How Do Private Investigators Find People Who Don’t Want To Be Found?

Private Investigators

It’s not easy to track a person who doesn’t want to be found.

Fortunately, the services of a private investigator, also referred to as a tracing agent, can be of great help for those hoping to track a person of interest.

For instance, Sydney private investigators use various methods to find people, which we will discuss in this article. Professional PIs, due to their years of experience, have access to private and public databases that they use to make their search quick and efficient.

Want to learn why a tracing agent is your best bet for tracking a missing person? Read on.

Why Hire a Private Investigator to Track a Person

Tracing agents have the experience and training to conduct a thorough investigation that can help track an individual. Most PIs also have military, intelligence, or police background, making them ideal for this type of job.

Other tools that make tracing agents the best for finding individuals include:

·         Access to modern tools and technology

·         Access to private and public data and record files

·         They invest in research to know the history and behavior of an individual

·         They are trained and experienced in surveillance and tracking

What Methods Do Private Investigators Use to Find People?

1. Internet

The internet has made it easier for PIs to access information. Some of the internet sources of information for tracing agents include:

Social media

Social media contains loads of information that PIs use to find a missing person’s online activities, friends list and location. Even when provided with only a name, the tracing agent can use this to find more cues about the person’s whereabouts with the help of social media.

Search engines

A PI can find bits of information left by a person who has been online recently. For instance, if the person of interest signed up for a membership on a website, bought something online or commented on an online forum, they’re likely to leave valuable cues that can be used to track them.

2.      Public and Private Databases

Even with access to the internet, it can be frustrating and time consuming for an ordinary person to track someone down. They’re also likely to be faced with lack of information and dead ends.

However, tracing agents have access to private and public databases that they can use to find a missing person. For instance, a PI can do a thorough background check of the person of interest with the help of online private records that aren’t accessible to the public.

3.      Court Records

PIs have the training and skill to thoroughly search through court records and find cues that can reveal the location of a person of interest.

4.      Vehicle Registrations

Private investigators have tools that can scan through millions of vehicle registration records. This helps find vital information about the type of vehicle the person drives plus the possible location of the person.

5.      Aliases

Most people who don’t want to be found will usually change their names. However, tracing agents can use different tools to uncover a person’s AKAs or aliases.

6.      Physical Addresses

PIs can get the physical addresses of people who don’t want to be found. Even when a person uses a mail forwarding service, a tracing agent can still use various techniques to get the correct address of the missing person.

Some people will also use synthetic identities to hide their physical addresses. PIs can use their skills to uncover the real identity and location of such persons.

7.      Digital Forensics

Tracing agents can conduct forensics on technological devices such as PCs and mobile phones to access crucial information that can help them in their search. Forensics on such devices can also help recover deleted information that can help with the investigation.

8.      Surveillance

One of the techniques tracing agents use to conduct investigations is surveillance.

When it comes to tracking a person, PIs can use electronic surveillance to track the person’s phone, email, fax, or online communications


Tracing agents possess the right knowledge, skills, and tools to find people of interest. If you’re looking to hire a PI to find a person of interest, it’s important to find a licensed one who has experience tracking missing persons.