Grammarly or Ginger? Which one makes the Robust Grammar Checker!!


Online grammar checkers are the key requirement for all professionals and students to help them write English perfectly without any grammatical errors. The online grammar checking softwares serve as an excellent proof-reader for contents like Blog posts, websites, professional emails and documents, essay papers, research papers, promotional contents or any kind posts dedicated for the readers.

The two most popular grammar checking tools that are widely used by users are Grammarly and Ginger. Both help in having an in-depth analysis of grammatical errors and are also easy to use and quickly help in analyzing, correcting and learning from your mistakes.

Now, the question is which one is a better choice for all kinds of users. The following analysis report will help you identify which one you should go for.

1. Grammarly

It is the ultimate grammar checker for free for all professionals. This software helps students as well as professionals to learn English grammar thoroughly and even helps in identifying the Duplicacy or plagiarism in their contents. It also identifies the spelling and punctuation errors in your contents and helps you learn new synonyms for different words and improvise the sentence construction. The free version is an excellent quick grammar and plagiarism checker but the in-depth analysis is not covered. Grammarly premium free services are a 7 days demo trial for the subscribed pack. If you are not satisfied, Grammarly lets you cancel the subscription within 7 days to get back the refunded money.

Free Features Grammar checker, Punctuation checker, Space correction, Repetitive Words detection, Plagiarism Detection, Multi-device document access
Premium Features Free features + advanced features like- Comma Splice, Comma usage, Genre-specific writing style checks, in-depth Plagiarism detection, Vocabulary enhancement, Word definitions and suggestions, Personal Dictionary, Weak adjectives detection, outdated words detection with correct alternatives
Add-ons Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Ms-office Outlook(only for Windows users)
Integration with platforms Facebook, GitHub, Firefox, Gmail, Google Chrome, LinkedIn, MS Office, Twitter
Supported devices Windows, Mac, Android, IOS, Web-based
Pricing Annual Package- $11.66 (monthly) Quarterly Package- $19.98 (monthly) Monthly Package- $29.95 (each month) Free Version available with limited features

2. Ginger

This software is an expansive Grammar checking tool that instantly provides you alternatives and suggestions of words to correct the grammatical errors. In terms of features, it is not that advanced as Grammarly but, it is definitely going to help you learn English thoroughly and write it perfectly. It not only points the sentence construction errors along with grammar checking but, also suggests you with the correct alternatives. From subject-verb agreement suggestions to Singular/Plural nouns, Contextual Spelling correction, Consecutive noun detection with suggestions and misused words correction, it helps you increase your productivity in the English language. It is available as a free editor and in the premium version.

Free Features Simple Grammar Checker, Translation in 40 languages, Definitions, No Plagiarism Detection
Premium Features Unlimited Grammar Checker, Sentence Rephrasing, Personal Training Session, Dictionary, Translator, Text reader, Error Analysis, Mistakes Practice, No Plagiarism Detection
Add-ons Chrome and Safari only
Integration with platforms Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, WordPress on the installation of Browser Extension
Supported devices Windows, Mac, Android, IOS, Web-based
Pricing Annual Package- $7.49 (monthly) Quarterly Package- $13.99 (monthly) Monthly Package- $20.97 (each month) Free Version available with limited features

Final Words

Grammarly free trial are pretty good for the professionals without subscribing the Premium pack. Ginger, on the flip side, is excellent in Grammar checking but does not detect plagiarism and mostly all features are paid.

Image Credits: Grammar Checker from DeymosHR/Shutterstock