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A lot of progress has been made at making business tools more collaborative and productive. This is excellent news. One such player in developing this market is Google, one of the biggest companies in the world.

Their current offering, Google Workspace, is designed to help companies manage remote teams, and improve productivity. Originally, Google branded these tools as Google Apps for Your Domain and later G Suite.

Now Google has refined its offering into a powerful set of business tools; the latest branding is Google Workspace.

Benefits of Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a set of business tools that provides the following benefits:

Face to Face Meetings – Providing your team can get online and has a camera/microphone enabled device a face time meeting is possible. Faster, better decision making is enabled through face to face meetings, and Google uses a sophisticated security level to ensure your meetings are not intruded upon.

Document Control – Google Workspace provides real-time collaboration and version control on a range of office documents, including slides, spreadsheets, and documents. Without question, this real-time collaboration generates work faster, making teams more productive. So much time is saved working in real-time than emailing documents back and forth. Or the constant saving a file, reopening, saving and so on and so forth. The time gains are even more significant where there are several team members working on the same project.

Cloud Storage – All the work of your team’s work is stored in the cloud where teams can access the documents from anywhere in the world, providing they have an online connection. Google Workspace makes it clear which version is current and which versions are older not to be used.

EndPoint Security – Google places a lot of emphasis on security enabling files to be deleted on lost devices, and archives email record chats. As the manager of EndPoint, you get full control of every aspect of security.

Google Workspace promo code Free

The question of whether Google Workspace is right for your business is answered in the following ways. You can try the tools direct from Google free for 14 days.

Once satisfied, use a Google Workspace promo code to get a substantial discount. Google Workspace charges by the user/month so the larger the team, the greater the cost. Offsetting this cost by up to 10% is a win, especially as we go into 2021 where markets become intensely more competitive than they were twelve months ago.

To obtain your Google Workspace FREE code simply watch this video about how to get a Google Workspace promo code and go through the steps. There can be no doubt that 2021 will be a bumpy year, and you need to leverage every advantage you can.

Also, as more teams work remotely, Google Workspace will help you manage teams far easier than using lots of different tools that never quite do what you want them to. By bringing everything into one place, your teams can work as dynamically and productively as possible.

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