Google Calendar: Changing invites to be Clearer and Modern

The following time a Google Calendar invitation anchors in your inbox, you may detect that it looks barely different. Google announced Monday that it is updating the emails it sends out for calendar events, tweaking them to look more modern and quickly surface essential information.

Google states if an organizer updates an event, the new strategy will also deliver you the old information.

So, for example, if an event switches from 1 PM to 2 PM, you’ll see the 1 PM start time crossed out below the new details to give you a better picture of what exactly is transpiring to your schedule.

Google will also tell you what’s altered about an event right up at the top, so you can instantly know what to look for. Changes will also be more noticeable in updated invitations. Google says this change should roll out to everyone by the back of the month.

While those who drive their calendars through third-party tools like Fantastical or Outlook likely won’t earn much out of it (indeed, my email app doesn’t even display these types of emails, it instead turns them into a calendar view), for those employing the Gmail web interface, it should be an outstanding slight grade of life improvement.

Whether you’re preparing to meet someone in person or to set up a meeting on Zoom, it’s helpful to be capable of inviting attendees through your Google Calendar. Google Calendar, Google’s real-time scheduling feature, allows you to send multiple invites, giving you command over various levels of access granted to attendees. Moreover, you can dispatch invites via both desktop and mobile/tablet apps.

Sending a Calendar Invite From Gmail on Desktop

  • Step 1.Unlock calendar.google.com and sign in to your account.
  • Step 2.Tap on the event you want to share.
  • Step 3.Tap on the edit icon (the pencil) to open up the entire calendar entry.
  • Step 4.Steer to the right-hand side of the form, where you’ll see a section named Guests.
  • Step 5.Click into the box and start typing your recipient’s name or email address. If the recipient is saved in your contacts, the address will pop up as you type it. If you desire to invite someone who isn’t on your contact list, you document their email address.
  • Step 6.You can also determine what your contact(s) can do with the event out of the following three choices:
    • Adjust the event (check this box if you like to allow recipients to edit the event)
    • Invite others (uncheck this box if you’re running to keep control of attendees)
    • Catch the guest list (uncheck this box if you’re going to keep other attendees’ details private)
  • Step 7.Tap Save.
  • Step 8.Your invitees will now accept an email notification with components of the event.

Uninviting a Contact

  • Step 1.Tap into the event and navigate to the Guests section.
  • Step 2.Please locate the contact you want to uninvite and tap on the X to the right of their name to dismiss them from the event.

Sending a Calendar Invite From the Gmail App on a Mobile Device

  • Step 1.Open up and sign in to your Google Calendar app on the mobile.
  • Step 2.Open the event you wish to invite contacts to.
  • Step 3.Tap on Edit in the top right-hand corner.
  • Step 4.Scroll down to tap on Invitees.
  • Step 5.Begin entering the name or email address of the contact you wish to share, or join the entire email address if it’s a new contact.
  • Step 6.Tap Done.

It’s worth mentioning that when you send a calendar invite via the mobile, you can’t modify the options (“modify the event,” “invite others,” and “see guest list”) in the same manner you can use your pc.

Uninviting a Contact in the Gmail App on a Mobile

It’s not instantly obvious how to uninvite a contact on the app, but it is feasible.

  • Step 1.Open the event and click Edit.
  • Step 2.Click on Invitees, where you can view all the individuals you’ve invited to the event.
  • Step 3.Tap on Add invitees, and you’ll notice all the invitees in the To box.
  • Step 4.You can directly delete the invitee you want to withdraw from the event.

Setting up Zoom meetings has never been more comfortable; now you know how to mail an invite in Gmail. One last thing to mention: while Google Calendar is incorporated with Gmail and Hangouts, it still allows you to invite attendees who don’t hold a Gmail account.