How IT Influences Medical World

IT Influences Medical

Artificial intelligence has brought together programmers, machine learning specialists, mathematicians, scientists, and doctors who write algorithms in the digital medicine market. They adopt knowledge from each other and create new products for diagnosing and treating ailments.

Information technologies in medicine and health care help to solve the following tasks:

  • keep records of clinic patients;
  • monitor their condition remotely;
  • save and transmit the results of diagnostic examinations;
  • control the correctness of the prescribed treatment;
  • conduct distance learning;
  • provide advice to inexperienced employees.

Information technology in medicine makes it possible to conduct high-quality monitoring of the condition of patients. Maintaining electronic medical records reduces clinic staff’s time in preparing various forms. All information about the patient is presented in one document available to the institution’s medical staff. All data on examinations and results of procedures are also entered directly into the electronic medical record. This makes it possible for other specialists to assess the quality of the prescribed treatment to detect inaccuracies in the diagnosis.

The use of IT in medicine allows doctors to conduct online consultations at any convenient time. This increases the availability of medical services. People can get a qualified help from experienced doctors remotely. This is especially helpful  for people:

  • living in geographically remote areas;
  • with disabilities;
  • caught in an emergency;
  • which are in a confined space.

Thus, patients or doctors do not need to travel long distances to receive a consultation. With the help of modern information technologies, the doctor can assess the patient’s condition, examine him, and get acquainted with all the results of his examinations.

Such consultations are necessary not only for patients with physiological problems. Conversations also allow people who need psychiatric or psychological help. Audiovisual communication allows the doctor to establish contact with the patient and provide him with the necessary support.

Habits rule our lives. A habit is a routine; an action repeated every day. Most people do this without even thinking or only partially realizing what they are doing.

Some habits, such as drinking, can be detrimental to health. Others, such as procrastination, have a negative impact on work and career.

In this case, it is very important to regain control. This can be difficult because some habits are so ingrained in our minds that we take action without thinking. Fortunately, today there are many applications designed to help you track and fight bad habits. 

IT technologies in these applications generally allow leading a healthy lifestyle:

  • Habitica (Android, iOS)

Habitica is very creative about maintaining good habits. RPG video games inspire the app. Each task you complete will level up your individual avatar, giving you an extra boost. The app’s unique video game-style design makes tracking your habits and goals a fun experience.

  • Momentum Habit Tracker (iOS)

This app has several great features that make it perfect for tracking habits and routines. One of the most exciting features is that with Momentum, you can import your data into an Excel document, allowing you to view your progress across platforms. Plus, you can set weekly goals and take notes, making it easy to keep track of your habits.

The easiest and most accurate diet tracking and food selection. Users can maintain, gain or lose weight based on personal nutrition recommendations. Based on users` body measurements and the results of comprehensive scientific studies (e.g., of the World Health Organization / WHO), the app EinkaufsCHECK acts as customers’ everyday nutritionist and calculates personal nutrition recommendations. Users can choose specific diets, track food and calorie intake, order the set of recommended products, personalize suitable food recipes, and filter and sort their lists.

  • StickK (Android, iOS)

Behavioral economists developed StickK at the prestigious Yale University. When registering, you enter into an agreement with the application with the obligation to achieve your goal. You can even bet on yourself. You can have a friend or family member check your honesty. This will help ensure you are on the way to your goal.

  • Balanced (Android, iOS)

Balanced is designed to track your sleep patterns, exercise, and sitting time and encourage you to create healthy habits. Unlike other apps, Balanced focuses on healthy habits and only on three aspects of a healthy lifestyle.
If you got inspired and want to create your own healthcare app – a custom mobile application development company should provide you with the team members you lack, covering the skill gaps and hiring the entire team for you and with you.