Google set to build its Large Campus outside of the US

Multinational technology giant Google is set to make its largest campus outside its Mountain View headquarters in the US. Spread over a 7.3-acre site that the company obtained at Gachibowli in 2019, the campus will accommodate a whopping 3.3 million square feet building.

With the largest campus expected to be ready in a couple of years, Google plans to double its employee base in Hyderabad, its hub for technical support, Google docs, Google mapping, Google Adwords, Gmail, and YouTube support, among other things. The new Google campus prioritizes sustainability and energy efficiency throughout its design.

According to the company’s executives, the new campus is expected to focus more on R&D and innovation. IT Minister KT Rama Rao tweeted that he was “super excited to break the ground for Google’s largest campus outside of the US.” He said the campus would be given as a principal landmark in Hyderabad.

Rama Rao laid the foundation for the building in the presence of the country head and Sanjay Gupta, vice-president of Google India, and IT Principal Secretary Jayesh Ranjan, at Gachibowli, on Thursday.

The new campus prioritizes sustainability and energy efficiency throughout its structure. Upon authorizing, it will deliver a highly-skilled tech workforce a healthy, coordinated workplace that is both resilient and flexible, designed to serve the city for years to arrive, Google said.

Though Google put a foot in India in 2004 and holds its operational centers in Bengaluru, Gurgaon, Mumbai, and Hyderabad, they run on leased premises. Speaking on occasion, Rama Rao appreciated Google for having its most significant presence outside the US, in Hyderabad, which has donated to the growth of technology and shaped the image of Telangana.

On occasion, an MoU was inscribed between Google and the State government to heighten their ties in the quest to complete Digital Telangana and develop the digital economy’s benefits to youth and women entrepreneurs.

Under the MoU, Google will unite with Telangana Academy for Skills and Knowledge (TASK) to provide Google Career Certificate Scholarships to youth in IT automation, UX design, IT support, data analytics, and project management.

With WE-Hub, Google will roll out its Women-Will program to deliver digital, business, and financial skills to nano, micro, and small women-led companies and entrepreneurs across Telangana.

Another initiative is to empower children in public schools with digital education through Google for Education’s shareable devices and collaborative tools. Education modernization efforts for improved learning outcomes, focusing on e-learning, will emphasize enriching digital literacy for both students and educators.

Calling Hyderabad the ‘home’ which is very impressive for the virtual team of Google, Sanjay Gupta said the MoU has only created it a ‘bigger home,’ so that the company’s confidence in making the Internet securer for a billion Indians, to which it stood for, could be acquired.

He spoke about how Google has assisted in making information known to people examining it during the Covid-19 pandemic and how Google maps have helped people discover their nearest vaccination camps.

He also articulated how ‘Google Bolo App’ developed in its Hyderabad campus, had gone global, helping children learn multiple languages through stories. It also mentions how YouTube has been helping people tell their tales from the convenience of their homes.