Going Digital: Anyone Can Make a Good-Looking WordPress Website


In today’s economy, every business needs a website. The first thing many potential customers will do when they hear about your business is to look online for your website and/or social media accounts. Websites are not just for businesses, either! Individuals are using blogs, online portfolios, and even event websites to document and spread the word about special occasions and interests.

It has never been easier to make a good-looking WordPress website, even if you have no previous coding experience. Why WordPress? WordPress is the most common open-source platform for website design worldwide. That means tutorials and ideas are easy to find online; many fellow WordPress users regularly publish how-to videos and example pages.

By following these 5 steps, you can make a good-looking WordPress website in a flash:

1. Choose a web host provider. Your web host will be responsible for all the behind-the-scenes digital work and provide you with tools to maximize performance. For a monthly or yearly fee, your web hosting service will give your website its own space online. The best providers also offer online storage, automatic site backups, and a design platform. Look for a provider that is specifically designed to work with WordPress for an even easier start-up process.

2. Purchase a domain. Your website domain is the same thing as your web address or URL. Pick a domain that matches the name of your business or event. Each domain must be unique, however, so you may need to get creative to find an available domain that meets your needs. Many web host providers include a domain in their yearly fee, so you may be able to combine steps 1 and 2.

3. Identify any special features your website needs. Before you can get down to the actual design and publication of your website, you should identify anything you need your website to do. Are you looking for a place to display your portfolio? Do you want a place for advertisements? Will customers be scheduling appointments or making payments through your website? Make a list of the features you need. This list will help you narrow down your theme choices in step 4.

4. Download or purchase a WordPress theme. One reason WordPress is such a great platform for new users is your ability to use pre-existing themes, allowing you to plug in your own text and images for a professional-looking website in no time. You will have more customization options with a paid theme, especially if you need multiple special features. If you have very basic design expectations, however, one of the top free themes may be all you need. Look for a theme that is optimized for mobile viewing as well.

5. Design your website. Now the fun part begins! Think of what you want your website visitors to see and get to work. Upload pictures, videos, and files to your site. Pick a color scheme that matches your logo or aesthetic. Be sure to pick a font that is easy to read. Once you are happy with the look of your website preview, you are ready to publish and let your website go live!