How 5G Could Change Our App Usage


The rollout of 5G is very much underway as it starts to become widespread in countries around the world, the next generation of smartphone have already been geared up and prepared for the next step in mobile network too as do many current devices that we have – but 5G is more than just faster mobile internet, as the introduction may change the way many of us use apps entirely.

It?s important to gain perspective as the theoretical difference between the 4G network and the 5G network is bigger than some may think – this of course does all depend on the network hardware within the devices themselves as well as some other factors, but at it?s theoretical highest 4G will top out at 100 Mbps – around ten minutes to download a two hour movie. In comparison, 5G has a theoretical maximum of 10 Gbps – one hundred times faster than 4G, with the same two hour movie taking just four seconds to download. This change provides a large number of opportunities to app developers – the reliability of 4G connection within populated areas was always great, but there was still the possibility that you?d find a public connection that could match or perform better, that is seemingly unlikely with 5G however as the increased speed and increased connectivity set it apart from even many home connections.

Mobile usage is already at an all time high and usage shows no signs of slowing – streaming apps have been growing in popularity year on year as the bigger movie and TV apps such as Netflix have already shown growing strengths in performance, but also amongst other apps such as Twitch which are growing just as quickly alongside – this is one area that is likely to see an unprecedented increase as streamed digital media is quickly becoming a primary use in mobile devices for many. 

Mobile gaming is also up there as a primary use – the interest in mobile gaming has even grown quickly enough that there is a suggested 1% of the UK population that currently suffer from mobile gambling addiction – bans to credit card gambling and initiatives to restrict access have been rolled out in an effort to curb this growth but as many services such as ecopayz casino online, it?s clear that there are many ways for mobile gaming through online casinos and betting sites will only continue to increase as connectivity does alongside it.

The next step in mobile networking will be a long way away once 5G has rolled out globally and has been adopted by the mass market – but the opportunities that come with the increased speed, the increased capacity, and the increased connectivity will only now start to be fully realised – the always on connections that we currently have now have more room to move, and it?s incredibly likely that both applications and devices that rely on an constant internet connection will find huge benefit from this newer technology.