Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Likes In 2021

Instagram Likes

So you’re planning to buy Instagram likes for your blog/account and gain popularity in less time? Sure, it sounds like an easy route to avail of a better reach and engagement on your posts, but is it as effective and beneficial as you think it is? Certainly not!

Instead, as easy as it is to buy likes on Instagram and make each of your posts look like it’s been viewed and adored by millions of followers, the outcome is equally harmful to your Instagram profile. Don’t get us wrong; the same is true when you buy legit Instagram followers.

Besides, how can fake likes from bot accounts serve your active social blog/account with any good? That sounds impossible. Of course, it is!

But for any beginner blogger and newbie Instagram user, the drawbacks might be unfamiliar, making them learn the after-effects of buying likes after they’ve already bought them. But wait! We’re here to help you avoid just that with our guide on why you shouldn’t buy likes at all! So without further ado, let’s go ahead and discover it below!

Drawbacks of Buying Instagram Likes:

With the easy method of buying likes for your Instagram posts and making your posts’ engagement look amazing, there are plenty of drawbacks that decrease the reach and performance of your posts and account. Some such loopholes include:

  • Having your account purged: Instagram purges your account if you use fake likes on your posts or content. Now you might get lucky to receive a warning in the first attempt. But after that, you may end up having your account closed.
  • They wouldn’t get you any money: buying fake likes means buying fake followers who might make your profile look like it has a lot of following engagement. However, when it comes to selling a product or service, your fake followers might only like the posts instead of buying them and getting you money.

Hence, even when fake likes would make your brand look like a lot, it might not give you the same business.

How Can You Avoid Buying Likes?

Avoiding the easy option of buying Instagram likes might seem hard at first, but it’s surely more effective and reliable in the long-run. Whether you run a blog or sell a service/product, your organic (real) followers would give real likes to your posts, making them promoted in the real audience, and so, you will gain better business.

So to do well on your Instagram blog, you can avoid buying likes by working on your content and being yourself. This might take time, but it will help you reach your milestone with prolonged benefits.


With the above discussion, it is now easier to evaluate and understand why you shouldn’t be buying likes for Instagram, right? Besides, instead of fooling your audience, it’s always better to build a genuine relationship with your audience and properly engage with them.

This way, even your followers would also be able to see that you’re running your blog authentically with real followers (as fake followers can easily see through fake followers). As a result, they will better trust your suggestions and your product/services – helping you do better business.

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