How machine learning works?

More and more people are talking about machine learning. What exactly does it mean and how does it work? Contrary to popular belief, it is not artificial intelligence. AI learning is a much broader concept. This technology is dedicated to the creation of intelligent machines or computer programs that can replace humans. In the case of machine learning, we also speak of creating diagrams based on the analysis of data and the results obtained from it.

How machine learning works?

Understanding machine learning is actually quite simple. For this purpose, it is worth using an illustrative example, such as recognizing specific objects, for example dogs, by the program. When we provide the program with the described pictures with the indication if there is a dog or not, the program will create special patterns. Based on this, in the next stage of uploading graphics without descriptions, the program will be able to indicate which of them represent a dog, and which do not. In this way, the program will learn a new skill without human interference – how to distinguish objects. The more data is provided to it, the less likely it is to make a mistake. Most importantly, the program does not get any instructions. It learns from samples that allow it to develop new schemes for self-categorization.

There are two most popular machine learning methods. One of them supervised machine learning is controlled by a human (who describes samples in an appropriate way, as in the case of the previously mentioned dog recognition.) The program can also be taught to indicate the diagnosis based on presented test results or to recognize free and occupied parking spaces. However, in the case of the unsupervised machine learning method, there is a process in which the program receives only the database. Without any additional instructions, the program is forced to examine the information provided and find hidden patterns. Such a way of learning is useful, for instance, when analyzing large databases, which cannot be effectively processed by one person.

Application of machine learning

Machine learning is already present in almost every area of life. One of the software houses, Neurosys, delivers IT solutions for its clients based on real-time video analysis. It uses deep learning, which is an attempt to make the machine operate similar to the human brain. 

Custom IT solutions are also used in banking. Thanks to it, suspicious transactions are detected. This technology is also used in insurance companies estimating potential damages and in studies of huge databases that allow to predict the consequences of, for instance, stock market movements or the weather.

There are also plenty of examples of machine learning on the Internet. Thanks to the use of this method, for example, Netflix suggests films and series based on the analysis of previously watched productions, Google advertises tours or clothes or an e-mail box distinguishing SPAM from normal messages.