How Do US Online Slot Sites Compare to Their Vegas Counter Parts?

Online Slot Sites

Slots are the most popular form of gambling by far. From classics One Arm Bandits to modern progressive jackpots; most people visit casinos to play slots.

Whether you play slots in a land-based casino or online, modern-day slots follow a common basic idea – place wagers and press buttons that activate a set of reels. The final lineup of the reels determines the payout. 

Land-based Vs. Online Slots

Traditional slot machines can be found in bars, hotels, casinos, or any other public joint that holds a license to operate gambling machines. Slot machines are still one of the most popular gaming machines in brick-and-mortar casinos. 

On the other hand, online slots work the same way as the physical slot machine, only that you can play the former at the comfort of your home. The other major difference is that instead of using coins to play, your deposit funds into your online slots site. 

It might seem like land-based slots and online slots are on a level playing field, but that is not entirely true – one is better than the other. This article highlights the differences between land-based and online slots in the United States. 


Even without the ambiance, online slot sites are more convenient. With this alternative, you can play slot games at any time and from anywhere. You will not need to dress up and travel to a brick-and-mortar casino. You just log in to your preferred online casino site and play whenever you are ready. 

With online slots, you get to save time. You won’t have to travel to a bar or casino miles away to play one or two games. When playing a slot machine in a land-based casino, you will be more likely to spend more time on that machine. 

Spending more time on a slot machine might also mean spending more money. You can keep this under control by sticking to online slot sites. The best slot sites in the USA reviewed here will allow you to play several quick games and within your budget. 


As humans, gamblers are drawn to catchy jingles and bright lights, which is why Land-based casinos will always look glamorous and attractive. When playing slots at a casino in Vegas, you get such an atmosphere.

The ambiance of peers enjoying drinks, the realness of the machines, and the fanfare when the payline hits the jackpot is what renders land-based casinos more attractive. 

Online slot sites do not offer the same atmosphere. You will not get to experience the social aspect of Vegas casinos when playing slots at home. Even though online slot sites will not bring the ambiance, the technology employed by online slot sites enhance sounds and graphics, making the online experience worthwhile. 


Regardless of the version you decide to play, both land-based and online slots offer a wide variety of games. However, the variety offered by land-based slots will depend on where you are playing from. If you are playing from a local bar, you will only have a few slot machines, but you will have more options if you are in a Vegas casino. 

The only problem with casino slot machines is that you might have to wait when machines are in use by other players. Online slot players are not subjected to wait time, and they can play any slot game at any time. With this option, it does not matter how many other players are playing a specific slot game – you can always play it. 

Price Point

Another upside to online slots is that players can set their own price points. You will have multiple stakes to pick from. With such convenience, it becomes easier for players to work with tight budgets. 

In land-based casinos, players can bet up to $100 every twenty seconds. While this is also possible online, it is better to set lower stake values to avoid overspending. 

Free Money

Most online casinos in the United States offer welcome deposit bonuses to new players. Some of these bonuses are huge enough to double your account balance. Others will offer no deposit sign-up bonuses. However, you must familiarize yourself with the welcome bonus’s wagering requirements before playing your online slots. 

Free Play

You cannot walk into a Vegas casino and request to play slot machines for free. This is, however, possible at online slot sites, where players are allowed to play demo slot games from a huge range of software developers.

New and experienced players can use these demo versions to sharpen their skills and learn the paylines before wagering real money. Players who are in it for fun find the demo version attractive. 


Which one pays more – land-based or online slots? Well, the odds and payout rates are similar. Some people think brick-and-mortar casinos offer loose slots -which means that the payout rate could be over 100 percent. But this is not true as payouts from Vegas casinos are between 90 and 95 percent. 

The same applies to online slot machines, but the payout percentage can be as high as 99 at times. It is worth noting that US casinos must display the return to player percentages and winning odds of each slot machine as per gambling regulation requirements. 

The return-to-player percentage represents an average arrived at after multiple games but not every time that a game is played. Both offline and online slot machines use Random Number Generator Systems to make it fair for all players. The RNG will not remember the last game, and so your odds of winning will remain constant, and it will not be affected by the previous game. You will not win just because you lost in the previous five games. 

Final Verdict

You are probably wondering, which is better? This question is like asking whether someone prefers tea or coffee – it will depend on your personal taste. However, if we were to render a verdict, online slots will take the edge because they are more convenient, there is absolutely no faff, and you can play at the comfort of your home.