How to Hide Photos and Videos on your Android Phones

how to hide photos on Android phones

Privacy is a major issue, and it is not only limited to large enterprises or organization, but you can also face it at places that you cannot imagine. I like to click photos daily, and many of those pictures are personal to me, that I do not want to share with people around me.

Anybody can ask me to hand over my phone to call, play games or may be to surf the internet. I will get insecure when I have things that I do not want others to see in my gallery.

To counter such situations, I found out an app for my Android phone, that let me hide my photos and videos in an efficient way. Moreover, the best thing about this app is that its free. You do not have to spend a penny to use it for hiding photos. Though it has a premium version which does a few things that may be subject to personal use and preference.But I will skip that part right now.

So, to hide photos on your Android device, I use an app called KeepSafe. Its a featured app at Google Play Store that editor recommended and it has over 10 million downloads, star ratings over 4.5

Here’s a video that I made to make you understand how does it work and how to hide photos on it.

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Hopefully, now your photos are safe with you and you don’t have to be cautious while handing your phone to a known friend or an unknown person.