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Having the ability to keep track of the whereabouts of loved ones and family members can serve as a boon to some people. We all wish to remain connected with our close ones and conveniently know their location in case of any sudden needs or emergencies that may sprout up. Change GPS location for any LBS apps on Android with iToolab AnyGo – Location Changer and also if you want to change location on iphone.

A GPS based app like Life360 on your Android or iOS device serves as the perfect tool for the job. It allows you to stay connected to family members on the go, you can know if any of them have frequently visited your regular spots and you can also navigate your way to a nearby family or friend on your app by simply tapping their photo, without even having to use a virtual address.

Even so, if you’re wondering if there’s any way you can avoid being detected or tracked by Life360, you’re in luck. Whatever may be your reason, you can easily trick Life360 using a GPS spoofer on your smartphone or iOS device. In this article we shall explore the various options you can consider.

Part 1: Why Should You Trick Your Location on Life360

Having your location tracked and monitored by an app 24/7 could feel like a breach on your freedom to move about. Learning how to spoof Life360 is an invaluable way to enjoy your freedom without having to take on too many technical adjustments on your device.

Before moving on to the steps on how to spoof Life360, let’s explore some other relevant information related to the app;

1.1. Reasons to Trick Location on Life360

It is customary for concerned parents to want to know the whereabouts of their children. Life360 has grown quite popular, putting worried parents at ease. On the other hand, private organizations can also use the app to keep track of personnel on the field, in risky areas. The app is meant to function as a group location sharing app with distinctive features to notify members under different circumstances – like ‘Place Alert’, ‘Help Alert’ or ‘Check-in’ functions.

The Life360 app despite its group-utility has certain privacy related concerns among certain users;

  • Privacy Concerns: It could give certain users a feeling of uneasiness in being monitored around the clock. Misuse of the app by over-concerned family members could discourage young users, like teenagers from using the app.
  • Freedom of Movement: Workplace monitoring could end up weighing heavy over the privacy of employees. Individuals working for an organization may feel like their movements are being watched, which is of course not a very comforting feeling.
  • Unregulated Monitoring: Personal privacy may take a back seat among married couples. An insecure spouse may monitor the movements of another using the app, which eventually could create a lack of independent life among couples.

As a virtual user and as an individual, it is your right to keep your whereabouts private. Though this right does not delegitimize the app, there are ways you can avoid its gaze by simply spoofing your location. You can trick the app into thinking that you’re in a different location virtually so that you’re movement can remain independent of any monitoring from family, work or friends.

1.2. What Is the Difference between Spoof Life360 & Stop Life360

There are several ways you can choose to avoid being tracked by the Life360 app but primarily they fall under two different types of activities – to spoof life360 and to stop Life360.

The difference between these two methods is very simple, the first one involves tricking the app into thinking that you’re in a different location than the one you are actually at, the second involves deactivating or turning off the app entirely.

Spoofing an app would include steps like using a VPN or a fake GPS to work as a proxy to your location which you can modify according to your will. Although, the steps might be simple to follow, which you will get to know as you read on, but it still involves a bit of a hassle for those who don’t wish to go the extra mile.

For those who do not have a problem with their parents finding out that they are off the grid or are willing to defend their need for privacy from their friends or workmates, can simply turn off the app!

That’s correct! Life360 is essentially an opt-in app and does not run as a system operation app which you can’t choose to turn off (without taking on some degrees of system failure on your device). Stopping the Life360 app is as easy as deactivating it or even uninstalling it.

Turning the app off won’t hide your location but rather it will send in an ‘alert flag’ to the owner of your group that you are currently offline. Your location on the GPS map will be shown as the last place you were at, before deactivating Life360. This flag will disappear from your location once you are back online.

You can keep others from following your whereabouts by using Airplane mode, switching off the app or uninstalling it all the same.

Part 2: How Can You Fake Your Location on Life360 for iOS

It’s quite common for users, especially teenagers to want to be able to hide their activity without their parents knowing about it. The best method you can follow is by faking your GPS location. Faking your location or using an app to spoof your coordinates is quite easy but the trick to being successful at spoofing on your iOS device is to find a reliable app that does its job well.

2.1. iMyFone AnyTo

iMyFone AnyTo is a very reliable tool that you can trust blindly when you’re spoofing on your iPhone or iPad. This software does not let you get detected by third party apps which works as an assurance that you won’t get caught spoofing on Life360 or any other social or GPS based platform.

With iMyFone you can, not only trick Life360 but also customize the pace and direction of your GPS movements. You can triangulate your GPS coordinates over your choice of route and so much more. iMyFone is designed to be an ambitious spoofing application over all AR, social media, GPS based programs that keeps your actual coordinates safe and your privacy secure.

Other than this, its uniqueness is derived from its usability and geo-specific services that give it an edge over other GPS app.


  • Change your GPS location to anywhere in the world instantly on all iOS devices, even the latest iPhone 12.
  • You can create your own GPS movements that will be simulated according to your own specifications. AnyTo is equipped with an iOS Location Changer that can be utilized to plan the route on which you want your GPS to be seen travelling on.
  • You, the user, will have full control over the movement and location of your GPS marker, letting you pause or change your movement as and when you desire.
  • There are 3 different appearances available include Light, Dark and 3D map for meeting your different daily needs.
  • AnyTo allows you to save your favorite locations as a bookmark and you can navigate to them instantly with only 1 click.
  • The app has been designed to be user oriented without any hint of lag or delay when activated.

Step by Step Tutorial:

Follow these three easy steps to begin spoofing with iMyFone AnyTo.

Step 1: Launch iMyFone AnyTo

Once you have installed the program on your PC or laptop, launch the program and click on “Get Started”.

You can connect you iOS device via USB to your computer. You will be asked if you ‘trust this device’ and required to enter a passcode to continue.

Once the program has been successfully launched it will begin to load the GPS map.

Step 2: Select A Destination on the Map

Now, you can centre the location by clicking on the ”Teleport” button which is the third one on the upper right hand corner. You easily zoom in or zoom out from a location on the map in order to adjust the accuracy of your location manually.

You can also simply type in the address or GPS coordinates and teleport to any location.

Step 3: Change GPS Location with 1 Click

Once you have selected a location, the details to that location will pop up on the screen. These details would include – place name, coordinates and distance to cover.

On clicking “Move” in the program, your GPS would be teleported to your desired coordinates.

The program can be used over all location based applications on iOS. Right now, you have already stopped Life360 from tracking your location without notifying parents and friends successfully.

Reviews of iMyFone AnyTo:

  • iMyFone has been my spoofing companion when playing games or in tricking social media apps. It gives users the ability to set their own route and replicate movements at different speeds, which is an awesome and useful feature to have.”
  • I was using another app before a friend recommended iMyFone and I’ve been using it ever since. It really doesn’t give you any reason to switch to another app or download VPN. I am able pause my progress for when I’m not in the mood or take a break without worrying that my progress may get lost. I love the History feature as I don’t have to remember my locations by heart.”

2.2. iTools Virtual Location

The iTool Virtual location app has been programmed keeping in mind the specific needs of your iOS devices. It has dedicated features that work perfectly with your iPhone, iPad or iOS PC. The app functions well on both your smartphone and PC, and has several features that resonate with the best GPS based apps in the market today.

With the iTool Virtual Location you can successfully spoof your GPS location on iOS 12 or lower. The app can back up all your iPhone/iPad data and restore them easily whenever you require. You can create ringtones out of your favorite songs instead opting for default ringtones.


  • Fake your GPS location on your iPhone or iPad with complete ease.
  • Can be supported on iOS 12 and lower.


  • The program has been reported to not be supported by anti-virus programs.
  • Requires Apple iTunes in order to be installed on your PC.
  • Does not support Android devices.
  • Is a premium software hence it can be rather expensive.

Steps by Step on how to setup iTools:

Step 1: Purchase iTools for Mac or for PC, launch the driver’s package and then follow the steps in order to install iTools.

Step 2: Launch iTools and then click on “Virtual Location” under the toolbox bar.

Step 3: Enter in the GPS location in the search tab and then click on “Go”

Step 4: The location you entered will be displayed on the map. Now, click on “Move Here”.

2.3. iBackupBot

The iBackupBot is a third party program that allows the user make changes to their backed up files. This means that when you install iBackupBot on your iphone, ipad and iOS devices and then click on “Back Up”, your device settings and files are automatically backed up and can be restored on demand.

For example, you can restore the settings of your previous iOS device to the new one you just bought while also transferring crucial files and data. It is essentially a Backup manager for your iPhone, iPad or iPod that comes along with several interesting features.

On using iBackupBot, you would be able to control your iOS device from a full sized screen on your Mac or PC as well. It backs up and stores every inch of important data including history, crucial mail, favorite contacts, widget settings and so much more.


  • Lets the user browse and search through all backup files and find the one they require.
  • You will be able to view, edit as well as export all types of files from your iOS device to your Mac or PC.
  • You can conveniently browse and export any type of virtual media file like photos, audio clips, and multimedia SMS with its built in Media Browser.
  • You can use it to edit your PC address books.
  • A good alternative in backing up iTunes on your computer.


  • It does not have the ability to transfer intra-data between iOS devices.
  • It shows an error when trying to restore password encrypted backup.
  • Does not have a friendly interface for text description.

Step by Step Tutorial:

Here are the steps you can follow to spoof using your iPhone backup location with iBackupBot;

Step 1: Launch iTunes after connecting your iPhone or iOS device to your computer via USB.

Step 2:Now click on the iPhone icon to access more options. Ensure that the “Encrypt Phone” box is unchecked and then click on “Backup Now”.

Step 3: Complete download and installation of iBackupBot.

Step 4: After backing up your data, close the iTunes window and launch the iBackupBot program on which you will see that all files have already been backed up.

Step 5: Follow these instructions to view the Apple Maps’ plist file.

a.System Files >HomeDomain> Library > Preferences

b.User App Files >com.apple.Maps> Library > Preferences

Step 6: Insert thefollowing under a data block titled “.dict”.

Step 7: Save progress and exit from iBackupBot and then disable “”Find My iPhone” feature from your device settings.

Settings > Your Apple ID >iCloud> Find My Phone

Step 8: Return to iTunes and click on “Restore Backup”.

Step 9: Using Apple Maps, navigate to the location of your choice in order to teleport your GPS there.

2.4. GFaker

It is often said that the best solution is a simple one and that is exactly what the GFaker device intends to be. The only application on this list that does not involve complex steps that you would need to follow meticulously. There is absolutely no need to “Jailbreak” your iOS device in order to change your location with GFaker.

It is an easy to install, easy to use device which is compatible with all iOS versions from iOS 9 to iOS 14. All you are required to do, to use GFaker is to just plug it in your device and it will take care of the rest.


  • The device’s small size makes it perfectly portable and can be carried anywhere in your pocket. You can choose to use it wherever and whenever you like.
  • Since the device does not require you to Jailbreak your device, you can be sure that there are no risks to your data. The device has also been manufactured with Apple certified chips making it recognizable to iOS devices.
  • You would just need to follow two very simple steps to change your location – just select the place you want to be located and click ‘Move’. It’s that easy!
  • It is designed for a one time installation and then you can use it to simulate your location without any restrictions imposed by Apple.


  • Involves purchasing and plugging in a separate device to spoof.
  • Could involve Jailbreaking your device at least once.

Steps by Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Download and Open the GFaker control app.

Step 2: Connect the GFaker external device to your iPhone.

Step 3: After the lock button turns blue, it means the device has been recognized by your iPhone.

Step 4: Search the name of the location you wish to change to on your GFaker app. Click on “lock location”.

Step 5: You can confirm the change in your location by referring to your GPS map.

2.5 Comparison of the 4 iOS Location Changers Mentioned Above

NameFeaturesTechnical SupportOS
iMyFone AnyToInstantly Change GPS Location; Modify GPS movements; iOS Location Changer used to route your device; Cannot be detected by GPS scanners.Gives you all round security over your private information; Support team available in case of technical issues; Replies in 48hours.iOS 14 and below
iToolsEfficient in backing up data from all iOS devices; Creates a mirror screen of your Smartphone on PC or Mac; Transfer all virtual media easily.iTools support team available for troubleshooting; Personnel replies in 24 hours.iOS 14 and below
iBackupBotEasily Manage Backup files at will. View and Edit all types of backup files. Use it to change your PC address book.Independent firmware – onsite FAQ.  iOS 12 and 13
GFaker2 Step process to start changing location. Simulate your location without any restrictions.Physical device – onsite support.Supported on all devices.

Part 3: How Can You Fake Your Location on Life360 for Android

Here are some Android apps that can help you learn how to spoof Life360 on Android device. Check out the list.

Note: To use any of the following app, you need to enable the Developer Option and set the particular app as mock location app. You can do this by “Settings” > About Phone” > “Build No.” > tap on it 7 times. The Developer Options will turned on.

Now head to Developer Options and choose “Select mock location app”. Here, from the list, select the app you have installed on your phone.

3.1 Fake GPS Location

With the Mock GPS app you will be able to easily access any type of AI application that functions in the background of your smartphone, without hindering normal system protocols.

Mock GPS apps are constantly updated, in order to remove any malware which ensures further security for you device. Faking your location is a risky business but using a trust worthy app can take you along away.

Using Fake GPS Go gives you the tools to accurately change your location with speed and ease. This application comes included with its own joystick that enables the user to route your movements over the map in any direction. You can also have pre-routed movement functioning on auto-pilot. 

Setting up a GPS joystick can be made more concrete if you’re operating it while a VPN is functioning in the background.


  • You do not need rooting when using a Fake GPS.
  • It is freely available on Playstore.
  • On board Joystick that allows to move in any direction.


  • May contain in app ads.
  • Runs a risk of being detected if not used with a VPN.

Step by Step Tutorial:

Step 1: The app can be downloaded on all android devices from the Google Play store. Search for Fake GPS Location by Lexa and install. After completing installation you will need to set it as mock location app just like we mentioned above.

Step 2: Now you begin spoofing by entering the name of the generic location you wish to teleport to. Just launch the app.

Step 3: Search for the location you want.

Step 4: Click on the green colored Play button to teleport here.

3.2 Fake GPS

This mock GPS app is relatively free but comes with some useful bonus attributes in its premium version. Using this app you can conveniently change your location on your android device with more flexibility.

With the inbuilt joystick support you can conveniently move your GPS pointer in any direction you please, while ‘Route Mode’ can be used to determine your various alternative paths. With the help of a background protocol you can also save your progress as history. You will have the liberty to determine your progress and save your favorites.

The app also studies your habituation and comes up with a list of places you might be interested in, from your past routes. Fake GPS also comes included with its own GPX file importer. Compatible with the latest Android versions and GPS based applications.

The only hassle you have would be the in-app ads popping up while the app is open.


  • Changes your Android GPS location instantly with a search button.
  • On board Joystick allows 360 degrees movement.
  • History feature saves your favorite go to coordinates.
  • Compatible with any type of Android app.
  • Has both free and premium versions available.


  • Lacks good customer support.
  • Third party apps sometimes require external app support.

Step by Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Download the application on your Android device.

Step 2: Type in your desired coordinates in the search bar.

Step 3: Tap on the teleport button and get instantly teleported to any location.

Step 4: In order to route your device click on the ‘route’ button on the upper left.

Step 5: You can use the ‘generate route’ option or ‘load route’ to access previous routes.

Step 6: Tap on “Past” to initiate route.

3.3 Hola

This next app on our list has grown increasingly popular among users as it carries a free VPN and other unique services that helps free your apps from stringent limitations. It broadens your bandwidth by connecting you to a different set of online servers around the world.

This app is quite easy going, as far as usability is concerned. Since it has an on board GPS, it’s pretty much about installing the app and then using it.


  • Works as a secure location changer for android devices.
  • Has an on board VPN that connects you to different servers globally.
  • The tools in the app is completely free of charge.


  • Comes included with in app ads.
  • Third party apps tend to have glitches.

Step by Step Tutorial of use:

Step 1: Disable the location accuracy of your Android device from the ‘Android Location Setting’ in order to make it dependent on GPS only.

Step 2: Search the location from the search bar on the top or select the location from the suggestions then click on ‘Go’.

Step 3: You can either chose to keep your previous location active or chose to deactivate it by clicking ‘Stop’.

Step 4: You can move your hola pointer over the map by moving the map on the screen. This does not mean you will be able to move on a route, but just that your pointer would be teleported manually.

Step 5: You can seek in-app support from the FAQs in the option.

3.4 Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer

Even though it has the word ‘Fake’ in its name, this mock GPS lives up to its name authentically. The Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer can be used to change your location on all Android devices with complete ease.

The app is perfectly suitable for a variety of uses including spoofing on GPS based apps and faking your true location on social platforms. Thousands of users can have fun using this app and it can be downloaded absolutely for free. Like other fake GPS apps, this too has features like an on-board joystick and a history of your favorite locations. It also comes included with a couple of bonus features, for example setting up spots on your route where your GPS pointer would rest for a while, giving you a more authenticity when faking locations on a map.


  • Change your location at customizable speeds.
  • Instantly locate to your favorite spots using saved favorites.
  • Assures security while spoofing on other GPS based apps.
  • Premium version enables you to simulate fake journeys on the map.


  • Contains in app ads.

Step by Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Download and install the Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer on your Android device.

Step 2: Use the GPS marker to route your choice of simulation on the map.

Step 3: TheRoute details will be made available in Speed, Duration and Distance.

Step 4: Save your favorite Locations in the Favorites by clicking on the ‘Blue Heart’.

Step 5: You can choose to activate repeat route or hold your location once the route has ended.

3.5 Comparison of the 4 Android Location Changers Mentioned Above

 Fake GPS LocationFake GPSFake GPS Location – HolaFake GPS Go Location Spoofer
AdvantageFunctions in the Background of your smartphone.  Instantly Change with Search button.  Simple to use location spoofer.  Full customizability to change your speed.  
JoystickHas its on-board Joystick for free movement.On board Joystick.Does not have Joystick feature.On board Joystick.
FavoritesHistory feature for saved locations.  History feature for saved locations.  No History Feature.History feature for saved locations.  
Free/PremiumAvailable for Free.  Has a free and premium version.  Available for FreeHas a free and premium version.  

Final Words

The list of different ways to fake, mock, simulate or coordinate your location continues to lengthen as there are new-improved applications and programs turning up online every year. Challenges like spoofing or faking your location on GPS based social apps like Life360 now have more options you can opt for, hence widening all possibilities.  We now have tools that can break restrictions which otherwise felt impractical in the past years. It may not feel like rocket science but today when we want to do something simple like spoof Life360, we can instantly access a variety of choices. After careful comparison and cross referencing reviews, has formulated the above list of apps that are dedicated to make your spoofing attempts as easy as a pinch.