followers we decided we’ll give you some simple tips on how to get those followers.  To get those you must always have the best quality clips you could possibly muster up. 

The better the quality the easier it is for you to keep accruing followers and to keep making money on tiktok. So pay attention to all the small details, even those including the resolution and animations and transitions and interactions questions, bold statements, interesting facts and obviously value proposition that’s unique and personalized to the target audience of your choice.

How to make money on tiktok 

Now that we’ve discussed the fundamentals of getting more followers on tiktok, we could safely embark on the journey of making money on tiktok. But before we set out you need to understand that you still need those 10,000 followers. 

But now we will explain why?

You could literally start making money with a thousand followers; you could start making small brand sponsorships, perhaps try to advertise things that you like and approve of and try to sell some of those things. 

But that wouldn’t be on a regular basis and that would make a lot of money. It would be 20 to 30 bucks  to 100 bucks from time to time once a month or so. 

Assuming that you won’t stay at a thousand followers for a long time, it’s still possible to start making money with a thousand followers on tiktok. 

But to really make a reasonable amount you’re going to need at least 10,000 followers on tiktok. With these 10,000 followers you’re going to open the doors to many other brand deals, sponsorships to selling your own products and surely the door to becoming an approved tiktok creator by the tiktok creators fund. 

This fund was put in place solely to support and help creators on tiktok and support them financially so that they could keep making money while they make more content. 

However there are some requirements and prerequisites one needs to meet to be approved for this program. Moving forward let’s first discuss what they are and how you can become approved and start making money with  10,000 followers on tiktok.

Tiktok creators fund

Tiktok creator’s fund is something that has been established by the tiktok platform to help other creators on the platform make money off of their content. 

The sole purpose is to try to compete against other social media platforms and maintain the visitors by helping the creators in some way.

Although there’s so much to talk about this fund, what basically is that it pays for you to make content if you are eligible. 

To be eligible you certainly have to meet some criteria like, being from a certain number of countries. The US is one of them and you also have to be over 18 years of age and must have more than 10,000 authentic followers.

There’s also another requirement such as a creator must have more than 100,000 views on his channel. Now meeting those requirements doesn’t necessarily mean you are automatically approved for the Creator’s fund. 

In fact it just means you meet the bare minimum. You can apply for some sort of partnership with the platform. Applying doesn’t necessarily mean acceptance again. 

But it’s highly likely that you’ll be accepted if you didn’t have any strikes, complaints about your misbehavior, and such other behaviors that the platform doesn’t like. 

Becoming a tiktok approved Creator on the platform means that you have a steady stable income on your work. while there are many other ways to make money which you can take advantage of simultaneously. TikTok creators fund just allows you to make tiktok a full-time gig for yourself.

Brand partnerships

Brand sponsorships is another way to make money on tiktok. Unlike tiktok creators fund, you don’t need 10,000 followers to start making brand sponsorships.

But what you’ll need is an active following and engagement on your video content. And in fact this active engagement is hard to obtain then 10,000 followers.

It is often easier to accrue many numbers of followers as we mentioned through many ways including even buying and when you do that those followers won’t be engaging with your content. Although you might be accepted for various programs and even for tiktok great response he won’t be making much due to lack of engagement.

However, if you are to have an audience that’s hyperactive and engaged with every single post, asking questions, even complaining about you, doesn’t really matter if they complain as long as they engage. You’re going to be earning more from that very specific post if you were to advertise something than on a regular post that doesn’t get that much engagement.

when it comes to bringing partnerships. The most important aspect is that engagement for them, they won’t really care about the number of followers, well they actually do. but that’s not the first thing they pay attention to! 

What’s more important is how many people engage with you, interact with you, talk to you and stuff like that because they want to make sure that if they advertise something on your channel that people will be engaging clicking and you know remembering that ad long after they’ve watched your clip.

To make brand partnerships possible:

You should prepare a few things

  • Mediakit 
  • Audience demographics 
  • Engagement

Although in many cases the Media kit will include all the information about audience demographics, engagement age, education and all the necessary details for the brand to sponsor you. 

It’s also a good idea to separately make another kit of some sorts where you display the demographics in terms of their age, if possible interest, watch time, education, whatever necessary for the brand as possible. 

It’s also a good idea to make a separate sheet of paper where you list the engagement types and the score. For example most of your followers might prefer to write a comment, to engage through textual content while some of them might prefer to  share the video or perhaps even just leave a like. 

They should all be turned into statistics and into numbers that are easy to digest and understand so that brands could easily see what you bring to the table before they give you their money.


It hasn’t been long since TikTok allowed donations on the platform. While those donations are strictly for the creators’ talents and their ability to entertain viewers. This feature has been popular in a special kind of niche per se within the platform. 

Without revealing what that niche is, what if you are not in that niche? you might ask.

Assuming you know what we are talking about. Well that’s not a big issue. Because of the idea of donations based on how much value you provide. 

Even if you happen to be a man or someone that doesn’t have something to show on this platform you can provide some value by sharing your knowledge or expertise or information you happen to hold to the general audience and get those donations that way. 

But how do you provide value?

You make educational content or informational content or content that goes viral because it’s funny or because you know in some other way that gets the attention and the aspiration than the appreciation of the viewers. 

The more you do that the more donations you’ll be getting along the way. Of course we cant be jumping into the methods to provide better value and get more donations because this article is not about that. 

But to start making money on tiktok you will need to enable donations and work on your content so that donations can arrive onto your account before you even hit that 10,000 followers mark

Realistically speaking if you were to ask how many followers would I need to start earning from donations? 

The simplest answer would be at least 1000 to 5,000 to even 10,000 followers. But it’s realistic to start with a thousand if they happen to be very fond of your content and  proactive and do appreciate what you do. And only then you could start making some money off of donations.

Sell you own products

Another one of the ways to start making money without having that 10,000 followers is by selling your own products. 

But it’s obvious you’re probably going to ask what’s the most realistic number of followers you would need to start making money by selling your products. The most realistic and possible number is a thousand followers. 

Why 1,000 followers?

Well you’re going to need at least some people that’s going to click and go ahead and convert and a thousand followers is a great number to start analyzing that number as the conversion rate. 

So if you are to at least convert about 10 people everyday out of your 1000 followers or maybe 10 people per month, assuming that you have a product to sell that means you have 10 people buying your product every single month. That’s a great start to a great business having a guaranteed number of people that will convert every single month.

Of course this is not a guaranteed thing that’s going to happen if you only have 1,000 followers, it could be that they don’t  convert or it could be that you could have more than hundreds every month. 

That’s why although this is a very fractured calculation and prediction of the number of followers you would need this is still realistic because at least you would have one person converting out of 1,000 followers. Even if you wouldn’t even advertise assuming you’ve done everything right, the targeting and the niche and the content and everything else that’s necessary. 

So you would need to make sure that first you are in the correct niche and targeting the right audience and offering the right type of product that they will need or are in need at this very moment. 

That’s how you actually increase your conversion rate because even if you were not a  great salesperson but you brought the right product in front of the right people they would automatically convert. 

Because they were already looking for that product on their own. Obviously if you are a great salesman you don’t have to do that or you don’t have to bring the right people in front of the right products. 

You can just go ahead and sell anything to anybody but if you are just working on your content and your tiktok content maker chances are you’re not a great salesperson so your brother does it the lazy and the easy way by bringing the right product in front of the right people.

To Wrap Up 

At the end of the day there is no easy or quick answer to the question of how many followers you would need to start making money on tiktok. Even if there were, it would probably say something like 10,000 followers. 

That’s because 10,000 followers is like the golden ratio of followers that guarantees the Creator to start making money in some way. 

There are so many ways to start making money on tiktok and they don’t all require you to have 10,000 followers but having that 10,000 followers will ease and make your path to start making money way more quicker, more convenient and guaranteed way. 

So if you have any questions or things that you’d like to add to what we wrote feel free to leave a comment down below for everything else stay tuned.