Here are 7 industries that canít do without Python


Python is quickly becoming the most popular and commonly used programming language in the world right now. Today, some of the global giant companies such as Google, Netflix, Spotify and NASA all use Python to run their services alongside other top programming languages like JavaScript, Java, and C++.

Started as a hobby by Monty Python (1992), Python is known for its versatile and easy-to-learn nature. Today, there are countless paid and free courses across the internet in which you can learn basics such as python list, comments and lines.

The high-level and object-oriented functional programming language is ideal for virtually every industry in modern times. This article will specifically look into the 7 industries that canít do without Python.

Data Analysis

In an age where companies such as Google handle petabytes of data daily, itís only logical that such huge amounts of data is collected and organized systematically. Pythonís flexibility and its well-supported open-source code give it an advantage for such tasks.

Not only is this sensible but also quick as data analysis is often a repetitive and slow task for most programming languages. Python helps data analysts to compile and come up with complex quantitative data (including complex mathematics) with rousing success. The estimate of the global data revenue is now considered to be worth more than $100 billion with rewarding career options, all thanks to Python.


When it comes to currency data analysis, automating workflow and money transfer, Python is your best bet in the financial ecosystem. It entails functionality in writing algorithms and data science capable of accounting for billions of dollarsí worth of money transactions.

M-Pesa, one of the most revolutionary fintech applications made in the world, uses Python as its primary coding program. The finance industry is also giving priority to employees skilled in web development, programming, and engineering in both banks and Fin-Tech industries including Python developers.

Furthermore, with the recent rise of the cryptocurrency craze, we are seeing Python ending up being the basis of global finance.

Machine Learning

Machine learning entails the study of patterns of problem-solving and calculations in computers. Artificial Intelligence programs such as Alexa and Siri also fall under the same category.

Recommendation system apps like YouTube and Netflix collect user data to recommend playlists and videos according to user preferences. Python uses specific machine learning frameworks or libraries to develop and write machine algorithms such as TensorFlow and Scikit-learn.

These algorithms are useful for clustering, calculating, and classification of large data sets which makes Python perform highly and extensively in machine learning.

Programming Applications

Python is a multifaceted program that can create all sorts of file directories like APIs. Nearly every application on your smartphone, laptop and tablet uses some form of Python. Whether itís an audio and video application, marketing application, gaming application, or machine learning application, Python has proven its versatility to make them all.

Language Development

With its high-level adaptability and simplicity, Python is easy to use and sync with similar syntax creations including CoffeeScript, Go, and Cobra. The useful gateway language of Python helps even the novices in programming to venture into other programming languages such as JavaScript.

Web Development

This industry heavily relies on Pythonís variety of web development programs with the likes of Django which has made Spotify and Reddit possible.

Other web development platforms like Flask get added functionality from the web community rather than the framework system, easing new functionality. Pythonís broad modules increase accessibility towards data authorization and management which in turn increase Pythonís adaptability in the industry.


SEO, which is short for Search Engine Optimization, is a process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears top on the list of the search engine results.

Googleís top searches are accomplished majorly by Pythonís automation of page implementation and keyword categorization. Indeed, developers at Google say that Python plays a core role in developing SEO-related processors such as natural language processing (NLP) which determines what searchers get on Google for their keywords.

Time to learn Python?

As a programming language that is deeply integrated into all forms of software, Python is an indispensable part of technology. Today, the language is used in pretty much all industries ranging from SEO to web development and finance.

The good news is that itís easy to implement, due to its basic syntax which makes it easy to learn and code even for beginners. Also, a plethora of courses on Python is out there for the taking, which means you never have to worry about educating yourself.

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