Why Hostinger is a Better Web Hosting Option


It is great to have a website that has a good web design, valuable content and great user interface, but none of that matters if you do not pick out a reliable hosting company for your site.

A good hosting is very important to the smooth and systematic running of your site. Even a little compromise on hosting aspect can harm both for your business image and earnings. As a result, your main focus should be on finding the strong and stable hosting partner that guarantees superior performance without breaking the bank.

If you are struggling to make a decision which hosting company should you go with then let me help you.

Today, I am going review Hostinger which has come under the spotlight for offering quality web hosting at very genuine price.

Let’s review it, and know whether it really worth to choose or not!



‘Expensive doesn’t always mean best’.

Therefore, you must dig deeper to learn what makes good value. When we compare the Hostinger’s pricing with the pricing of numerous leading hosting companies, we find that its plans are comparatively cheaper.

You can buy its single web hosting plan for $2.15/mo. Although it is a basic plan yet it gives you 10GB of disk space and 100GB of bandwidth limit along with various free of cost add-ons.

At such price, it is the best hosting plan for users looking to create a simple website for their small business. Its other two plans i.e. Premium and Business are very affordable as well. Its Premium plan costs $3.49 for a month whereas Business plan will run you a monthly bill of $7.95.

Premium is the most-selling plan as it best suits the needs of all kinds of users.


If you are new to the world of internet hosting, choosing a secure web hosting partner can be a pretty challenging job for you. However, with Hostinger you need not bother about the security of your site.

Hostinger comes with some advanced security features such as SSL certification, HTTP Packets, anti-malware protection, Anti-DDoS protection, etc.

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Speaking of features, I can say that the company has invested enough to deliver great hosting experience to the users. At such an affordable pricing scheme, the company provides premium features of hosting.

SSD Storage-

Like all major hosting provider, Hostinger uses SSD storage on its servers. Unlike old HDD storage, they are stable and deliver exceptionally fast performance. SSD storage drives can provide 4 times better speed than HDD and are less prone to damage and data loss.

Website Builder-

Website Builder is a very handy tool from Hostinger which allows users to develop a website of their choice simply by dragging and dropping.

Apart from this, Website Builder comes with thousands of free templates, which gives you the freedom to customize your website according to your needs.


A constant good uptime matters a lot as it defines the period of time your website is accessible to your users. Without an operational site, your users cannot enjoy the service you provide. So, make sure you invest a company that provides great uptime.

Along with affordable pricing and amazing features, Hostinger is renowned for its uptime as well. It claims to provide 99.9% Uptime for its all basic, premium and business plans.

For last many years, I have been using Hostinger for most of my sites. I never faced any major downtimes with Hostinger.

In short, I can say with Hostinger you can be assured that your website is up and running around the clock.

hostingCustomer/Technical Support

Sometimes overlooked, customer support is an important factor to be considered while choosing a reliable web host. A little downtime or technical issues can impact your earnings, so never compromise on it.

Speaking of Hostinger customer support, you can access their customer support using Online Ticketing System and Live Chat System.

While analyzing their support services, I found both of their customer supports are prompt and reliable.

On their Live Chat, you can expect a response from their representative between  1 to 2 minutes. The representative I interacted with seemed knowledgeable, proficient, helpful, and professional.

Although, Hostingers lacks phone support system yet their strong team around the globe assures a strong localized support 24/7.

no risk

Hostinger is a more than a decent option for people seeking to host their website at reasonable cost. If you compare its prices, features, and benefits with the leading companies in the industry, you can clearly see, it offers a lot of stuff at very affordable price.

From a single page site to a large e-commerce site you can host any of your sites on Hostinger.

Overall, Hostinger is good and worth using.