How Can Businesses Reduce Energy Costs?


The last thing a business should be doing is spending money on things it doesn’t need to. A big part of this is the utility bills. Companies can end up paying far much more than they need to, just because they’ve always had the same energy supplier. This should not be the case. A business shouldn’t always be focused on externally making a profit, they should be self-examining and see what they can in their own structure to help save themselves money.


Sustainable Energy

In this day and age a business is expected to make more than just a profit. It is expected to make a change to the planet. The pressure is on for offices across the country to go green and start thinking about their carbon footprint. It has been proven that using sustainable energy will save a business more money in the long run. Even though there is the initial cost of investing in renewable energy sources – such as solar panels for the roof or wind turbines outside – it will prove to be profitable. By embracing these environmentally-friendly technologies, a company can become self-sufficient and supply their own energy. Not to mention how low the energy bills will be each month.


Shop Smart

It’s not an option for every business to invest in renewable energy sources. So in the meantime, a great way a company can reduce energy costs is to shop smart online. With websites such as Utilitywise  a business can save money and time when it comes to paying the utilities. The company search the market for the best deals and ensure a business will pay the best deals for its bills. It saves a colleague the stress of paying the bills, and allows them more time to focus on work.


Employee Incentives

There is only so much one person can do when it comes to saving energy in the office. By getting your team involved, it can become a much more efficient process. There is a whole range of things you and the team can do. It can be a number of small things, such as: turning off the lights and screens at the end of the day, and checking energy monitors to see how much they’ve been using. To bigger projects like cycling to work or organising company car pools. Reward systems and prizes could be put in place for those who do the best on a monthly basis.