5 Hacks For Getting Discounts on Tech Related Bills And Products

Things in this world just seem to get more and more expensive, but there are ways to save on tech products and services, which you should. From coupons to re-evaluating bills and more its time to get a grasp on how you can make things just a bit more affordable for you and your family.

Once you are able to save money on tech gadgets and services you will be able to use the money elsewhere. Just imagine all the fun things you can do when you save a fortune on tech services without compromising your enjoyment at all.


1. Cut that cell bill in half by combining

Many people are spending a fortune on their cell bills because they are simply the only one on it. Instead of spending a fortune, get the family together and put up to 10 cell phones on the same bill. It doesn’t matter if you live in different homes just have one person take care of the bill and everyone else pay that person the per line fee. The savings is great at $20-$40 which is much better than $60-$80 per line depending on the package and company.

2. Long time customers can get a break on their bill

If you are struggling to pay for your cable bill, by all means, call up the cable company and let them know you are struggling. They will actually work with you to lower the bill and they have the ability to throw in freebies to help you. It is their goal to keep their customers and they can help you slash your bill by nearly 40% for a period of time.

3. Don’t forget about coupons

Many companies won’t tell you this but, they offer coupons in mailers and through calling to ask for one as well. If you are thinking that they might be small unknown companies, you are wrong as they are often large well-known companies like Verizon Wireless and Amazon. The prices at stores like this are usually, lower to begin with and a coupon will give you even more clearance towards their best price. You can use websites like Mamma.com to find coupons on all your favorite tech retailers!

4. Check that bill right when you get it

Always check the bills for fees that might be tacked on without your knowledge or even mistakes made by the company. Most of the time they are accurate but, you should always double check. Many people don’t do this and they lose money each year because they don’t go through the trouble to check it out.

5. When it comes to new technology wait

Technology doesn’t stay the same for long in fact if you blink it will change so be patient as the price will come down. In a matter of 6 months, you could be saving yourself money. Also, if you don’t need the latest and greatest you are likely to get a much better price on the generation before for phones, televisions, and really anything technical. If a new version comes out that is the best time to buy the older version.