How Lincoln Has Evolved with the Times


When you think about classic luxury in American automobiles, people instantly think of Lincoln. With its swagger and sumptuous attention to detail, Lincolns have been turning heads for decades.

Refusing to rest on their laurels, todayís Lincolns have evolved with the times and are full of modern advanced technology that complements the luxury they have always been known for. Keep reading to see some of the modern features gracing the latest Lincolns.

Lincoln Co-Pilot360

Todayís Lincolns have a suite of advanced driver-assist technologies known as Lincoln Co-Pilot360. No matter what the conditions are, youíll drive with more confidence and make everybody on the road safer.

Blind Spot Detection with Cross-Traffic Alert will help you change lanes safely, as youíll always be aware of vehicles that are near you but are hard to see. Youíll have an easier time backing out of your driveway or from a parking spot, too.

Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking is a feature which enables the vehicle to scan the road for pedestrians or other vehicles with radar technology, and readies the brakes so you can come to a safe stop. The vehicle will brake automatically if youíre unable to take corrective action.

With other features like a rear window cam that lets you see clearly see behind you, and auto high beam headlamps, todayís Lincolns have technology that was once unimaginable in a vehicle. Visit your local Lincoln dealership to see which 2020 vehicles are in stock, as these features are available in a variety of new Lincoln SUVs.

Tackle Any Driving Conditions

We canít control the weather, but we also canít let road conditions dictate how we live: sometimes, we just need to get somewhere when the roads arenít in ideal shape. Lincoln has anticipated features you need for when the weather goes south.

As soon as it starts to rain, your windshield wipers will get activated automatically and will adjust for the intensity as it changes. When driving in the snow, gravel roads, or other road conditions which cause slipping, Lincolnís Advancetrac will keep you stable.

The vehicle can actually sense when thereís a loss of traction or a roll motion during a turn, and will adjust for it automatically by activating the brake and the throttle.

Keep Everyone Comfortable and Entertained

Lincolns have always been famous for giving everybody in the vehicle an exceedingly generous amount of space, but todayís SUVs can transport between 7-8 people and keep them entertained as well as comfortable. With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, youíll be able to effortlessly stay connected to your phone so as to use it for navigating, keeping in touch, and listening to music.

The interface was designed so that itís easy to use, and can be done safely while driving. When youíre taking friends or family on a long voyage, theyíll be so comfortable and occupied during the drive that theyíll be disappointed when itís finally over.

Lincoln could build an exact replica of the vehicles they made decades ago and people today would still be excited! But the automakerís ability to evolve with the times, combining their historic approach to luxury with todayís modern features, puts Lincoln atop the industry.