Google holds a Secret iOS App to allow to switch to Android

Google has calmly released a free app for iOS to enable you efficiently bring over data from an iPhone to an Android gadget, as documented by 9to5Google.

The Switch To Android app operates wirelessly, meaning you won’t have to stress connecting the two mobiles with a cord.

“The Switch to Android app from Google helps you fast and securely move your most important data types — images, videos, contacts, and calendar events — to a brand unique Android device without fussy cords,” according to the app’s narrative the App Store.

Unfortunately, that list does not include messages, so it seems the app won’t be competent to transfer those, though it will walk you through how to switch off iMessage so “you don’t miss text messages from friends and family.”

9to5Google states this is an unlisted app, and that does appear to be the case, as I can’t locate it when exploring the App Store on my iPhone. However, you can download it right now from this direct link. Unfortunately, Google didn’t instantly respond to a request for a remark about when the app might officially become listed on the App Store.

Apple has proposed a similar app to help users migrate from Android to iPhone, called “Move to iOS,” since 2015.

Barring the conventional style of transferring data while switching phones, the new Google app helps make data shifting a lot easier and time-efficient.

Although the app is unlisted yet, it can be downloaded through a direct link, but it is yet to appear on the Play Store.

Google has secretly released an unlisted app named ‘Switch to Android’ for iOS that helps users switch from iOS to Android hassle-free.

The ‘Switch To Android’ app works wirelessly, so there’s no need to connect the two phones with a cable, as reported by 9to5Google.