GPS Tracker : Top 10 Best Devices to Track Location

gps tracker

GPS or Global Positioning System is the milestone invention in the fields of mobile and communication industry which is assisting you to track your young kids and teenage driver through a small device and easily operated software on your PC, Tab or in the mobile phones. You can use it on your Mac, Windows PC and from the Smartphones that you are holding.

You can monitor the positions of your young kids or girls where they are locating from any where you may want. You can put the device to your pet and can also track it if it is trying to run away from your house.  GPS and the Vehicle Navigation System have the significant differences. GPS is the most recommended tracking system which is helping you to track your kids after every single moment they have gone with the car.

gps tracker

You can even get the historical data regarding the locations after a long period of time and when it is required to have. Here are the top ten GPS tracking systems which can help you to choose it for you.

Spark Nano 3.0:

Spark Nano is the GPS tracker which is introduces by the Brick House Security. The latest version Spark Nano 3.0 is fully web based application where you can set the pre scheduled locations where your kids might go and drive. It offers the amazing long lasting battery life. But, it is not the ideal tracker for camping spot or for your car hiking. In that case you should use the Smartphones there. The price offered for the system is pretty reasonable, just $118. You can buy and launch the system from the website www.brickhousesecurity.com.

Zoomback Advance A-GPS:

It is the easy to operate GPS tracking device which is small and discrete and easy to fix for tracking your kids, family and your pets. It alerts you through email and text messages which are the exclusive feature of it. You can find the location of the GPS tracking device from any of the smart mobile phones or from any modern web browsers. The only negative point of that device is, it provides you the historical data for only seven days. The price of the device is only $158. You can avail the product from www.zoombak.com.

Amber Alert GPS:

This is the active GPS tracker which is available with many numbers of features. You can easily track your kids, teen child, driver and even your pets through logging on to your online account there in the web browser and find the location of your device. But you can not get all the features active, for getting all active you should have to pay some additional monthly payments. Price fixed for the device is $199. You could get the product from online at its official website www.amberalertgps.com.

Garmin GTU 10:

The Garmin GTU is the excellent GPS tracking device with solid tracking features. It is looking like a computer mouse and you will be getting a Velcro strap with the adhesive with which you can put it easily on your car dashboard. You can set the email alerts and the text messaging for tracking your children, pet and for your family who can be tracked through the Mac, Windows PC or from any Smartphones. It has the excellent battery life.  But you cannot get the back-up data beyond of last seven days. Price is quite cheap, available at $115.97. Buy it from its official website at www8.garmin.com.

Zoomback A-GPS Universal:

The Zoomback A-GPS Universal is also a solid GPS tracker as like its advanced version. You can set here also the safety zone here. Through this device you can continuously monitor your children, kid, family and pets easily. It offers a long lasting battery life but doesn’t provide the car installation kit. As per its advance version it also can not track the data back-up for last seven days. Price of the product is reasonable, only $79.99. You can find it from the website at http://www.zoombak.com/products/universal.


iTrail GPS tracker is a non real-time tracking device which provides only the historical data log for the locations where your kids, teen driver, family was gone earlier in a daily basis. It contains the waterproof casing, a rechargeable long lasting battery with the sleep function mode, a data logger and the built-in motion detector. You can get the data output as PDF, MS-Excel (CSV), Google Earth and HTML format from your computer. The only draw back of the device is, it provides only the historical data not the real-time location information. Price of the device is $189. You can find out more about it at www.myitrail.com.

iTrack 2.0 Real-Time GPS Tracker:

iTrack 2.0 Real-Time GPS Tracker is much more comfortable and accurate GPS tracking device which offers you the long lasting battery life. It is offering two way tracking, such as GPS (satellite) and GSM (cellular). For GPS (satellite) it is using the Google Earth for which you need not to pay any extra charge. But for the GSM(cellular) you have to purchase an extra SIM card for your mobile and dedicate it for the tracking purpose. You can only get the text messages about the device locations with this device. Price for the device is $199.99. You may get the device directly from www.itrack.com.sg.

iTrack GPS GSM Real-Time Tracker:

It is the powerful GPS and GSM tracking device which offers you plenty of features which makes it unique. You can get the email alert about the location of the device and can get also the text message containing location, date, Time and more. The battery included here can be still in standby mode for six days. You will be getting the car kit, magnetic cover, waterproof pouch and built-in microphone with the device. The only feature which makes it little bit down from the iTrack 2.0 Real-Time GPS is the lower battery life and the only facility of getting the updated information via text messaging. Price of the device is $129.99. You can get the device from www.itrack.com.sg.

TK-102 Mini GPS Tracker:

TK-102 Mini GPS Tracker is the most solid and accurate GPS tracking device which is offering you the text-messages alerts with the time-stamped location data with longitudinal mapped data. You can track your child, family and pets through this real-time GPS tracker after calling the tracker with your mobile phone. For customer assistance there are only the email contact and the user manual which you may get from them. Price of the device is most cheap at $27.4. You can get the product from www.gpstrackingtracker.com/gps/TK102.

Bushnell BackTrack GPS:

Bushnell BackTrack GPS is the tracking device which offers you the way back information regarding your car, house location, tent while you are walking or hiking. It is not the tracker that can provide you the information about your child, family or pet regarding their real-time location. It can mark p to five locations such as your personal information about car, house, tent etc. Price of the tracking device is $44.95.

You can find the device at http://www.bushnell.com/all-products/gps/backtrack.

You can visit Infiniti Tracking to know more about GPS trackers and vehicle tracking. It’s important to know the best tracker depending on how you intend to use it.