Give your Phone & Laptop the style it deserves with LAUT!

Laut macbook sleeve

We donít leave a stone unturned when it comes to our own styling, then why leave our phones behind?

LAUT brings you the most stunning collection of high-quality smartphone cases and laptop sleeves, customized for not just yours but your phoneís perfection.

Laut offers the biggest range of vibrant smartphone cases and laptop sleeves, designed with the highest attention to details and styling. The perfectionists at Laut make sure to use the best of Fabrics to embellish your gadgets with a luxury feel, suitable for ease of handling and all-around comfort.

The designers at Laut believe that your smartphone is not just a gadget but an accessory that completes you. You can definitely take a break from boredom and conceal your dark or light colored gadgets with their exclusively curated cases and covers. A burst of color and a stroke of the right set of materials and fabrics is all you need to make your phone get the look it deserves.

Whatís your choice of gadget case? Are you a Pastel lover or a classy connoisseur? No matter what your choice is, Laut has got the widest range of smartphone cases and laptop sleeves that youíll absolutely love to lay your hands upon.

The products designed by Laut are a blend of amazing craftsmanship and impeccable finesse. Each case speaks for itself in terms of its unmatchable quality and stylish design. They understand that looks arenít the only thing that you look for in a smartphone case hence, they make it a point to ensure that the covers are pretty on the outside but also sturdy and strong on the inside.

At Laut, they donít just make your gadgets look good, but they also protect them from damages and breakage from the inside out. They have been selling their products all across the world and their huge number of happy customers is a testament to their success.

In this post, we take pride in telling you about two of our most loved and applauded products of all time, bought by a large number of iPhone and Mac users.

APEX KNIT for iPhone 8/7/6S/6 PLUS

Apex Knit for iPhone by Laut

The Apex Knit for iPhone is one of our most loved iPhones covers to date. This multifaceted product combines the two elements of style and convenience together, just the way you want.

Why carry a wallet with your phone unnecessarily when you can have an inbuilt pocket wallet in your phone cover itself?

Laut’s apex Knit iPhone Plus case comes with two internal card pockets, perfect for carrying your credit cards, IDs or any other cards with you.

iPhone 7 Plus Cover by LAUT

Composed of rich and fine woven fabrics, the Apex knit is a classy and innovative version of the usual smartphone cover that you would usually come across.

Built with a slim stature, this knitted phone case is not just durable but also marvelous in looks.

To make sure that your iPhone isn’t susceptible to any damages inside or out, the Apex Knit case comes with 360-degree protection, secured by a thick knitted lining from all the corners.

This product also comes with an included screen guard. The inner surface of the case is composed of soft, faux leather which will keep your screen intact and protected from any scratches.

iPhone Cover from LAUT with Cards

The folding stand function is a boon for all users who love to watch videos and movies on their phone. With a foldable standing function, there is no need to strain your hand anymore!

Available in six vivid hues of Black, green, pink, light blue, red and dark blue, the Apex Knit iPhone Plus case is a must-have for every iPhone Plus user.


The Profolio 13 Inch Protective Sleeve for Macbook is one of their most popular products which is known for its luxe build and durability.

The Profolio Protective Sleeve has been built exclusively for the MacBook 13” series, keeping in mind all the specifications every Macbook user would prefer to have in their laptop sleeve. They have used a variety of three vibrant colors for designing this case. Each color complements the vibe of this case and gives it the desired look.

Profolio Protective sleeve for Macbook 13 inch by Laut

The Profolio Protective Sleeve for MacBook is available in a set of three shades, Red, Blue, and Black. If you’re someone who loves to keep your gadgets bold and fun, Red or Blue would be great colors to choose from. The Black shade makes for a great preference by those who love to keep it simple, professional or sometimes, minimal.

This Luxe protective sleeve for MacBook 13” series is composed of a rich blend of muxed woven fabrics and embedded with a matching set of Faux Leather to add finesse.

The insides of this cover are secured with the safety of padded walls to ensure that your Mac is safeguarded from all sides.

Laut macbook sleeve

The soft and fluffy lining of this cover is stitched with faux fur to make sure that your MacBook doesn’t fall prey to any unwanted scratches and stays clean and scratch-free.

Easy to clean and maintain, this laptop sleeve is one of our most adored products and it has been one of our most signature pieces.

At Laut, quality comes first. They understand the value of your smartphones and laptops and hence we do our best to make sure that they are well-protected along with being synchronized with trends. Their products are not just restricted to being mere protective accessories, but they double up as a fashion statement too. Laut caters to all age groups and their products are built keeping in mind the preferences, tastes and other elements of choice of the user.

macbook sleeve by laut

No matter whether youíre a professional who is looking for the right case or a college goer searching for a durable cover, at Laut, they have something for everyone! Visit them at www.itslaut.com and browse their super sturdy and adorable accessories, designed not just for your gadgets, but for your comfort too.

Cover up real nice, with LAUT.