Handy Tips To Upkeep Your Favorite Vape Devices

Man vaping an electronic cigarette

Do you enjoy vaping? If the answer is yes, then let me shoot you with another question, how many of you enjoy taking care of the device that allows you to relish vaping?

The fact is that most of the people are unaware of how to maintain their devices. Also, most of them don’t even feel like their devices need service or care to last long and function properly. If you want your vaping device to keep delivering the performance it gave the very first time you used it, all you need to do is decently follow some fundamental steps and tips to get a durable and well functioning vaping device.

Regular Cleaning of Your MODs

The primary and a very fundamental step towards the maintenance of any device is its cleaning. Hence, when it comes to maintaining your vape device, the foremost step would be cleaning its MOD. During the production stage, the vape device is put together with machine oil. The presence of oil could cause a mess and also accumulate dirt and dust inside the product. Therefore, cleaning becomes essential to maintain your device well. Also, the mod is exposed regularly to many bacteria. This makes its cleaning even more critical. The cleaning does not require any extra purchases or efforts. A paper towel that should be damped not soaked, sanitizer, or alcohol would be the perfect equipment for the cleaning task.

Proper Charging of your Vape Batteries

The key to maintaining long-lasting life for your vape device is to maintain its battery. The very first tip would be to charge the battery before it completely drains out so that the vaping device is not subjected to immediate shutdown. Although most of these chargers take up an external charging device, it is fairly recommended not to use USB, the reason being that USB drives tend to overcharge the device, which is not healthy for your device’s functionality. The ideal safe charge that the vape device battery possesses is around 4.2 volts, and any exceeding in this amount could lead to internal damages. Therefore, it is recommended to use external chargers to charge because most of the external chargers have a voltage cut off that is set on the charger itself that prevents overcharging. Also, the external chargers are much more accurate than the USBs and are much faster than USBs.

Take a look at your Atomizer

Atomizers in vape devices have the essential task of vaporizing the vape liquids into vapors. They are measured in ohms and are responsible for the intensity of smoke that is produced by a vaping device. As they constantly function by converting e-liquid into the mist, they require special care to last long. Although, it is recommended to change them at a frequent interval of 2-3 weeks to get the best vaping experiences. They are available in two types of vape coils single coil and double coil; the choice between them is entirely your preference. All you need to do to maintain the vape device is to change your atomizer frequently and also never wholly to drain the atomizer. The empty atomizer results in wear and tear of internal parts.

Fill the E-liquid Carefully in the Atomizer

Filling of e-liquid may seem to be an effortless task, but most of you have been doing it wrong all these years. E-liquids are the oil on which vaping your devices run, and hence, they matter a lot, but overfilling them to the brim of the atomizer might raise some functioning issues. Overloading of the e-liquid in the atomizer causes leakage, which shortens the life of your atomizer and also hinders your vaping experience. It is best suggested to fill 75% of your atomizer with e-liquid along the sides through a dropper to avoid overfilling.

Have you been storing your device in the right place?

You enjoy vaping, so you do it. But after the enjoyment, where do you keep your vaping device anywhere around your place where it could rot in the dirt? Most of the devices fall prey to dust and dirt due to unscrupulous storing practices. The ideal place to store your vaping devices is cold and dark, like refrigerators. If you do not wish to store them there, get your device a cover so that it does not come in contact with dirt and dust.