H1 Facebook Ads for ecommerce


We are more or less used to such terms as “ecommerce marketing platform”, “ecommerce ads” and some others. We have one more for you – f-commerce.

What it is about?

The point is that ecommerce deals with different channels and Facebook is one of the most popular among them. We have taken the first letter to name a new trend.

Facebook ecosystem has dramatically evaluated during last five years and now the platform is a great aid when we talk about purchasing on the Internet. Ladies and gentlemen, revolution of online selling has already started and gathering pace.

Why should one have a store on Facebook?

  • 600+ million of users all over the world;
  • an average profile counts up to 130-140 friends to share shopping experience, especially if we talk about opportunities to have quality goods for lower costs;
  • an average time of visiting is more than for Google and is almost 15 minutes per day;
  • nearly 70% of users visit brand groups on Facebook to know about sales and discounts in the store;
  • 15-20% of sales are made on social media for several enterprises;
  • the carts total cost is 10% higher in the network.

H2 Tips for making successful Facebook store

Use right images

Obviously, you should take only those photos that are of high quality. Those seemingly simple “users photo” are sometimes result of photographer’s great work.

Be careful with colours – white and blue merge with Facebook design and may become unnoticeable.

Use happy people on your pics, women are even better for posting than men.

Remember, people are scrolling very quickly the newsfeed, so your photos should be something different and unusual from what they see.

When you use people for the ads – do not take stock photo, professional unnatural images are instinctively tracked by clients and call no emotions. People prefer to see someone real like friends or colleagues.

Bet on interests

Initially Facebook was, and expected by users, to be the place for relaxing and not shopping. You can touch hearts of your audience when their interest correspond with your products.

Play with the tab “Interests” in your Facebook settings to see related groups and categories. Too sizeable interests can be too far from your real audience, try something narrower to find your people.

Work with people who have already visited your store

Your ads can be very convincing, but only 1-2% will buy from first seeing you. You should definitely work with these people to remind about your existence and show the ads specially designed for them.

Note: remember to exclude your clients from the list, here your focus is on those who have visited your store, but hasn’t made a purchase yet.

For example, you can offer a little sale for the first order that is available for a limited time: till the midnight.

Talk to those who filled the cart, but left it

There can be different reasons of it. But people already started thinking about you and your product and, thus, are more likely to finish the started.

Your ad should contain an image of the order your client was planning to order. The quicker you will remind about it, the higher the chance is. The feeling of a week product searching is not so fresh in comparison with yesterday.

Enticing into your place can be a puzzle, so, you will need better prices, gifts and delivery options for people to come.

Upsell the orders

The cost of the order can become higher by at least two variants:

offer related goods to the order, i.e., a cover case for the mobile phone, earphones and so on;

offer a product of higher price, but of better quality.

Certainly, there are people that need only particular goods with addings at that particular moment. But, there are also those, who simply didn’t know you have other items they need. The price for clients can be a bit higher than usual, but they will take it as it is if they have already had business with you and liked the way you sell.

What would you share with us for selling on Facebook?