Here Are Some Recommendations About How to Use Dab Rigs for The First-Time


If you do not have a lot of experience using concentrates, the idea of dabbing may bring on feelings of anxiety. Buying wax, and understanding all of the rig parts can be confusing. Thankfully, dabbing isn’t that hard, and the following tips will help make it a seamless transition.

Numerous people, after they grow familiar with dabbing, claim that they like the taste and receive what they consider a more euphoric, clearer high. Due to the potency of concentrates, they also can bring effective and quick relief for medicinal reasons.

Understand dab rigs

The following are common dabbing supplies:

  • Hand torch
  • “Wand” – Tool that picks up the concentrate and presses against a nail.
  • “Nail” – Designed to fit inside or over the glass fitting of the bong. Basically, a tube that has a small ridge that melts the concentrate.
  • Dab rigs/bongs

If you have never previously used the setup, be certain that you’ve seasoned the nail. It helps keep at bay a bad taste once you inhale and will make it a more enjoyable experience. It is like seasoning a skillet. Heat the nail to around 500-degrees Fahrenheit and coat the nail with either hemp oil or concentrate then allow it to cool. Do that two or three times for the right seasoning. Some just put the nail inside water using tongs after heating it then repeat a few times.

Now that the nail is seasoned, position it inside the rig then heat it up using the torch. Dab the concentrate on the nail with the wand as you inhale. Don’t try to grab the nail to clear the chamber. You’ll burn your fingers. A few nails use what is referred to as a “dome” that fits over the nail to assist in catching the vapor. Those pieces may be very intricate, and some are thought to be gorgeous works of art. To enjoy the amazing experience of dabbing, you can buy online here.

Start out small

A concentrate is greater in potency than a flower. When smoking flowers, you’re additionally burning the organic section of the plant that has less THC — typically around 20 percent. Concentrate gets processed from the section of the flower with the greatest quantity of THC, so it may be as great as 60 to 99 percent THC content, depending upon the method of extraction. It’s why it is vital for the ones with limited expertise in concentrates to use it in smaller doses. Begin with enough to cover the end of the dab rigs then build from that point.

Care for yourself

You’ll want to make your first time with dab rigs an enjoyable one; therefore, be ready to find pleasure in your high. Nails are heated to approximately 9000-degrees Fahrenheit, so it may be rough on the throat. Be certain to have an abundance of water on hand to help you cool down. Plus, have a few snacks available. Some users may become dizzy when they begin to smoke dab rigs; therefore, have a few munchies to assist in leveling you out.

There isn’t any need to fear dabbing; it may be a pleasurable experience while additionally having fast relief for a medical condition. Treat the rig and yourself properly, and you’ll be a dabbing professional before you know it!