HD Mirror Camera Reviews

We all have at some point went through the struggle of recording videos inside our automobiles and do realize that it could actually be a tough job sometimes. But here is good news!

No need to worry about this anymore. Today we come with best HD Mirror Cam reviews, available in the marke in town.

Yes, you read it right! Now you can easily capture rear end or almost any required view in your car while recording high definition videos together with crystal clear audios and still images by simply setting up the HD mirror Camera in your car in place of where a rearview mirror is usually located.

This recording gadget has been efficiently designed to capture a full-sized, clear, erected, virtual and as much high definition as 720P quality videos with high audio quality as well to make recordings in the car an easier and enjoyable task and help you in security aspects as well.

Letís take a look at the device’s most distinctive features now that make it an effective tool for entertainment and security purposes.

  • Firstly, its extremely sensitive motion detection specification enables it to record videos for you even when you are out of the car or somebody enters to sit inside an already parked car causing even a slight of motion.  The camera has the irreplaceable capability to create endless loop video recordings one after the other and exclusive night vision recordings without needing any extra effort.
  • Secondly, the HD mirror camera can also automatically start upon ignition and turn off when the car is ignited down which makes it simpler in function and highly user friendly while being able of rotating about 350 degrees at the same time that makes it possible for the camera lens to cover almost all the angles inside as well as outside or around the car with 120 degrees field of view (FOV) .

The camera comes with an ample sized 2.5Ē LCD instant playback mirror screen to display the recorded videos instantly as soon as they are recorded and you can also download those videos in your computer at the same time by using USB card reader sent with the camera package which makes it an effective tool to record and save videos at the same instant. You can also take a picture of any vehicle or itís number plate that is right in front of you by using the cameraís ONE TOUCH SNAP option.

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Moreover, the HD Mirror camera also possesses screen shut down specification so it could automatically go to shut off mode when not being used and thus provides you disturbance-free driving while recording the videos at the same time too. The camera comes with an easy installation method that even a layman can easily incorporate into their vehicle and it also contains a built-in rechargeable battery in it so it could record videos continuously for as long as 14 hours straight without a hassle.

Before you start the HD mirror camera, you will have to insert a memory card with capacity up to 32 GB for it to start operating but once it does, it automatically is able to adjust itself for different light intensities whether its bright light in the morning and day time or pitch-black darkness in the night and can record videos any time with same good quality graphics and audio by using efficient LEDís installed in the camera for the night time vision.

When you order and receive the HD Mirror Camera package you will get other accessories with it in order to ease you in installation process and its operation later on such as two soft bands to hold the camera in place with the hind view mirror in the car, a fully detailed Instruction manual to help you function the camera, a USB card reader to move the videos instantly and an adapter or mirror camera charger with power cable to charge the camera when needed to charge and some mounting wire clips for assistance around the windshield while placing it.

Unlike all other dashboard cameras in the market today, the HD mirror camera fits on every standard-sized rearview mirror easily and on dashboards as well so there is no need to worry about detachment at all.

We highly recommend you to buy this product to improve your rearview video recordings. So What are you waiting for? Make your life easier and quickly place an order right now.

We have thousands of happy customers in our bucket worldwide and we really look up to serve you and give 100% satisfaction as well.