Hair Straightening with a Curling Iron: How to do it Perfectly

Perhaps you do not have entrance to a hair straightener but still, need to tame your curly or wavy hair. Then, you can employ a curling iron to get the straight hair look with relative ease.

You will first need to select a suitable curling iron and prepare your hair correctly. Then, sit down and straighten your hair using a curling iron in just a few steps.

Steps to Hair Straightening with a Curling Iron

Selecting Your Curling Iron

Explore for a curling iron that has plates or a clasp. Any press with a rod or cone shape and seems like a wand won’t completely straighten your hair. Instead, opt for a traditional barrel-shaped iron with plates or a clamp so that your hair can be held in between. This way, it’ll be handy to use the curling iron as you would apply a straightener.

Hit a curling iron with a bigger barrel. It is much more comfortable to straighten your hair with a curling iron with a longer and larger barrel, a minimum of 1 to 2 inches in diameter. In addition, a larger barrel will enable you to run the curling iron through segments of your hair more quickly and much more swiftly than a curling iron with a shorter barrel.

If you only own a curling iron with a smaller barrel, .75 to 1 inch in diameter, you can still utilize it to straighten your hair.

Try to use a ceramic curling iron. Ceramic irons are ideal because they support to disperse heat through your hair more uniformly.

Many professional-grade curling irons are made with ceramic or tourmaline. However, you may be able to arrange a more affordable curling iron that is only partially tourmaline or ceramic if you are on a stringent budget.

Ensure the curling iron has a range of heat settings. It would be better to verify that the curling iron has different heat settings to control how much heat you are implementing to your hair.

If you have fine hair or color-treated hair, you should use a low heat setting of below 200 degrees. However, if you have curly, thick hair, you can use a 200-300 degrees higher heat setting. Never go beyond 400 degrees, as this can harm your hair, no matter what hair type you have.

Ensure you pay attention to how your hair reacts to the heat of the curling iron. For example, if you mention a burning smell coming from your hair, the heat may be too high.

Equipping Your Hair

Wash and condition. You should ready your hair for the curling iron by cleaning and washing it in the shower. Please use shampoo to provide your hair moisture and not drop a residue.

You should also apply a small amount of conditioner on the ends of your hair, so you do not embed too much conditioner in your hair.

Apply heat protectant. Employ a heat protectant gel or spray with your hair still wet. Drive the heat protectant from the origin to the ends of your hair, scrunching the hair with your palm.

You may also require to apply a hair mousse to your wet hair, particularly if your hair needs volume and body. Again, cover the mousse from the origins to the ends.

Air-dry your hair thoroughly with a blow dryer. You should duck straightening wet hair, as it can harm your hair and create split ends. Your hair can also become frizzy and rough-looking due to the temperature being employed to damp hair.

It would help if you blew dry your hair by flipping it over and working the blow dryer down to the tips of your hair. Then, move the blow dryer around your hair, dispersing the heat throughout until your hair is dehydrated.

If you have thick, voluminous hair, you may need to part your hair into a few distinct sections and dry each section one at a time.

Straightening Your Hair

Plugin the curling iron. Turn the curling iron to the correct heat setting for the hair. It may need a few moments for the curling iron to warm up.

It would help position yourself in front of a mirror to see your hands and how your hair seems as you level it. You may also put a hair clip on a table in front of you so it is comfortable to access.

Clip back or draw up the top sections of your hair. You should straighten your hair in steps, starting with the bottom layers first. Then, clip following the top layers of your hair so you can access the bottom layers.

Even if you own short hair, you should still clip behind the top layers to reach the bottom layers. It will allow you to access each layer of your hair more quickly.

Drag the curling iron through a part of the hair. Take a section of hair at the nape of your neck that’s no farther than 1 inch (2.5 cm). Then, open the curling iron clamp and put the upper part of the hair between the barrel and the clamp. Retain a firm grip. Gently pull the curling iron downward in your hair. Keep the clamp shut with your palm as you do this.

Pull the curling iron to the ends of your hair. Then, release the clamp. It would help if you had a straightened segment of hair.

Repeat these actions for the bottom layer of your hair. Ensure you hold a firm grip on the clamp as you move the curling iron down to the tips of your hair.

Straighten the top tiers of your hair. Once you have completed straightening the bottom layer, you should take the top layer of your hair out of the clip. Then, return the same moves on the top layer of hair, adopting the curling iron.

You may require to straighten the smaller hairs encompassing your face in shorter segments to ensure you get all of the more compressed strands. Then, use the curling iron to straighten out the areas around your face for a whole straight look.

Draw the curling iron through and under your hair slowly and steadily to secure you straighten the hair the first time around. Also, put a comb beneath the curling iron as you straighten the hair.

Use hairspray to secure the style in place. Once you have straightened your hair thoroughly, you should set your attention at home with hairspray. First, apply a hairspray that will provide your hair shine and check frizzing.

You may also work with your hands in your hair lightly to provide your hair mass and body.