Hi-tech robotic cleaning: future is on the doorstep

Hi-tech robotic cleaning

Luckily for us, we live in a completely new technological area and don’t have to do all washing up and cleaning ourselves. Instead, there are such things as robot vacuum cleaners, for example, that are designed to help us to cope with the daily routine of vacuuming the house instead of simply enjoying the time back home after a hard work day.

iRobot Roomba 616

This little one has dry cleaning mode, 2200mAH battery, 60m2 cover area, 0.5l litter bag. If you need to charge the vacuum cleaner, it will be completely charged within 180 min for sure. It uses only 33W while operating and it is not loud at all – 60 dB is the maximum it can get up to. The only thing – it is a bit heavy, 3.6 kg, however a nice remote should make it no need to carry it around the house. This cleaner needs no special care – just empty the container every so often and that’s it.

iClebo Pop

This robot can handle both wet and dry cleaning around the house, has a 2200mAH battery that lasts for about 2 hours that gives it plenty of time to finish the cleaning required. It can be fully charged within 110 minutes. The litter bag is 0.6l and it uses around 60W while operating. It is not loud at all too – 55 dB on average. It is also lighter that iRobot we talked about earlier – just 2.8 kg in case you need to move it elsewhere. Just compare it to the rest on comparisono!

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Even this robot can do only dry cleaning, on the other hand, it can hold the charge for 150 min as it has a battery of 5200 mA unlike the others robotic vacuum cleaners. This can cover a large area (up to 250m2). The litter bag size is 0.5L and it uses about 55W while operating. Also, it is a quiet one – no more than 55 dB while performing cleaning. Unfortunately, better not to move it to other places as it is quite heavy – around 3.8 kg

iRobot Roomba 980

This robotic vacuum cleaner has a dry cleaning feature and has a 3300 mAH battery which means it can work for about 120 min without any need to be charged again. The litter bag size is 0.5 L and it uses 55W while operating and produces almost no noise at all – no more than 55 dB.

Clever & Clean AQUA-Series 01

This vacuum cleaner can perform both dry and wet cleaning, however not for a long time- the battery can behold up only for 90 minutes. It has a 0.5 l litter bag and uses 70 W while operating and the suction is 24 W. It is also quiet given such suction – around 54 dB while doing the cleaning.

Panda X600 Pet Series

Even it can perform only dry cleaning and has quite a low 2000mAH battery, it can work for about 130 min without any need to be recharged. Litter bag size is 0.5L, however the most interesting is that it uses only 25 W whereas its suction is about 22W. The only one disadvantage here is a noise level which is around 50 dB.

Image Credits: Hi-tech robotic cleaning from Andrey_Popov/Shutterstock