14 Sure Short Ways To Write Compelling Guest Post

Fiction, poetry and other forms of writing let people who are good at giving words to their ideas and express themselves in pretty creative way. Gone are the days when millions of people had no other choice than to store their written pages in files that usually went unread.

Today, internet is the ruler. Itís a great platform that lets people express their views in the form of write-ups. Blogging for example is not a new word now as each one of us is well acquainted with it. While some people out there have chosen blogging just to express themselves, meaning thereby that they blog for the reason that it pleases them and they have got the right platform in the form of blog, there are oodles of my people who blog for generating traffic and earning.

Blogging for earning can be a fun if you know which direction youíre going and if you have chosen the right methods. We have been continuously coming up with useful articles that surely have helped you grow as a blogger. Right? There indeed is a hidden creative writer within you but then donít stop yourself and expand your horizon.

Today, I planned to come up with tips for the ones who are keenly interested in guest blogging but fail to take the step forward for the fact that they fear the reactions and donít know much as to how about giving it a kick-start. Firstly, let me tell give you the idea as what exactly guest blogging is and whatís its main purpose.

What is Guest Blogging?

My blogger friends surely know what guest blogging is but if you have a vague idea and not the clear idea about guest posting and you start writing then it might leave you without the effective output. In-fact the main purpose with which you start taking the pain of writing on other blog will not be achieved and you wonít be able to achieve success in your endeavors.

Well, guest posting is an effective way to get your blog and your skills noticed. Not all blogs welcome guest posting but thatís their way of handling the blogs. This doesnít mean the number of blogs who just look forward to guest posting is less, there are indeed many such blogs available.

Guests posts are great way to drive targeted traffic and readership to your blog, a platform to build your reputation and authority on the web, and a unique way to build get noticed.

Below I have listed 14 sure short ways to help you do successful guest blogging for all good reasons you know.

1. Read guest posts :

The very first tip I would like to give yíall is reading the guest posts of some blogs of same niche as yours. Reading anyday enhances your writing skills and in case of guest articles you will not only increase your knowledge by sparing out time to read them but also get the clear idea about guest articles.

2. Niche :

You just canít blindly drop in the mail asking the blog owner about your interest in guest posting. You need to first look if the blog you plan to guest post on. Surf the web and look for blogs similar to your blogís niche, then spend some time in getting well aquainted with the blog. In short, know the blog!

3. Follow the guidelines :

If the blog owner mails you back accepting your offer to guest post on the blog, its understood that the person is trusting you. Ask the blog owner about the guidelines you need to follow while writing for the blog and make sure you follow them.

4. Donít be biased :

We human beings tend to keep the best for ourselves Itís definitely tempting to save the best for our own blogs but coming up with unique best ideas for guest posting on other blogs surely doesnít go waste. Getting published to a new audience will bring more benefit in the long run. Write as if you’re writing on your own blog.

5. Images :

Donít underestimate the impact of images when youíre guest posting. Stumble for the best image to compliment your article and upload it. Images with good content indeed do a great deal in making your article worth reading and visually appealing too. Look for a apt image to accompany the post.

6. SEO/Keyword rich content:

Writing for the other blogs doesnít mean you can go about simply playing with words without even bothering about the keyword density and SEO. SEO helps obtain the right keywords while searching and the blog owner who has agreed to provide you an opportunity to write on the blog would certainly like the content thatís creative, SEO friendly and has good keyword density.

7. Quality writing :

Well, this is one tip that will help you gain the royalty in the blogosphere. Be it your own blog or someone elseís, make sure you generate the quality content. When you sit down to write just let your creative mind work and simply go about writing the best way you can.

8. Proofread :

Once youíre done with the writing part, the next essential step is proof reading, check for grammatical and spelling errors before finally sending it for publishing.

9. Proper Formatting :

Person handling the blog with good page rank surely has lots of work to do. On top of that if you add to his work by sending the write-up thatís not at all polished, not in proper format will convey the message that you wrote the guest post for the heck of it and there are chances that you wonít be welcomed to write guest post on the blog again. Write in proper format. When the post is written, proofread it to make sure there are no errors.

10. Write on latest topic :

As you would indeed opt for the topic thatís latest and that would interest the readers for your blog, same goes for the guest posts. No blog owner would accept the guest post thatís not interesting and the stale one. Spend some time in thinking as to what topic you can write on that would interest the readers. Talk about the latest buzz.

11. Stay organized :

Going in an unorganized manner will lead you nowhere. Iím sure if youíve chosen blogging as your career and you work in an organized way. Donít you? Same thing applies when you take the responsibility to write the guest post on other blog.

12. Promote the article :

Once your guest article is published, you should promote it and share with your fellow bloggers just like you do for your own blog articles.


Your article finally getting published doesnít mean your task is complete, you should keep the track of the comments people have dropped in. If needed go about replying to the comments.

14. Put your best foot forward :

Here, I would like to add the most heard line by our elders that whatever task we do, we should put the best foot forward. Same goes for writing the guest articles.

I have noted down almost all the tips and tricks that one must follow while writing the guest post. The sure short ways listed above will let you expose your content to a completely new readership by working out a deal with the person youíre blogging for.

This will generate traffic for your blog and let readers know about your existence. Guest blogging is one of the best ways to build a websiteís ranking in search engines and pull in traffic. All you have to do is write an original, interesting article on a subject that fits within your hostís website of similar niche as yours.

To wrap up, guest articles not only let you get acquainted with the web world and vice versa but also help you increase your knowledge and enhance your writing skills. Get going, read a lot and write as much creative articles you can on your blog and other blogs floating in the pond of web. Thatís it for now, lots more interesting stuff coming over, so stay tuned!