Here’s What To Look For While Choosing An Online SMS Service

Choosing An Online SMS Service

Communication via SMS has its origins back in the year 1992 and still happens to be very much in demand. Keeping track of bank records, transactions on ecommerce sites, latest updates on travel bookings, couriers, promotional notifications you name it, SMSs are everywhere.

SMS services are one of the most popular ways of marketing nowadays. All enterprises, whether big or small, have dedicated promotions via SMS facilities. You must invest in the right best services.

Price isn’t the only criteria

Although you must fix a budget before starting your hunt, you mustn’t be too rigid about it. Selecting an SMS service provider isn’t merely a price comparison. There are many other factors, such as delivery rate, uptime, platform security, customization, CRM plugins, bulk messaging, API restrictions, etc.

At one glance, choosing the cheapest option available might look good. However, if the quality doesn’t suffice to the requirements of your business, things will only go downhill.

It is a possibility that low prices are a cover-up for poor networking and infrastructure and outdated features. Therefore, you need to look out for the red flags lest you need to compensate with a loss in the customer base.

So, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind while choosing an online SMS service provider.

Is the provider reliable?

An ideal provider should give you a high level of uptime with negligible errors. Moreover, the platform should be reliable and secure.

Go for a free trial or sign up for a short period to evaluate the quality of services provided. This way, you can get an idea about the working of the SMS gateway platform and rate of delivery.

Customer support

There is no right time for doing business, and it is the same for marketing. When your SMS service works throughout the day, it is expected that you will encounter queries at unconventional times. It is a must that your service provider also provides you with a robust customer support 24/7 for the smooth running of a business.

You can get in touch with TouchSMS for all SMS communication needs. This online SMS service is a platform that you can trust as it gives you a free trial before you sign up. You only pay for what you plan, and there are no hidden charges. Moreover, it uses 100% local message routes of Australia and New Zealand.

The versatility of services is a must

A business’s communication needs aren’t restricted to a single type. However, having an only provider can ease down the struggle a lot. Having a service provider that can handle bulk SMS, promotional, transactional SMS, etc. can make marketing campaigns more effective. This also helps you reach a bigger crowd easily. Nowadays, bulk SMS services are used for a host of different applications, from mobile marketing to mass notification systems for schools.

Data analysis

A graphical analysis of delivered messages along with their destinations, is required to track and understand the CTA better. It is needed to form a clear picture of your promotion’s success rate and to reach an appropriate target audience.