How Instagram Can Help You Reach a Larger Audience


Instagram is rapidly developing into the most influential social network around. Its influence not only comes from its ability for friends and family to connect with each other but also from giving its users the opportunity to spread their message to many other users all around the world. This is proving to be an incredibly useful tool for millions of people involved in countless different areas of life, such as entertainers, sportspeople, politicians, media outlets and businesses. All of these have seen the potential Instagram has to quickly get your message out there and share it with millions of users around the world. This has developed in response to demand, as millions of people have already signed up to Instagram and are already using it to search for information and content related to their interests. As such, anyone looking to gather up a large following on the Internet, for whatever purpose it may be, should be looking at Instagram as a means of doing just that.


What are the benefits of Instagram?

There are many reasons why Instagram is proving to be a popular site for people to engage with others on it. The two main areas to be aware of are how the app works and the number of people that are involved with it.

Instagram’s ease of use

Instagram is a hugely attractive app for users as it is a far simpler version of social media in comparison to its rivals. While Twitter and Facebook are mostly focused on written messages, Instagram offers a fresher take on social media where it gives its users the possibility to focus on images and let them do the talking. Images are a far quicker way of getting a message across and also a means of communicating which speak to people on a level that does not need language to be understood. This is a point which should not be dismissed given the global reach of Instagram and the knowledge that its users come from all across the globe and English is not always going to be their first language. Instagram also offers features, such as Instagram Stories, which cause an urgency among users to get a look at as they know they will only have a short time to view it. There is also a social aspect to Instagram as people can communicate with each other at ease and there is the possibility to leave comments under other people’s content, something which can help build relationships with other users and make lasting connections with people who have a common interest, even though they may be on the other side of the world.

The number of people using Instagram

Another big selling point for Instagram is the fact that it offers users a massive potential audience for the content that they will upload to it. In all, it is estimated that around a billion Instagram users are active every month and around 500 million are active on a daily basis. Furthermore, of these users, 350 million of them will check out Instagram several times over the course of a day. These numbers mean there are an awful lot of people out there regularly engaging with Instagram users in some shape or form. If you are one of the many Instagram profiles who uses the social network as a means to promote yourself, for whatever purpose that may be, just think of how many potential followers you could have compared to how many you have at this moment, With the right kind of approach, it is certainly possible to get more people on board and increase your popularity and, thus, increase the reach of your message.

Websites that can help you take your account to a bigger stage

If you are looking to get more people to interact with your Instagram account and to get more engagement from fellow Instagram users then it is worth your time reading up on what websites such as have to offer budding Instagrammers and how they can help you fulfil your potential. Instagram places an enormous amount of importance on interaction with other Instagram users and therefore it is something that is essential for any Instagram profile that is looking to grow, whether it be a personal one, an entertainment one or one for promoting your business. Being able to draw more attention your way and engaging them in relevant interaction is guaranteed to catch the attention of Instagram and will see your visibility on the social network expand.

What do these websites offer?

There are websites out there which offer Instagram users deals on paying for Instagram features. For example, you can pay them for a set number of likes to be added to your posts, to have a number of real Instagram users as your followers or to get some more comments underneath your content. These three forms of interaction are all crucical for building the popularity of your profile and will also lead to more attention coming your way as the increased interaction makes your profile more visible to the entire social network.

How can these features help you?

By getting more likes, you can promote specific posts of yours and get them more attention as the more likes they get, the more Instagram will promote them. Similarly, if you get more comments for your content, you can use these to give the world more information regarding the post and, thus, draw people in even further. Having more followers means you have more people who take part in all the areas of Instagram activity: views, likes, comments. All these contribute to increasing the engagement statistics of your profile and, in turn, your overall popularity on Instagram as a whole. Once you are more visible, more people will come along and the natural growth will continue to help you expand.

Image Credits: Instagram from Stanislaw Mikulski/Shutterstock