How Do Florists Keep Flowers Fresh


Flowers are such a delight to our senses. They are usually gifted to people on different occasions. They come in handy on occasions such as valentines, during a wedding or even a funeral. Flowers are highly perishable but can last a little longer when well maintained. Florists have come up with tips to maintain them fresh and provide you with quality while helping you make memories.

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Wondering how your favorite florist manages to keep them fresh before you can buy them? We have compiled a list of tips that will blow up your mind. We hope that you find this information useful because we want you to enjoy your flowers longer!

Tips for caring for flowers

Cutting the stem

Florist ensures that they cut the stems. This is done at an angle to ensure that the water intake will be sufficient for the flowers. It is important to note that one needs to cut the flowers one to two inches. This is done every couple of days to maintain the freshness of the flowers.


Florists usually prune the flowers before they immerse them into the water, especially the ones that are likely to touch the water. This helps in preventing bacterial growth. In the case of roses, pruning the outermost leaves helps it to bloom in a better way. It is important to also check for dead leaves as they can also attract bacterial rot, thus damaging the flowers.

Feeding flowers

Every florist has a secret mixture of flower food that they use on flowers. Flower food should contain sugar, acid, and antibacterial products for the nourishment of flowers. The sugar nourishes the flowers while the acid helps in balancing the pH level to avoid wilting and enhance water retention. Florists can use spirit or bleach to acquire the antibacterial effect and lemons for acid.

Refrigerating flowers.

A great florist understands the need to have a fridge in their shop. Refrigerating flowers is paramount to ensuring that they retain their freshness. Florists usually place their floral inventories in temperatures between 36-46 degrees; this also applies to when the flowers are being transported in trucks.

Maintaining cleanliness

Florists understand the need to keep bacteria away from their flowers. This is done by maintaining cleanliness in the work environment, which includes the tools they use, such as buckets, scissors, shears, and even knives. Florists maintain cleanliness by washing their equipment using warm water and soap.

Replacing water to keep the flowers fresh.

The most important thing is to ensure that flowers do not stay in the same water for long periods. Florists empty their buckets and refill them as often to avoid bacterial growth.

Avoiding direct sunlight, heat, and fruits?

This might sound obvious, but very important. Florists do not display flowers against direct sunlight to avoid wilting. Heat is also a good source for promoting wilting, which is why flowers are stored in lower temperatures away from appliances that generate heat. Fruits also release ethylene gas, which affects how long your flowers stay fresh.

Choosing the right container

A container can determine the longevity of your flowers. Florists are able to identify the right containers to keep flowers fresh for longer. The vase should not be too narrow as this can squash the flower stems. A wide vase would not give your flower arrangement a good shape.

Using the right tools for cutting

This is very important; one should use a non-serrated knife in place of scissors while cutting on the stem. Also, ensure that you cut the flowers at an angle of 45 degrees. This ensures that air does not permeate into the stem, causing them to age.


Flowers are delicate and need to be packed properly. The florist understands this need and prioritizes getting the best product to their clients. Florists usually transport flowers in buckets that have the appropriate size for the flower stems. This should provide sufficient support to the flowers without crushing the blooms.

They also use crates or large boxes, and packing material is added to ensure the vase is held in place during transportation.

Containers used for transportation need to be clean to avoid residues making the water dirty, which in turn affects the lifespan of your flowers.

Refrigerated transport

Florists use refrigerated trucks to transport flowers to their destination. A good refrigerated vehicle should be insulated with polyurethane foam between its walls and fiberglass and finishing of polyurea spray coating. The vehicle should be installed with proper racks, lighting, and customized to meet the needs of the flowers to be transported.

Avoiding light

Light is a great contributor to flowers maturing and opening up; florists need to keep them away from light until they are ready to sell them. This will also help clients enjoy watching their flowers bloom.

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