Alternatives to Google Products

Let be honest: Google makes it simple to utilize their applications and administrations.

To start with, they’re free. Second, they’re accessible wherever you are through any web associated gadget. Third, well: we’re back to the free thing once more.

In any case, for what reason are Google’s items and administrations free? How might they bear to keep up those servers and pay those a huge number of workers by giving ceaselessly their items? To be completely forthright, Google doesn’t give away their items – or, at any rate, their most imperative item. So you are the product.

Google’s whole plan of action depends on their clients’ readiness to permit the online inquiry organization to watch their every online move. Google applications and administrations screen how you utilize them, where you go on the web and that is only the tip of the iceberg.

Google utilizes the data they gather to construct a client profile, which is then utilized for different purposes, not the slightest of which is focused on promoting.

Regardless of whether you’re not signed into your Google account, they can at present track your movements around the web by means of:

Google Adsense: They’re in charge of huge numbers of those flag promotions you see liberally included on most sites you visit.

Google Analytics: This guides site proprietors in figuring out which content their guests get to the most; to what extent they spend understanding it and other site utilization data. The data likewise helps track the execution of Google AdSense crusades.

Notwithstanding utilizing the data they gather from you to offer to publicize, the organization has likewise been known to share the information they gather with government offices.

Anyways, Google has always an eye on you

google's eye

It’s not simply security fans who are worried about Google continually investigating their shoulders. Online advertisers who run Private Blog Networks (PBNs) need to take care when utilizing Google items as well.

These cunning advertisers work systems of locales. They can be utilized to impact web index results by coordinating backlinks to different destinations in their portfolio. This is consummately legitimate, however, Google doesn’t care for this as they guarantee it can push bring down quality destinations to the highest point of the rankings.

Precisely what Google looks like for and distinguishes PBNs isn’t clear, as they have clearly decided not to reveal that data. Be that as it may, numerous PBN proprietors go to outrageous lengths to keep their arrangements of site avoided Google.

This regularly incorporates not utilizing Google items to store information about their destinations – therefore concealing the reality a site is a piece of a controlled system. On the off chance that you are in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) diversion and you utilize PBNs, you’ll need to take a gander at a portion of the choices we have recorded beneath.

How to avoid Google’s eye

The most ideal approach to abstain from being followed by Google is to stay away from it inside and out.

In any case, is that extremely conceivable?

All things considered, I sincerely don’t trust you can ever really fly altogether under Google’s radar; however, you can make it considerably harder for them to screen your online shenanigans.

Three extraordinary approaches to make it harder for Google to track you are:

  • Erasing your Google accounts and their related information.
  • Utilizing protection apparatuses, for example, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), security improving programs and other anonymizing devices.
  • Discovering elective applications and administrations to use instead of Google’s applications and services.

This article will center on the third choice. In the accompanying segments, I’ll inspect options for Google administrations and applications.

In the table beneath, you’ll see the Google applications and administrations I’ll be covering, alongside choices for each Google item recorded.

Tapping the connections in the table will take you straightforwardly to the insights about every item, giving data about every option and conveniently connects to where you can take in more about each one.

Google search alternatives

google search

When you utilize Google Search, regardless of whether it is to look through the whole web or the site you’re perusing, Google records a lot of data about you.

The hunt goliath records the inquiry terms you enter (truly, even those pursuits), your IP address, the program you’re utilizing and the sky is the limit from there.

They additionally add a one of a kind identifier to store in a treat that is spared to your program. Also, those aren’t the great sort of treats, similar to your Grandma made, either – these treats are content documents that can be utilized to track you as you move around the web.

Regardless of whether you utilize the undercover element of Chrome when you peruse – and we’ll cover why you shouldn’t utilize Chrome in a tad – Google can even now track you.

All in secret mode does is enable you to peruse the web without locally putting away information on your PC that could be recovered later. Google can even now distinguish you by your IP address.

Fortunately, there are legitimate choices to Google Search, some that even return Google Search results, however, none of which track or record your hunts. I’ll share 3 of my top picks in this area.


DuckDuckGo is our Google Search alternative of the choice.

The site doesn’t track you or utilize focused on promotions. They don’t gather or offer any close to home data, and they don’t track your movements around the net.

DuckDuckGo’s indexed lists are made from an arrangement of more than 400 sources, including Yahoo, Bing, Wikipedia, its very own web crawler and some more (yet not Google).


StartPage professes to be the world’s most private web crawler. While StartPage’s list items are pulled from Google’s indexed lists, they don’t track you or spare any data about your hunts.

The organization says that they don’t return customized query items, which Google and Bing do, constraining the outcomes StartPage shows in list items. On the brilliant side, StartPage doesn’t track you as Google and Bing do.


searX is a “metasearch” motor, which returns results from other web indexes. In any case, it doesn’t store data about its clients.

The site doesn’t impart anything to an outsider and doesn’t track you in any capacity. searX is open source, so clients can inspect it to perceive how everything functions.

Gmail alternatives


In spite of the fact that Gmail is free and simple to utilize, it’s maybe the most noticeably bad email benefit you could utilize in case you’re worried about online protection.

All of your email utilization, each message, each connection – and so on, it’s observed by Google.

When you’re signed into Gmail, Google can track your online exercises, only the equivalent as they do when you utilize their web crawler – however more regrettable. Google gains admittance to your private and business life and in addition your own contacts.

There are more private options in contrast to Gmail, however, you may need to pay to utilize them. With genuine cash, as well, rather than your security. I’ll share 2 of my most loved private email benefits in this segment.


StartMail is a private email benefit from StartPage, which was examined in the Search Engine area.

For $59.95 every year, per letter drop, the administration offers 10 GB of capacity for messages and connections. (By charging for their administration, they expel the compulsion to offer to publicize or your own data.)

The email benefit likewise offers a single tick PGP encryption, expendable email locations, and custom email locations, and it very well may be utilized in your most loved email programs, including Outlook, Apple Mail and others.

The Dutch organization agrees to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), which are a portion of the strictest security laws on the planet.


Tutanota is a private email benefit situated in Germany, and all things considered, likewise conforms to GDPR rules. Your scrambled letter drop is available from an internet browser, and additional applications for iOS and Android.

Tutanota letter drops – including your email and address book – are secured by end-to-end encryption. Email is just decoded when you get to it in your program or on your smartphone.

The administration utilizes symmetric (AES-128) and asymmetric (AES-128/RSA-2048) encryption to secure your data. Encoded messages sent to an outer beneficiary require a secret phrase for scrambling and decoding the email.

Tutanota offers a free level of administration for private clients, which incorporates 1GB of capacity and restricted pursuit highlights. Paid designs run $1.00 and up, with extended capacity, custom spaces, boundless pursuits, and the sky is the limit from there.

Google Chrome alternatives

google chrome

Google Chrome is a simple to-utilize program and is seemingly the most well-known program being used today.

The program enables clients to introduce Chrome expansions, which add new highlights to the program, making it to a great degree adjustable. In any case, Google Chrome additionally screens everything you might do.

What does Google Chrome send back to the Google Mothership?

  • Each URL you enter in the Chrome address bar. That is the thing that empowers that cool “auto-fruition” include that shields you from entering the whole location.
  • When you’re on the web. It interfaces back to Google all the time to download a new rundown of vindictive URLs, so it will know which locales to control you far from. While that is useful, it implies that it’s frequently educating Google that you’re on the web.
  • What you’re up to on the web. On the off chance that you sign into Google Chrome utilizing your Google ID, it sends information on the majority of your program tabs, perusing history and bookmarks back to the mothership. That makes it unbelievably simple to utilize Chrome on numerous gadgets. It likewise makes it unbelievably simple for Google to monitor what you’re doing.

Furthermore, Google Chrome loads sites out of sight without your authorization. Chrome likewise associates with sites out of sight before you complete the process of composing in the location – without your express assent.

In this area, I’ll cover two of my most loved protection upgrading programs and clarify for what reason they’re a superior fit for security-cognizant web surfers.

To start with, you may see that I do exclude Mozilla’s Firefox, Apple’s Safari or Microsoft’s Internet Explorer or Edge programs. None of those programs were initially created to give protection, and every one of them is too simple to track on the web.

Tor browser

In spite of the fact that the Tor Browser depends on Mozilla Firefox, it has been adjusted to be security agreeable without the requirement for any modules or expansions.

The program is accessible for the Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and Linux stages, and it tends to be kept running from a USB drive on the work area stages.

Tor Browser anonymizes a client’s perusing movement by running it through a circulating system of transfers kept running by volunteers far and wide.

This muddles your IP address, keeping any outsiders from following your exercises back to you and your real area from being recognized, while likewise enabling access to blocked sites.

Tor Browser isn’t the best answer for clients who appreciate the spilling video – or whatever other exercises that require a quick association. The program backs off your online exercises because of the way that your activity is being handed-off through different associations.

Brave browser

The Brave program depends on the open-source Chromium perusing motor, a similar motor Google’s Chrome depends on, yet Brave is arranged to consequently square advertisements, trackers, malware, ransomware, and spyware.

Overcome squares advertisements and trackers as a matter of course, which has the wonderful symptom of enabling you to peruse quicker and all the more securely. The organization claims pages stack 2x quicker on the work area and up to 8x quicker on smartphones.

Clients can tweak their Brave setup, setting up assurances on a for each site premise or a program-wide premise. The program is accessible on the Linux, macOS, Windows, iOS, Amazon Fire and Android stages.

Google drive alternatives

google drive

While Google finds a way to ensure the information put away on their Google Drive cloud servers, a few people are not happy with putting away their records on Google’s servers.

In case you’re hoping to make a total separation from Google, you’ll have to locate a sheltered place to store those reports, photographs, recordings and different documents you’ve spared to your Google Drive.

That implies that, shy of beginning your very own distributed storage business, you will need to confide in another person to store and secure your data for you.

The distributed storage administrations I’ll feature in this segment all offer secure, easy to understand and business-situated capacity administrations. They complete an astounding act of putting away and securing your valuable information.


Synqion is an adjust and-offer stockpiling arrangement that enables clients to share records in entire protection.

All documents are transferred with end-to-end encryption. The organization says that nobody, including Synqion, will approach the put-away information with the exception of approved clients.

The capacity arrangement offers applications for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android gadgets.

Estimating ranges from $59.50 for 1 year of 10GB stockpiling for 1 client, to $1,990 for 1 year of 1000GB stockpiling for 25 clients. An “Individual Server” permit is accessible for use alone equipment for $89.00. A free 30-day preliminary is accessible.


Tresorit is a simple to-utilize, Switzerland-based distributed storage arrangement.

Tresorit ensures records with end-to-end encryption, anchoring documents from the client’s PC to the approved client’s PC or smartphone.

As is typical for end-to-end encryption, the organization says they have no entrance to their clients’ information, as just the client has the one of a kind keys to decode the records.

Tresorit pursues Swiss security laws, which are a portion of the strictest around. Their servers are situated in European Union nations, so they agree to GDPR rules.

The organization offers a $30-per-month “individual” stockpiling answer for single clients and furthermore offers anticipates independent companies (2 to 9 clients) for $20 every month, per client.

Their “Business” plan gives stockpiling to 10+ clients for $12 every month, per client and an “Undertaking” plan for 100+ clients for $24 every month, per client. A 14-day free preliminary is accessible.


Nextcloud is a self-facilitated file sharing arrangement, making it an alluring choice for clients who are not happy with putting away their records on an open distributed storage arrangement like Google Drive.

The Germany-based organization’s Nextcloud Files stockpiling arrangement is GDPR-consistent. The conclusion to-end-encoded record stockpiling framework is additionally HIPAA-consistent, making it a decent alternative for clients in the medicinal services industry.

Nextcloud enables clients to safely send and get records from clients, accomplices and other outside clients by means of secret key ensured open connections and the client’s private “cloud.”

Nextcloud Server is accessible as a download for establishment all alone equipment, as are pre-introduced arrangements. A free preliminary is accessible, and valuing will fluctuate as per the client’s prerequisites.

Google analytics alternatives

google analytics

Google Analytics is a web activity investigation benefit that tracks and reports a site’s movement. It’s the most prominent site investigation arrangement accessible today.

Notwithstanding web investigation, Google additionally offers Google Analytics for Mobile Apps, which is an SDK that designers can use to assemble application use information from Android and iOS applications.

Google Analytics is without a doubt helpful for site proprietors, as it tells them which content on their site is prominent and which content isn’t, enabling them to all the more likely comprehend what their guests need to see on the site. Notwithstanding, as is valid with a lot of Google’s contributions, a few clients stress that Google Analytics’ observing goes a bit too far.

Fortunately, there are choices to Google’s investigation benefit, which offer data about what clients are doing on the web, yet still, regard their (and your) security.


Matomo (previously known as Piwik) is a free, open-source examination arrangement that can act naturally facilitated for nothing alone server or cloud-facilitated on Matomo’s servers, beginning at $7.50 every month. (A 30-day free preliminary is accessible.)

Oneself facilitated variant of Matomo has been downloaded more than 3.6 million times. The framework permits webpage proprietors to assemble data about their clients, for example, visits, downloads, objective transformation rates, watchwords and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It does this without offering the information to outsiders, for example, allows say…Google.

Matomo is GDPR-agreeable, so it tends to be set to naturally anonymize information with the goal that individual information is never prepared. Clients who do choose to process individual information can, in any case, agree to GDPR rules.

Fathom analytics

Fathom Analytics is an open-source, free examination arrangement that is accessible on GitHub.

Fathom is a self-facilitated arrangement. In any case, the organization intends to in the long run offer a paid-for variant that will be facilitated on their servers.

The organization says Fathom Analytics offers clients 100% responsibility for information and tracks activity on a site without gathering individual information. Fathom offers a breakdown of the best substance on your site and furthermore shows who the best referrers are for activity to your site.

Google Play Store alternatives

play store

In case you’re attempting to make tracks in an opposite direction from everything Google, it’s somewhat hard to do as such on the off chance that you claim an Android gadget. All things considered, the Android portable working framework is produced by Google.

In any case, don’t stress bunkie – it’s as yet conceivable to put something like a couple of layers of partition between your gadget and the Google mothership.

Maybe the most ideal approach to dodge specifically interfacing with the Google Play Store is to utilize F-Droid, which will then enable you to introduce the Yalp Store application on your gadget. The Yalp Store application enables clients to download applications from the Google Play Store straightforwardly as APK records.


F-Droid is an installable posting of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) applications for Android gadgets. The F-Droid customer enables clients to peruse, introduce and track application refreshes for their gadget.

F-Droid doesn’t track you or your gadget, and they don’t screen which applications are introduced. Clients aren’t required to have a Google Play record to utilize the application, as the majority of its applications are in the FOSS storehouses, which are not associated with the Google Play Store.

The Yalp store

The Yalp Store enables clients to download applications specifically from the Google Play Store.

The applications are downloaded as APK documents and are spared to your gadget’s default download envelope. From that point, the APK records must be introduced physically to the gadget to keep running as an application, which should be possible from the Yalp Store application.

The Yalp Store associates with the Google Play Store by means of an inherent record, so clients don’t have to possess a Google record to download applications. There’s that layer of division from Google that you were searching for.

Google Maps alternatives

google maps

Google Maps is an awesome method to explore and find different areas, for example, stores, doctor’s facilities and – significantly more critically – the closest Taco Bell.

Be that as it may, at whatever point you utilize it, Google takes in your area and gathers use information, recording where you are and where you’re going. (Google might want you to get a Burrito Supreme, incidentally. Kindly and bless your heart.)

Fortunately, there are some strong Google Maps choices accessible for work area and portable clients.


OpenStreetMap is a community-oriented undertaking intended to make a free, editable guide of the globe. More than 2 million enrolled clients gather information by means of manual studying, GPS gadgets, flying photography, and other unreservedly accessible sources, enabling everybody to profit by every others’ commitments.

OpenStreetMap is accessible by means of the internet browser to clients of work area stages, including Windows, Linux, and macOS clients.

The information produced by the OpenStreetMap venture has been utilized by various administrations, for example, those given by Apple, Flickr, MapQuest, Craigslist and numerous others.

Maps (available via F-Droid only)

Maps offers Android device clients access to disconnected renditions of OpenStreetMap maps. The application is accessible for Android gadgets and is accessible through the previously mentioned F-Droid application.

OsmAnd Maps & Navigation

OsmAnd Maps and Navigation is accessible for Android, iOS, and Android Fire smartphones. The application works totally disconnected and utilizes open-source data from OpenStreetMap (for the maps) and Wikipedia (for purposes of intrigue).

Here WeGo

HERE WeGo is accessible for Android and iOS gadgets.

It can utilize continuous maps for any area or downloadable maps for select nations, including the U.S., the U.K., Germany, France, Spain, and others.

YouTube alternatives


Google-possessed YouTube is an incredible wellspring of efficiency murdering video excitement. I’d be willing to bet that few of the readers of my perusers haven’t gotten lost down the video rabbit opening in any event once, just to look into hours after the fact, dim peered toward and pondering where the morning went.

Notwithstanding thoughtless stimulation, YouTube is additionally stuffed with recordings offering item audits, instructional recordings, item commercials and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Tragically, in case you’re on YouTube, you’re being followed by Google. In addition, you’re liable to their worldwide substance confinements (in spite of the fact that you can get around those by utilizing a VPN).

While there aren’t a substantial number of YouTube options around, there are a few options available.


HookTube enables clients to see YouTube recordings without being added to a view check and gives clients a chance to sidestep land and age confinements. It additionally enables you to see recordings without being followed by Google.

The administration is online and is utilized by supplanting the “” space reference in a YouTube connect with “” (For example this video link will be

HookTube isn’t prescribed for use with video streams over 720p goals, as HookTube can’t play the sound for better quality streams, because of the sound being conveyed independently by YouTube as an AAC sound stream.

Other YouTube alternatives

In case you’re not wedded to the possibility of just survey YouTube content, you can likewise discover bounty to watch at BitChute, Dailymotion and Vimeo.

These administrations offer a lot of spilling video amusement and are not associated with the security attacking Google machine.

Google Calendar alternatives

google calendar


Etar is an open-source Google Calendar application elective for Android gadgets. The application is accessible in the Google Play Store or through F-Droid.

The application offers multi-month, week, day and agenda views. It’s additionally material-composed, offers a plan gadget and works with Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange and other timetable sources.

Etar doesn’t really offer you more protection than Google, yet it is a decent option on the off chance that you need to remove yourself from Google.


aCalendar is another option in contrast to the Google Calendar application, and it’s accessible for Android gadgets.

The application offers day, week and month timetable perspectives, a plan view and gadget, a full-screen gadget and a date gadget. A special reward is that birthday celebrations and commemorations incorporate photographs from your contacts list.

aCalendar offers a good security approach, and it doesn’t seem to spare any of your information to the engineer’s servers. The designer says they gather no information from their clients.

Google Docs alternatives

google docs

Google Docs enables clients to make and team up on word processor records.

While Google Docs is a simple to-utilize, yet ground-breaking, option in contrast to costly alternatives like Microsoft Word, there are the typical Google-related protection concerns.

In this area, I’ll present a couple of choices to Google Docs, which enable you to split far from Google, yet still, give communitarian abilities to you and your group.

Zoho Writer

Zoho Writer is offered by Zoho, an online business suite that offers independent venture clients online renditions of CRM, email, bookkeeping, invoicing, encourage work area and office applications.

Zoho Writer enables different clients to work together on archives progressively. While the electronic application is anything but difficult to utilize, it offers intense word handling highlights like those given in Google Docs.

Zoho Writer can be utilized in the work area and smartphones, making it simple to chip away at reports regardless of where a client is found. On the off chance that you have a web association, you’ll approach Zoho Writer.

Zoho Writer is totally free and totally private. Zoho says it doesn’t offer clients’ data, read their reports or mess the screen with promotions.

You should make a free Zoho account, which the organization expectations will prompt a paid record, which is expected to utilize a portion of their premium services.

Microsoft Word online

Contingent upon your perspective of Microsoft’s security strategies, Microsoft Word Online could be a substantial alternative for clients hoping to split far from Google’s stifling grasp.

Microsoft Word Online enables different clients to team up on a Word report and offers the best Word record similarity of any online arrangement.

Word Online is a segment of a full online adaptation of the Microsoft Office suite of applications, and we’ll be visiting the spreadsheet and introduction segments of the suite in the segments following this one.

Microsoft Word Online is an electronic application, so it will keep running on any associated gadget that offers a program, including Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Gracious, and even on Brave and the Tor Browser!

Google Sheets alternatives

google sheets

Google Sheets is a ground-breaking on the web spreadsheet application that offers the capacity for numerous clients to work together progressively on spreadsheet reports.

The application gives various Excel-like highlights. Be that as it may, a similar old Google security-related issues you stress over in any of the Google applications recorded above likewise apply to Google Sheets.

Zoho sheet

Zoho Sheet is the allowed to-utilize, electronic spreadsheet segment of the online business application supplier’s online office suite.

Zoho Sheet enables numerous clients to team up progressively on spreadsheets, track advance with agendas, give information approvals and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Zoho Sheet is completely good with Microsoft Excel documents and in addition other spreadsheet groups, for example, .ods, .csv and .tsv records. Spreadsheets can be downloaded as .pdf or .html records and can be printed.

Zoho Sheet is an online application, making it simple to access from any web associated gadget that offers an advanced internet browser.

Similarly, as with Zoho Writer, Zoho Sheet is free and private. Zoho’s protection strategy shows that it doesn’t offer their clients’ data, see their spreadsheets or fill the screen with advertisements. A free Zoho account is required for full coordinated effort highlights.

Microsoft Excel online

Microsoft Excel Online is likewise subject to your sentiment of Microsoft, yet it makes for a legitimate alternative for groups that need to team up continuously on spreadsheets, regardless of where a client may be found.

Exceed expectations Online enables various clients to work at the same time on an Excel spreadsheet, and the electronic application offers incredible Excel document to organize similarity. Online Excel is a piece of Microsoft’s Office suite of online applications.

Google Slides alternatives

google slides

Google Slides enables clients to make PowerPoint-like introductions by means of their internet browser.

The application enables clients to work together on introductions that can incorporate an assortment of introduction topics, video, illustrations, liveliness and that’s just the beginning.

Likewise, with any Google-possessed application, there are protection concerns.

Zoho show

Zoho Show is an allowed to-utilize, web-based presentation part of Zoho’s free online office suite. Zoho Show enables various clients to team up progressively on a PowerPoint-type introduction.

Notwithstanding being enjoyable to state, Zoho Show offers different spreadsheet subjects, with the capacity to include activities, illustrations, video, live tweets and more to an introduction. Clients can see and alter an introduction from anyplace by means of any web associated gadget that flaunts an advanced internet browser.

Likewise, with Zoho Writer and Zoho Sheet, Show is allowed to utilize, and the organization regards your security by not offering any of your data and keeping their eyes off of your records. Another in addition to is that there are no promotions. A free Zoho account is required.

A reward for Android TV clients: you can show Zoho Show introductions on your Android TV-prepared TV.

Microsoft PowerPoint online

Similarly as with Word and Excel Online, Microsoft PowerPoint Online is a legitimate choice to Google Slides just in the event that you believe you can confide in Microsoft.

PowerPoint Online enables clients to team up on PowerPoint introductions, with the typical incorporation of movements, illustrations, recordings, and the sky is the limit from there. The program based application gives full PowerPoint record similarity and can be utilized in any cutting edge program.


Notwithstanding splitting far from Google and their numerous applications and administrations, you additionally should know about different gatherings on the web that are hoping to screen your online exercises.

When I think about the individuals who might love to screen my online voyages, the legislature quickly springs to mind.

In case you’re situated in Australia, the United States or the United Kingdom, remember that your Internet Service Provider is either intensely urged or required to keep logs of your online exercises, including the sites you visit, the documents you download and the people you speak with.

In case you’re in the United States, your ISP can lawfully offer your web usage data to outsiders, similar to publicists. (Gracious satisfaction! More focused on advertisements!)

The majority of this is notwithstanding the individual data and following of online exercises that informal communities, like Facebook, perform. (UGH! Particularly Facebook.)

I may seem like a broken record, yet a Virtual Private Network is seemingly the best device accessible to keep your online exercises, and your own and business-related data, out of the hands of outsiders.

A VPN encodes your web movement, anonymizing your online shenanigans while concealing your actual IP address and physical area.

In case you’re hoping to remain under Google’s radar, regardless of whether it’s because of your craving to stay in disguise on the net, to help protect your clients’ security or even to keep your “Dark Hat” exercises covert, you’ll need to observe the choices to Google applications and administrations that I’ve secured here.

Keep in mind, on the off chance that you feel like someone’s watching you on the web, this is on the grounds that they are.

Will you ever have the capacity to totally shield your online exercises from Google? No. Be that as it may, you can make a heckuva parcel of blindsides for the hunt mammoth in the event that you make utilization of the options I’ve imparted to you.

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