Hosting24 Review

Hosting24 Review

There are a plethora of hosting providers on the internet, and we strive our best to provide you with the review of best ones. Recently, we stumbled upon one of the best hosting service providers, Hosting24 which is not only small but also quite interesting. It has a modest but a great list of loyal clients. It does have plenty of visitors which helps itself to keep up and running. In this review of Hosting24, we will discuss its features, key characteristics, pricing and other aspects.

Hosting24 provides a great lineup of services which are made available to the users. It has shared web hosting for the users who donít need a lot of resources, and itís a good choice. When it comes to supercharge the hosting experience of the users, it has VPS or dedicated plans which can be purchased easily. It also provides Reseller hosting for people who already have their own list of clients, and then there is the option of purchase domain names using Hosting24.

One of the key features of Hosting24 is the multiple website builders it provides. It is the best choice for the users who have to build their first website. It is quite intuitive and easy to use and provides a lot of freedom through its wide range of website builders.

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Another major feature is the enhanced security offered by it. It has RAID disks along with automatic backups which make it sure that you donít lose any of your data. It has extra security against malware which provides you with the relief from hacking.


Hosting24 Packages

Hosting24 provides you with a selection of three great packages.

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  1. Single Ė It is a single-website plan which includes 10GB of disk space along with 100GB of bandwidth.
  2. Premium Ė It is a premium plan which offers an unlimited number of websites along with SSD disk space and much more.
  3. Business Ė It provides you everything which is offered in Premium plan along with free SSL certificate as well as daily backups.

There are quite a significant number of difference between the Single and the Premium plan. If you consider that you purchase 48 months of Premium plan, then it will cost $70 more than the same period which is offered for the Single Plan. It is quite difficult to recommend anyone unless low costs in your priority then go for Single Plan. The same reasoning goes for Premium vs Business. In case of the Business plan, you are getting free daily backups along with an SSL certificate for $260 extra (over 48 months). If you want to save money, then we recommend that you go for Premium Plan.

Pricing is quite good and quite genuine. It doesnít increase after the starting package of yours runs out. The promoted prices are quite good when you are buying for 12 months or more in case of advance which is certainly great, and it is better than other providers which ask you to pay for at least 3 years or more.

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Customer Service

Now letís look at the customer service provided by Hosting24. There is no doubt that customer service is an essential part of every good host. Dealing with the issues of the customers immediately when it arises and performing so in a friendly as well as professional manner is quite essential to keep clients happy. This keeps the clients stay loyal and also bring more people in. Hosting24 provides both Live Chat and Tickets customer service.


Ticket Service

The response time of ticket service is quite good. It is considered that anything resolved in under 3 hours is considered to be great. Hosting 24 provides support for 24 hours a day, and it has a quick response all around the clock. It takes merely 1 to 2 hours to receive an answer to your query. The answers are quite short, precise as well as straight to the point.


Chat Service

Live Chat service remains to be a key part of customer service, and when it comes to Hosting24, it is quite good. Live Chats are quicker as well as more personal than the ticket requests. Hosting24 has low wait time along with its agent having great knowledge. The agents are quite courteous and provide impressive service. They understand the queries of the user quite well and answer it with ease.

Another key thing that we like to mention is that Hosting24 is migrating to Hostinger Cloud

This switch is being made to the centralized cloud infrastructure which essentially means that the key focus is improving customer support. By means of migrating to Hostinger cloud, Hosting24 is able to identify the queries and technical issues of the users quicker than before as they are expected to be quite similar to those issues which are experienced by the Hostinger customers.

The move to Hostinger infrastructure is also to provide more scalability to the platform of Hosting24. By having all of the products working on one simple and unified platform, it will improve the reliability and performance of the Hosting24 which is based on the experience of scaling Hostinger and 000webhost. Transition to Hostinger cloud will provide Hosting24 users to receive more improved user experience. All the new users will be offered the chance to utilize the custom-built hPanel as an essential part of the upgraded UX. The old users will be provided with the access to completely revamped Members Area, and they will be able to use the cPanel to manage their websites.



Hosting24 has proven to be a great hosting service provider with its unique features and packages. It offers great options to the users along with the choices to pick the one which suits their requirements. The pricing structure is quite clear and doesnít have any hidden costs. The customer service is among the best in the market. Both Live Chats and Ticket customer services are above the industry standard and provide the answers to the users in a concise and clear manner with the lower wait time. Hosting24 is also migrating to Hostinger Cloud which is improve the customer service as well as better user experience. It will also provide more options to the users along with added features.