HelloFax: Great User Experience with Built-in Editor


While sending faxes continues, real fax machines can certainly be relegated to technological history museums, thanks to online fax services like HelloFax.

This unique service has a smooth, modern interface that makes it simple to transfer and receive faxes from the web or the convenience of your email client. Its combined form-filling and digital-signature points mean that you’ll never go through the trouble of printing and manually transferring documents repeatedly.

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Cost of HelloFax

HelloFax’s available tier allows you to send up to five fax sheets, but you cannot accept faxes with this plan. The sheet allocation does not refresh periodically, either. Subsequent faxes up to 10 sheets each take 99 cents, plus 20 cents for every sheet over that limit. You can get more sides by tweeting about HelloFax or referring associates. This free account helps integrations and electronic signatures.

Think you need a fax service to give a paper to your doctor or insurance company infrequently. HelloFax’s free offering is reasonable in that event, especially acknowledging that most fax settings do not even allow a free tier.

It would be best if you recorded for HelloFax’s entry-level Home Office plan to receive faxes, which requires $9.99 each month. This tier gets you 300 full sheets of sent or received faxes every month and includes up to five team members. Extra fax lines for individual team members need $4.99 each month. The Home Office plan also gives you to fax via email and assign multiple fax recipients.

The Professional range accepts $19.99 per month and increases the number of crew members to 10 and the number of sheets to 500 every month. HelloFax expects $39.99 per month for the next tier up, called Small Business, which accommodates 1,000 sheets a month to a crew of up to 20 individuals.

PROSCONSExcellent interface mobile appNo dedicatedSupports digital signatures numbers availableFew non-US faxConverts existing fax numbersTeam options and cloud storage integrations

HelloFax Fax Number Choices

If you exceed the allocated sheets for the month, HelloFax imposes 5 cents for each extra sheet. A nickel per additional sheet is a pretty good bargain among online fax assistance.

Transferring faxes to numbers outside the US doesn’t cost extra cash with HelloFax. Alternatively, the service decreases a specific number of sheets—depending on the address—from your monthly allocation.

Features & Fax Numbers 

HelloFax allows numbers in Canada, the UK, and the US. Assume you require a fax number from a country besides those three. You can also transform your existing number to operate with HelloFax if your number is inside Canada or the US, and you subscribe to at least the Professional-level program.

HelloFax allows you to manage a team of users. People in your group can send and receive faxes via the HelloFax web portal or email client. You can modify settings to control who gets faxes and even add extra lines to your account. This handy feature is for anyone who wants to have direct fax lines for different projects or individuals.

HelloFax Hands-On 

Registering for HelloFax is a catch. We particularly like that you can pick your password or manage a Google account to log in. As previously stated, HelloFax does not need a credit card to sign up. Getting a number with HelloFax is a thing of navigating three pull-down menus for State, Country, and Area Code. It’s simple enough as it lets you pick a fax number arbitrarily.

File Uploads in HelloFax 

HelloFax fascinated us from the moment we logged in. The web interface is attractive, straightforward, and quick to navigate. 

You navigate the interface thru HelloFax’s left-hand menu items: Faxes, Team, Send a Fax, Sign Documents, and Integrations. In the upper right-hand edge, you can locate HelloFax’s tutorial and the account settings. The settings segment is significant. You can set up integrations, update profile info, and control billing preferences here. You can further set up two-factor authentication thru SMS or Google Authenticator, which is excellent.

You can also link HelloFax account quickly to cloud-based storage assistance, including Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, or Microsoft OneDrive to promptly locate your files. HelloFax maintains files up to 40MB.

After HelloFax prepares your file, the button below enables you to edit and sign the files using a simple and effective built-in editor instilled with HelloSign’s capabilities. Here, you can continue your signature or initials to a report, as well as insert boxes and checkmarks. Signature alternatives are strong, allowing HelloFax to create one from text input, draw it with your mouse, or upload one from a mobile capture. 

If the files you are transferring need to be in high resolution and are coloured, don’t share them via fax—email and file-sharing services survive for a reason. If you definitely must employ a fax service, HelloFax can attach a sheet to your fax with instructions and a passcode to enter the full-quality attachment. HelloFax also combines an Edit and Resend option, which is excellent for back-and-forth corrections on a text or sending the exact copy to multiple recipients.

HelloFax Signature Tool

Sending a fax is just a thing of inserting the fax number and pressing send. We love that HelloFax automatically stores fax numbers for future management—a feature oddly dropping from many competitors. We would love to see a dedicated contact record. If you begin composing a fax, HelloFax will keep it as a draft, which is also very effective.

All of your faxes, both transmitted and received, can be inspected from the aptly named Faxes section. We are pleased to recognise that HelloFax combines an outstanding search tool here. You can explore by type of fax – sent, received, draft, status, date, and content (cover letter). It performs to find specific messages straightforward and is something we would like to see in all online fax services.

Fax Performance

HelloFax retained much of the fundamental document’s feature in the graphics-heavy PDF, though some background pixelation was already there. The text is clear, but HelloFax darkened the page significantly, which caused some gradients to bleed together. It handled the more straightforward document without problem; the text looked fine and had good contrast.

A True Replacement of a Fax Machine

HelloFax benefits where other fax services fight. Its clean, smooth interface alone is deserving the price of admission. The set is also a reasonable price and combines necessary signature and editing tools. The company’s limited free contribution is also serviceable for anyone who requires to send, but not bears, a list of faxes. The only disadvantages of HelloFax are that it only gives you a sign up with numbers from three countries and needs a dedicated mobile app.

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