Hair Hacks: Every Woman Power to Keep Mane

You may have a bad hair day once in a while. The real news is that there are quite a few hair hacks for hair care routines to help keep the strands in shape. So let’s brush up on the hair hacks!

Try Dry Shampoo: Dry shampoo helps to absorb excess oil at the roots for new, lightweight hair—without residue. Keep the can of dry shampoo six to eight inches apart from the hair. Spray it straight onto oily roots and lightly everywhere on the rest of the hair. Next, brush the dry shampoo through the lengths of your hair to spread it evenly.

Only Condition the Ends: When conditioning, focus mainly on your lengths and ends. Avoid your scalp area.

Brush Hair The Right Way: You should start from the bottom of the hair and work your way up to detangle any knots carefully. You should also avoid brushing your wet hair. Instead, invest in a good hairbrush.

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Fuller-Looking Ponytail:

Gather the hair over your ears to form a half ponytail and fasten it with a hair elastic.Get the first ponytail you just produced and flip it in front on the top of your head to push it out of the way.Make a second ponytail using the remaining bottom section of hair. The two ponies should cover on top of one another and look like a single long ponytail to give an extra voluminous feel.

Tease Locks In Sections: Instead of backcombing just the top layer of hair using a fine-toothed comb, split the hair into multiple sections. Tease each part to elevate up the volume.

Use Eye Shadow For Fuller Look: Find a shade to best match the hair color. Then, use the small blending brush to fill in the hair part to help give the illusion of fuller hair.

Blow-Drying Hair At The Roots: Place a round brush at your roots. Blow-dry this section first before moving your way down to the ends.

Cover Up Gray Roots: Use lightweight; the quick-dry spray will help conceal gray roots without leaving behind any sticky residue. Shake the can well, hold it four to six inches away from hair, spray onto new growth, and partly on the length to blend color.

Wash Hair In Lukewarm Water: Hot water can drain out essential oils, making it feel dry. Lower the temperature for washing hair.

Use A Mascara Brush To Tame Flyaways

Take an old mascara brush, spray it with a little bit of hair spray, move gently to comb back any flyaways.

Better To Comb Before Shampooing

Never stroke your hair when it’s damp as they are most fragile at that time. Instead, get rid of tangles by combing gently when they are dry before going for a shampoo.

Absorb Extra Water After Showering

Grab an old cotton T-shirt, pat dry, don’t aggressively rub your hair to soak up any excess water.

Buy A Silk Pillow Cover 

Silk pillow covers are super soft and, well, silky, and they can help keep your hairstyle from getting messed up while you sleep.

Make Waves Sleep On A Bun

Design waves while you relax by winding your hair up into a bun before going to bed. Release the bun in the morning to get loose waves to roll down.

Use Dryer Sheets To Tame Static

Want to get rid of unwanted static? Grab a dryer sheet and smoothing it over the hair to get a static-free mane.

Get Hair Extensions

Just as you may desire to try short hair for the evening, those with a trim haircut may want to pitch long hair! Hair extensions will act the best for doing just that.

Curl Your Hair 

Toss hair up into a ponytail, then curl your hair. When you finish with the curling iron, let down the hair and shake out strands.

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