Google Testing special feature for TikTok & Instagram

Google is testing a unique feature for TikTok and Instagram. In 2020 there was a lot to do about TikTok.

Trump wanted to ban the app in the United States more or less, but Donald Trump is almost ready for the president, but at the very end of that year, TikTok is still available. The rest of the tech sector has also noticed that fact, and Google now wants to respond to this conveniently with a new option.

Google is testing a unique feature for TikTok and Instagram

Via Google to the Insta or TikTok?

Everyone knows Google search, of course, ideal if you want to look something up quickly. You give a swing to the search engine, and in no time you have thousands if not millions of results. But Google is now also capitalizing on TikTok and is reportedly testing a search function of short videos.

If you search for such a short video, you will end up with short TikTok videos. But Google is not from yesterday and of course is not going to gamble on one horse. That is why this new search function for TikTok and Instagram movies.

Google is testing a unique feature for TikTok and Instagram

What are the consequences of this?

This search should be done via a unique new Google app for your smartphone. With this, Google finally links several services (of competitors) together. You can also easily watch the videos from the Google app and not have to leave the app.

As mentioned, this project is still in the testing phase, but it is expected that it will be given out on a large scale sooner or later. An exciting moment because this can have significant consequences for the social media market. Are you going to use a Google app from now on to use your TikTok or Instagram?