How are UK Casino Sites Regulated

Gamble in casino betting

Online casinos are incredibly popular with thousands of people who enjoy a bet or wage on their favourite game, and this has resulted in vast amounts of new online casino sites appearing on our pages on a daily basis.

Although choice is great for the consumer the sheer volume of new sites can prove rather daunting if you are new to the world of online casinos but luckily, there are some useful things you can check if you are considering an online casino to play at.

The UK Gambling Commission

The UK Gambling Commission provides gambling licenses to individuals and operators that run all gaming machines, arcades, betting, bingo, remote gambling (which is online and telephone gambling) casinos, lotteries and gambling software.

All the aforementioned are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission which sets out strict rules and regulations including a Code of Practice and all UK casino sites are subject to assessments to make sure that they are following out the UK Gambling Commission’s requirements.

If any operator or individual fails to follow these rules and regulations, then they will be subject to enforcement action against the licensees which makes gambling safer for the consumer.

 How The UK Gambling Commission Enforces its Rules and Regulations

Those license holders who are not compliant run the risk of regulatory action and those who are less than cooperative or not open with the UK Gambling Commission will find that they are subject to higher levels of regulatory intervention.

The UK Gambling Commission is well able to launch a criminal or regulatory investigation which may result in criminal charges or a regulatory sanction which would have a devastating effect on an uncooperative operator.

The UK Gambling Commission also works closely with other organizations like the HMRC, HM Treasury, sport’s governing bodies, industry trade association and local licensing authorities.

Carrying out a License Review

The UK Gambling Commission has the power to review the performance of any license holder if they have reason to suspect that they are in breach of their gambling license on any of the four points laid out below.

  • A review can be carried out if it is believed that the license holder or anyone else who is connected to gambling activities has been convicted of a relevant offence either in Great Britain or abroad.
  • The UK Gambling Commission will carry out a review if they for any reason believe that the license holder may be unsuitable to perform the licensed activities.
  • The UK Gambling Commission will carry out a review on any individual or operator if they suspect that a license condition may have been breached
  • Finally the UK Gambling Commission can carry out a review if they think that a review would be the appropriate thing to do.*

*An appropriate thing to do could simply mean that the license has been held for a long period of time.

The UK Gambling Commission is able to resolve consumer complaints against gambling operators if the operators own customer complaints procedures have failed. However, the UK Gambling Commission cannot help any individual get their money back from any bets, gaming machines or even rule on a disputed National Lottery prize.

Many jurisdictions throughout the world are not regulated so strictly as those that operate out of the UK and those that do have some type of Gambling Commission or Authority should be checked out to see that it works well.

Having to hold a current gambling license which can be revoked means that for the consumer those online casinos that show their license number (which is clickable to the Gambling Commissions page) adhere to the rules and regulations and are safe to play at, and that is something we all want.

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