High Ping Issue : Why is My Ping so High

High Ping Issue Online Games In Windows 10 is faced when you lag with the games available online. It probably leads you to face high ping problem.

The High Ping issue is also called Latency issue, and it leads to several in-game problems. The user might experience in-game issues like Game Freezing, any of the online players disappearing/appearing, etc.

The problem of high ping in online games might occur even when the user has good internet speed. Therefore, fixing high ping during online games to operate a game without any slow pace or lag?

There are not just one or two typical ways to reduce ping in online games. Several factors affect the internet ping speed. It could be the internet connection, PC, game settings, or any other factors that could lead to a high-quality ping speed.

High Ping Issue Online Games

Ways To Improve Ping Speed In Online Games

To decrease/fix high ping in online games, below are given various techniques. You can try all the techniques according to the relevance, as a technique may be suitable for one user, then to the other.

#1 Using Ethernet Cable in place Of WiFi to Increase Ping Speed
It is helpful for almost every online gamer to use Ethernet Cable in place of WiFi to connect PC to the Internet. Therefore, if the user is using WiFi for internet, it might be the reason for a high ping speed.

#2 Bring PC And Router Closer
This step is only for WiFi users. Given is a not-so-pro tip, but just a generic And this may apply only to WiFi users. While using Ethernet cable to access the internet is not an option. Bringing PC and Router closer to each other will perfectly assure to lower ping speed. While using a laptop, it would not be a problem. But while using Desktops, the user might face challenges while doing so. Keep in mind that obstructions like walls and rooms in between PC and router could drastically enhance the game ping speed. Therefore try to keep all the above points in mind while repositioning PC and router.

High Ping Issue Online Games

#3 Close Programs and Close Websites Running in Computer’s Background
Closing down the websites which are open in the browser and the programs running in the background can actually help to decrease ping speed in online games. Running programs and websites do not only utilize processor resources, but some also utilize internet bandwidth while they are running.
You can close every running programs and browser that you do not need during online gaming. Non-essential programs run in the background, so you required to take care of them. User can go to the Task Manager and shut them off. Follow steps for this :

  • Step 1: Tap Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys altogether to open Task Manager.
  • Step 2: Go to the Processes tab to look for program names in the list of processes which are not necessary. Select unnecessary process one at a time and press the End Process option to close it down.
  • After closing the program, check on to the Performance tab of the Task Manager and check whether Memory consumption and CPU Usage are low. Following steps will fairly decrease ping speed in online games.

#4 Limit Number Of Devices Connected to WiFi
When more number of devices are connected to Router, like PCs, Mobile devices, or any other devices, then ping speed is going to increase. This applies even while connecting to the router via Ethernet cable. With increasing devices getting connected, the bandwidth distribution is going to increase, thus catering high ping speeds to your PC.

#5 Connect To Local Server for Online Games
It is a better idea to play online games on the local server. For example, the user is in the US and wish to play through a Europe based server, the time lag will come naturally, as the ping speed from Europe will be high as compared to the US.

#6 Stop Downloads on PC to Enhance Ping Speed in Online Games
It is no need to say that whether you are downloading on PC, it will definitely consume the internet bandwidth, if not the maximum, but most of it. In such a case, it is always obvious that the game ping speed will be much higher. Therefore, you should keep a check on downloads while playing an online game. Try to check some other connected devices while something is being uploaded or downloaded. If this is the scene, you will be required to stop that as well to improve ping speed in the online game.

#7 Check Internet Speed
The internet speed is one of the determining factors to control the ping speed for online games. Online games need high ping speed if the internet speed is slow. Thus the game will run laggy. When internet speed is slower than usual, you may contact the Internet Service Provider and complain about the same. Meanwhile, the user can try the tips to increase internet speed in Windows 10. You may upgrade the plan to get higher internet speed. Higher internet speed will ensure fix decrease ping speed for online games.

High Ping Issue Online Games

#8 Restart the Router to Fix High Ping for Online Games
As a basic process may sound, the restarting router does work. If the user’s Router has been turned on for the very long duration, then restarting it can be a better idea to refresh the download speed, reducing ping speed in online games. Plug out the router. Try to keep the router unplugged for at least thirty seconds, and again plug back in. Check whether the restart did fix high ping speed in an online game.

#9 Upgrade the Router to Increase Improve Ping Speed for Online Games
Whether you have been using the same old router for a longer duration? Routers have own bandwidth capacity, and like any other electronic devices, they also get outdated as technology is upgraded. Therefore, ensure the router is up to date with an internet connection. The user can contact the Internet Service Provider to get help out by proving information whether the router requires an upgrade. It is a basic process and will definitely improve the quality of the internet. It can also decrease ping speed for online games.

#10 Use VPN to Fix High Ping For Online Games
Using a VPN proves to be a helpful solution to fix high ping speed for online games. This is a solution specific to those living in an area where a non-location online game server existed. It is helpful when the user does not want to access the game server of the region, whereas a server located in the various region altogether.